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Poll: FC Scout for 2010?

Started on 11 February 2010 by sun_chris
Latest Reply on 13 June 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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FC Scout for 2010? (37 votes)
23 members said yes, but only 5 have given in forms... ah am sure it will just be a steady flow or something :D
its just as last year, so i'm not worried
I think this is a wonderful idea.. I wish I could be in but from what I read, everybody is 17-25 years old.. I am 33 years old.. so if I were to get in, I would be retiring in the first season or what??? :((

by the way, you said thaat you wanted ideas for a team name, so how about Scout FC..

and you didnt mentioned the team's alias. or nickname... it should have a second name for sure..

the playstation is a great idea for a stadium name. It could also be the FM arena.. or the Scout's Nest...
Well michel_effeich you could be like old guy teaching the young and be like player/ass coach :D so when u quit youll still be in the club staff ^^
1.we already have a team name, nickname and stadium's imported from last year. can send a profile and be player/assistant manager like djepoftw said and after retirement you can be part of the coaching staff...

3.djepoftw, where did you got the idea for the nick? it's strange:D:D
lol donno :P well some of my friends call me djepo and i live to win :D
well rly i just couldnt come up with any better :satisfied
yea I mean can't you choose to make a player want to be a coach in the future? As I doubt it is completly random, as to be honest having a 33 year old in the team would be good as it means the manager has to buy to replace you and the youth can come through, unlike last year where the team was so youthful people like me and dusan didn't break into the squad much :|
you can edit the future staff role after the editor you can choose from manager, assist man, coach, fit coach, gk coach and all the others with values from when i edit a player, i can choose his future role after retirement.

don't forget to download the form...
Ah sorry not been on in a while, but people remember to post your profiles as soon as possible, in order for the wait have to be less
unfortunately no one has send any profiles....i still have 5 like last month...
That doesn't make much sense considering howmany people have posted on this thread, and that have told me they are doing it, can you pm me who has given u profiles so I can check if some people done it :D ?
Right can all avaliable members submit a form it will take about 5 mins, even if you are not using it, it will go towards others using the fc scout database
so how is it going with the profiles? i will send my in as well.
glad to here it, well sun said there was about 7 last tim I asked him a while ago, but we need about a minimum of 18 I think, sun should be on soon,
Have i sent a profile into this sure i did but then again maybe not

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