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RB Leipzig - Die Roten Bullen

Could it be the start of something...unbelieavable ?
Started on 19 November 2017 by MartinsBanana
Latest Reply on 3 December 2017 by mgriffin2012
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RB Leipzig fans woke up in despair, just because their "Messiah" manager has been sacked. Since he took RB Leipzig to an astonishing 2 place in the Bundesliga last year, just behind the mighty Bayern, this decision took everyone by surprise.

One of the most surprising news of the day, since the now released manager, Ralph, took Leipzig through an amazing season, that led them to stay only behind the Bundesliga champions Bayern, managing even to qualify for the Champions League Group Stages, something unbelievable to this team, since it was their debut season on the Bundesliga.

RB Leipzig board had a press release about this shocking decision, where they said that:

As you already know, Ralph is not RB Leizpig manager anymore. We had a meeting over the night, and we decided to part ways in a friendly way. He took the team to great heights, and had all the players on his side, but some disagreements over certain aspects, such as transfers, led to a necessary break down in this relation. As we said, we are always thankful to him, because of his work last year that took us to a great point in our 8 years of history, and we really wish him the best.
We must assure you that this was a mutual decision between the both parts. To the fans, a word of confidence, since the board is already working to get someone as capable as Ralph, to take the club to new heights. We only ask for patience, since we want someone really good for the team interests, and we make this decision with all of our heart and mind into the club.

Yours sincerely
Oliver Mintzlaff‎

Now the real question in RB Leipzig fans head is just one: Who will it be now ?
Who will take this boys out to new achievements and heights ?

This will be something worth to follow...As new news will surely come. Stay tuned.
Leipzig need to make sure that whoever replaces Hasenhuttl is the man who can continue the work at the RB Arena because replicating a 2nd place finish won't be easy
2017-11-19 22:12#247421 mgriffin2012 : Leipzig need to make sure that whoever replaces Hasenhuttl is the man who can continue the work at the RB Arena because replicating a 2nd place finish won't be easy
Indeed...Who will be that misterious savior ? You will find out soon my friend...

As i woke up, i felt something strange. Not in the bad way, but i've sensed that something was coming up. Something really big.
Since i ended my coaching lessons in the last week, i felt myself ready for anything that could come. Anything. An ex-player,as ambitious and professionaly driven as i was, should have 0 problems in this new chapter.
Now, i hope to be someone that has to lead a bunch of stars, and some "meant-to-be" too, playing with their personalities, problems, mentalities and careers. The one man that could lead them from 0's, to heroes. The man that could make his team surprise yet again the whole world.

As i took my routine shower, i could not stop thinking about what could now come. About the possibilities. And damn God, i felt unstopabble.
All dressed up, i come downstairs for my coffee. Claudia was there, looking at me with that amazing smile that pushed me into her...She told me to get ready for a big event, and that she needed me to be her company in that same event. So, i got all freshed up, got my best suit and was ready for her.
I kissed her goodbye, and she told me "This is your moment my love...Grab it and make it unbelievable". I told her "Why are you telling me that?"
She only smiled and told me "You will find out soon".

I was entering the car, when suddenly my phone rings...

??? - Hello ???

Agent: Who's the best agent in the world mate? Who's your favorite person in the world? My boy, my amazing star. I knew that even though you left the pitch, you would still atract big things...

??? - Stop it with that seller talk...And stop with bragging too, you are not that good...What do you really mean?

Agent: Remember that we've talked about you getting to finish the coaching classes, and be ready for a big team that could need your services?

??? - Yeah, i remember that. But i never believe that you could make that happen with your gibberish talk. Do people still believe in you? (laughs)

Agent: Ah Ah ah, so damn funny aren't you? You still believe me right? And you do still pay me to talk like this...But ok then, now i will not tell you the big news i got...

??? - What news? What's happening? Talk to me

Agent: Did you read the news this week ? Hasenhüttl got sacked from Leipzig...

??? - Yeah, but it got me surprised... The man that took them to what they managed to get, get's unemployed? Weird...

Agent: Because of some problems with transfers, from what i've been told. Anyway...Are you ready ?

??? - Ready for what? What has Hasenhüttl situation to do with me?

Agent: Everything. Do you imagine yourself being, how can i say it...The new hero, the new "Messiah" of the RB Leipzig fans and players ??

??? - You must be kidding. You are surely kidding. LEIPZIG ? IN THE BUNDESLIGA ??

Agent: That's the point. I'm not. Mintzlaff itself called me yesterday, after knewing that you've finished your courses last week and that you were looking for a manager job. And since you can now manage in the pro level, your amazing reputation comes to help. Since you were one of the most disciplined players ever, and even in your position you didn't manage to get a single red card in your carrer, he thinks that you are the man that they desperately needs.

??? - Oh my god. Is this true? Or are you still playing with me?

Agent: No im not...I called Claudia yesterday, so she could help you to get ready for the meeting...And i knew she did. All fresh and dressed up aren't you?

??? - Yes, but she told me that was for something else, not this...

Agent: She did exactly what i told her. You know where the Red Bull Arena is right? Since you've played against them last season...I am here, waiting for you. So get your ass here as fast as you can. Let's up the level!

??? - Fuck...Im too nervous, i never thought that it would happen that fast...

Agent: Don't be. I know you are ready. You know it too. So, get your ass here, FAST. (laughs)

??? - Ok Ok, im coming. But you better not kidding with me, or the first red card of my career will happen after i beat you up! (Laughs)

Agent: You will see it...See you there.

??? - See you there man, see you soon.

As i hung up the phone, i've entered in a shocking reality. How could this be? How could this happen so damn fast ? Am i ready ? Am i the man they need...?

I took a deep breath, and i felt the energy pumping up, just as much as when i was entering the pitch everytime. And i knew, i knew i was ready.
I shouted as much as i can, i started the car and i've drived to my next destination...RB Arena.

Exciting times ahead for you and for Leipzig I am sure!

At my arrival at the Red Bull Arena, i was received by 3 suited man, probably the ones that belonged to the board.
They had welcomed me well, and said that they were expecting big things to come...

After that, they took me and my agent to Oliver's room, where we would discuss all of the details.

When we arrived, Oliver stood up, and shake my hand with an amused expression...

"Welcome to our humble house, Lahm. Do you feel that you can stay here a long time ?" - he said.

"We will see Oliver, we will see." - i replied...

"Ok, let's start our meeting then."

The meeting started. They explained me everything they wanted for their team manager, and i understood it perfectly. They wanted Leipzig to say at least on the mid table, but then i had something to say...

"Give me conditions, and i will make Leipzig one of the most sucessfull german clubs ever. You can count on that"

"Oh, we didn't know you were so ambitious. What kind of conditions are you talking about then...?"

"Full control of the team. And i mean every aspect of it. Transfers, money to spend, large scouting system...And of course, youth control too."

"That's something we would like to be explored. The youth academies. Because we have amazing prospects here, like Kuhn or Abouchabaka..." he said...

"Give me the control, and watch it happen."

He asked me to leave for a moment, so he could arrange a conference with the rest of the board. Since they arranged such a fast meeting with me, i knew they would probably accept those conditions, but i was taking a huge risk...Some time after, he called me again.

"Lahm, come on in."

"I had a call with all of the presidency, and we decided..."

"Yes...?" - i said.

"Let me finally welcome you to RB Leipzig, manager. We accept all of that conditions, and as a bonus for your ambition, we will invest a lot on transfers.Money like the one we got for Naby should be enough..."

"Amazing. You will not be sorry for that, i can promise you that. I will give my heart and my soul for this team..."

"That's what we expected when we called you. At 4 pm , we will give a press conference, where you will be presented...It's that ok with you?"

"Completely fine. The sooner the better. But i want to start right away. With the lads at least..."

"Sure, we will call them here. Then, you can present yourself. We will prepare your contract..."

"Ok then president, and thank you for the opportunity."

"Sure thing, i know we will not be sorry for our choice!"

"I give you that. You will not!"

After this, they called the boys to the dressing room, so i could presente myself to them.

When they arrived...

"Lahm, why are you here? They said that we would meet our new manager. Wait, you are not telling me..." Klostermann said to me.

"Yes boy, i'm your new manager." in laughs...

"WHAT? No way man, no way...You are one of my idols...That's, amazing!"

"Thank you. Now i expect all of you to be as compromised as i am, and we can make big things. By the way, where's Naby?"

"Im here coach...Welcome to the ship captain!"

"Glad you here. I know you are already going to Liverpool in January, but i expect you..."

"To be here with my heart and soul. I know, you can count on me and on them to be like that too!" he interrupted and said.

"Im so glad to be received like this...Thank you boys. After the presentation, we will start working right away!"

"Hurrah coach!" they all replied.

The presentation came, easy and clean. The press made some questions, and after that i signed my contract. Boy, i was thrilled. Amused, In heaven.

But now, time to start working...working hard to make them Giants!!

The preseason came, and we did good. We made a tour through Switzerland, were we played against:

Liefering (Win 4-1)
FC Zurich (Draw 1-1)
Cosenza Calcio (Win 1-0)
Città Di Pontedera (Win 2-1))
Trapani Calcio (Win 4-0)

Good preseason, but was time to rearrange the team. Defensively at least, we needed reinforcements.

Since Hasenhüttl left the team because he thought that they needed reinforcements, i was a bit afraid of that when i asked what resources would be available to me.

Mintzlaff guaranteed me: "We have money. We can make the players come. The only problem is that Leipzig was a newcomer last season, so the outside players are a bit affraid, thinking that they could sign, and get relegated on this season.
But with an ex-player like you has their manager, they would think twice. They would be persuated to come and be as sucessfull as you were...Right ??

I replied: "Right, so i have total control over the team, staff and possible money to be spent ?"

Mintzlaff replied, smiling: "Total control. We are not yet powerful in that department, but it will be no problem, since we will become one of the most rich clubs in Germany in 1-2 years, if we keep the european qualifications at least"

I told him: "European qualifications ? No. I pretend to fight at least for the top 3. But my objetive will be that one."

He laughed, and replied: "We would not expect that much from you, but if you say it can happen, i believe in you. That's why you took the place. Lets make it happen then!"

With total control, it was time to reorganise the team. Sell out the unwanted players, and bring up some gems, top quality players. Or those that were meant-to-be stars. I pretended to create a young, but winning team already.

With the help of the staff, i've created a list of excedentary players, those that would not fit or would not reach the level that i wanted them to reach.

After the pre season, i thougth that we need more ball control players, more maestros, more chance creator man's. We only had one, and it was a defensive one...Naby Keita.
So, i looked up to those i thought that would not fit the team, in order to create space and to up even more my transfer balance.

Ilsanker got first. After all pre season games, i knew that he would not fit my tactics. A good boy indeed, but not for a team that fights for the first places in the Bundesliga...
I've talked to him, and he didn't got mad. Instead, it thanked me, because i were so respectful. We place him on the market, and we soon got a offer of 7m from Ajax. We accepted it, and he got transfered.

I told him: "Good luck boy, i wish you all of the best on Ajax"
He told me: "I know that these boys only need a command voice. I believe you will make them great again coach! Thank you, and goodbye!"

First clearance made. Who would be next ? Well, a surprise one. In the preseason games i was told by someone that an Everton scout were in all of our games, looking for a poacher, an eficient striker...

"Could it be Timo? No, not in hell it his. I will not let him go for any price" i thinked...

Turns out, it was not Werner. But Poulsen instead.
"Damn, he was going good, 3 games and got 3 goals...But last season he was not that eficient alongside Timo..."
I've thinked a bit more..."Damn. I would let him go, but not for a bargain. 15 millions maybe ? That way i could get a new and good one..."

The day after, Poulsen came to me - ""Coach, you do know that Everton was watching me right ?" .
I told him""Yeah, i knew lad. But let me say that the club comes first, and i really need you here. But if they really want you, they need to pay a fair price...Is that ok for you?"
""More than ok coach. This team had let me show my football, nothing more fair than that. But England, the Premier...Is a old dream."

""Boy, if they really want you, they will pay anything. Believe me. Talk to your agent, and tell him that."

His agent got the message. Mintzlaff had a meeting with him next day, because Everton proposed a offer...of 12 millions.

""What do you think Lahm?. Not that bad..." Mintzlaff asked...

""Not that bad, but not good either. He is an amazing player, lots of potential, and a real poacher. So, pump up that value. 15 millions or nothing. We are not on sales right now"

Mintzlaff agreed, and told to the agent to talk to the Everton representatives...3 days after that meeting, Mintzlaff called me.
""Lahm, after some negotiation, Everton proposed a total fee of 17 millions, plus a bonus of 20% on the next transfer...A good offer isn't it ?"
"Yes it is. But im sad to see him go. But it is his dream, i think we should accept it."

I caught up with Poulsen later: "Boy, i have to say that Everton proposed a fee of 17m plus bonus"
"And, what happened?"

"We have acepted the offer. Pack your things, your old dream will become reality...Congratulations"

"God, yeah!!!! Sorry coach, this is not a relief scream, but more of a dream to come true...I will always be thankfull to Leipzig, the boys know it well...But damn if it isn't the best league in the World!"

"Keep the confidence and personality, and you will surely suceed there...Tougher and stronger defensive players, so be ready...And i know that you are thankful. But it is what it is, we ask for a price, and they have paid it. Now, i wish you the very best boy!"

He hugged me, and left for his house to pack is things up...

The deal was made. Poulsen on his way to the Premier League for 17m..."One more headache to me. Where will i get such a prolific striker, or better ?"

Days went by, and more offers came to our players...

Kaiser was next. Another midfielder, another reasonable player. But not for a team that aims to be on top. And his performances on the preseason games were less than good.The only problem with Kaiser was that he had less search, what led to place him on the loan market.

Brondby proposed a 1 season loan offer."The tactic i want to implement does not fit his playing style. Plus he is out of form. This could be a wake up call for him"!

We accepted the offer. But Kaiser was not that happy, but understood.

"I don't see why i wouldn't fit the tactic, but it is ok. Maybe the increased time that i will play on Brondby will prove you wrong"
""Kaiser, take this loan as a wake up call. Play well, the way i know you can, and maybe you can comeback...". He leaned is head, turned his back and left...

Gulacsi and Benno Schmitz were next, but in different perspectives.
Gulacsi was a surprise move. I counted on him, but the offer from CSKA Moscow was better than expected. Since Akinfeev got badly injured, they had been looking for a replacement on short terms.

Then they made a great offer: 1 season loan, with complete salary paid by them, and with a fee of 89k per game...
Gulacsi was delighted, since he knew that Mvogo could be 1st team regular. "I will play more, and comeback stronger...I want to go coach." he said.
"Ok then, we will accept their offer. I understand the motives, so i wish you the very best"

We placed Benno on the loan market too, but he understood it perfectly, since Klostermann would not leave chance for him to reach 1st team...Istanbul Basaksehir offered him a loan spell, and he was amazed by their interest. 1st team regular assured, and he was ready to go.
"I will comeback coach, believe me!" he said.
"Ok then, but enjoy your stay there lad".

And then, Commper. Despite his experience, his football was less than expected. The only one that i was completely sure that i didnt want. But then again, no search...
Loan list. And then came Zwolle, with a offer of 1 season long spell, with only 20% of his salay paid by them.
I was not happy, but not sad either. So i let him go, and acepted the offer. Plus, he was being paid an hefty fee, 15k per week ? No way.

Another one made. This would lead to less wages paid, and could lead to offer bigger contracts to newer players, better ones.
I was delighted, but afraid.
"This is good, will give me more liberty on contract promising and amazing players...But more work to do, as i need to fulfill their exits"
The list of outcomers is the following:

Who would now come to Leipzig ? And about those that come, will they be better than the ones that left ?
A good set of results in pre-season, once the Bundesliga campaign starts hopefully the good results continue

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