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Am I the only one who's desperately disappointed?

Not impressed by FM18....
Started on 8 December 2017 by alcof89
Latest Reply on 10 December 2017 by DuckThor
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First of all, I'm actually doing well. It's 2020, I'm second to United and in the last 16 in the Champions league. I've played Football Manager since 2007 (I think) and gotten pretty much every version since.

Unlike most though, I love the 3d matches. I like watching the actual figures, and loved this introduction from the 2d version. For this version, I'm astonished by the 3d match engine, which I think, has gotten worse. Goalkeepers still can't let a shot go wide without saving it, they still don't know when to rush or stay in, they still make crazy decisions. One on ones are crazy, with both teams missing sitters every half. I know this happens in real football too, but not to the extent that I see in my match engine. It's annoying to see great play followed by a stupid finish, it really is just annoying - more annoying as it happens so much more often in this game than in real life.

I'd be lying if I said this was the only thing that disappointed me. A couple of years ago, we were introduced to press conferences. We still have pretty much the same answers, the same outcomes - and it's the same with team talks.

They changed scouting a lot, and I hate it. The old way was easier to manage and navigate - the only welcome addition is the scouting packages you can get, that's the only one in the whole game.

Also, year on year, I look simple things such as there is 30 seconds left, you are a goal down. Winger has it, running towards opponents byline... then he turns and boots it back to the goalkeeper who then plays a one two with the defender until the final whistle is blow - even if the status is set to 'overload'.

The tactical system, I feel can be manipulated like never before. Tight at the back with 3 up front catches opposition out virtually every time in my experience, but that's too simple... It's not really fun. Also, these should be the option to disregard Brexit - it's made the Premier League a nightmare when you can't get work permits for young European players - we all know that up and coming English players are far too expensive no matter where you are buying them from.

I could genuinely air my disappointment all day - I should have know it was going to be this bad when the little snippets of what we could expect were released; I think the squad dynamics is totally useless for example... I was just curious to see if anybody felt this way about it too.
dont come here and complain, if you want give constructive criticism not your nonsense. Football manager is a great game that requires one to create their own challenges and fun
FM is a great game. But the devs are destroying year by year. Let him complain,it's his opinion. If you wanna stare puppy eyed while devs give you a new pile of crap fifa style, it's your call too...

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