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GS18g not working properly and very slow since 18.2.1 update

Started on 4 January 2018 by TheBigGeordie
Latest Reply on 4 March 2018 by kantzgk
Hey everyone,

Since 18.2.1 was released the in game scout hasn't worked for me at all and when I switch windows to genie scout I can still use the filter to search for players/staff normally but the second I try to open their attributes screen GS freezes for at least 2 minutes every time, the same thing applies when I switch to their role ratings or positional ratings screen.

I'm not the most tech savvy guy out there so after trying to uninstall and reinstall with no success i've been left a bit stumped. Any advice would be helpful, Cheers.
У меня тоже такая проблема.
Could you please provide with your PC configuration and OS. Was it working fine before? Does the problem exists in both ads-free and public version?
8 Gb ram
gtx 660 ti
Windows 10
В первый версиях, FM Genie Scout 18g, работал нормально.
I am having similar problem. I can open a player on GS and I can see all stats for topics from Profile to Genies Report. None of the lines from there on will open. I am on the 18g version ie no add's. This is since the latest download following Eugene's update for version 18.2.2

Best regards,

Pete Turner
I am having the same problem as well. GS18g used to work perfectly well before (Until 18.2.2 update).

Now if I use GS, FM itself starts running really slow. CPU usage shoots up from 17% to 30% for some reason when I use GS in the background.

My system information:

Windows 10 - Home Edition

Processor: Intel i7 -6700 HQ CPU - 2.60 GHz
16 GB Ram
GeForce GTX 960M

Both FM and GS are installed on SSD.
Same problem with the new update---nothing in the "Stats" section of Genie will pull up information on any player. That includes the history section, which I have used extensively in the past :(

Hope we can get a solution! (I'm sure we will...never had issues w/ the devs fixing things...but did want to put it out there that it is still an issue).


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