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Poll: FC Scout for 2010?

Started on 11 February 2010 by sun_chris
Latest Reply on 13 June 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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FC Scout for 2010? (37 votes)
So when should we be expecting the forms ready? If u need any help with it I will lend a hand as well.
i want to joinn, ive followed the old one and it sounds exciting
well glad we have one more member on board, sometime this week hopefully sun will publish the forms needed to create your player, you then send these back, and once all the profiles are collected he makes the game availble for upload to your computer.. Thats pretty much how it works
sorry for the delay but i had(and still have) some problems with my internet connection at i'm posting from my workplace.if you have any questions, you can post here or e-mail me at the address in the form
2 things did u forget to add tell a bit about your style? otherwise physical attributes could get messed up.

and also for preffered moves stam found this:
btw sent my form :D
thanks for the heads up barmy, i did forget the short description(i made the form in a hurry) and i also took a look at what stam found about the freffered moves and i put the link in the form.

new updated fc scout form available for download in this post..
no problems sun, is mine ok or do u need anything else from mine?
Are you experiencing a slow site mate? And if yes, when did that begin? I'm slightly disappointed with bits and pieces about the site, but unfortunately I'm in no position to initiate the migration to the new site engine yet.
_Man_u_barmy_army_ : didn't realise it was here, and also mate the site hasn't been running that fast lately, lol
Regarding FC Scout, I don't know when I'll find free time and proper mood to fill out the profile, but I promise to try.
Chris mate, should we introduce a deadline for profiles submission?
1.barmy, youre profile is ok.if i find problems, i will email the user with the form. 2.stam, you can email the profile whenever you feel like it.about the deadline, it will be just like last year...when i have at least 23-25 forms, i will begin the db editing.if the profiles will be at a low level after 2-3 months, i will ask everyone who sent one, to bring a friend, just like last year. If i dont have 23-25 eligible first team players(above 16 yo) we all have to bring a far i have 4 profiles(mine included)
By the way I would suggest that the stadium crowds start pretty low, whats going to be the repuatation of the club? (not in numbers but in comparision to another?)
did you recieve my form?
1.the team will be promoted to the premier league since everyone promoted last year in their games, so the team will promote one division and will have the rep of a new promoted team. 2.i got youre profile, thanks
ow many profiles so far?
O.o this seems lite major fun :D im doing a profile asap :satisfied
just 5 profiles for now....

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