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Hello fellow managers

Ater's avatar Group Ater 2017-12-12 15:29
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Hello fellow managers, I’m Ater!
I’m not really new to FM Scout, have been checking it out every now and then for probably 10+ years, it's just that I finally decided to register an account. I started playing the manager games during the second part of the 90’s back when the game was called Championship manager and I still have real copies of a few classic versions like CM 01/02 in my bookshelf. So FM has been a love that has been going on for decades.

The older I got my passion levels and the time I had to play the game started to decline more and more, but then it caught a second wind about 4 years ago when I found FM streamers on Twitch and YouTube channels doing let’s plays and that really brought my passion for the game back to levels that are higher than ever. Inspirited by others I decided to upload my own games to YouTube, I’m not the best FM YouTuber out there, probably closer to the bottom then the top, but I’m having a lot of fun doing it and sharing the different journeys I go on during different saves with others, getting comments, tips and ides makes the game even more enjoyable than just playing by myself.

You find my noobish channel at right now I’m doing an AC Milan save in FM18 and when that one ends I will probably do a save in the UK, but haven’t decided on what team yet.
My Football Manager YouTube channel:

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