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Game data is not found [18G v. 1.0 18.3 beta 17]

playing the normal version, not touch
Started on 6 March 2018 by parachutes
Latest Reply on 12 March 2018 by bobani
Hi, hello

So I just donated for the 'G' version but an error occured. Tried restarting game, restarting GS, changing localisation of files but still the same error.

My FM2018 is installed on 'D' drive, the game save is on 'C' drive and GS is on 'C'. Before 18.3.0 and buying 'G' version everything was working fine.

Appreciate for help :)

Same problem here. Everything was fine till this morning and suddenly - same error :(
Got the same issue too....
same issue
Same problem. Anyone has solution?
PS FM2018 was automatically updated via Steam, prior to this issue.
same problem
Having the same Issue.
I've just donated and I'm having the same issue, any news?
Furabilhas's avatar Group Furabilhas
3 yearsEdited´s because the 18.3.1 update?

The game is launched via STEAM, so what can i do?
It is pretty obvious that Steam updating the game to 18.3.1 is the reason for Genie to bug now.

How can we stop automatic updates of the game via Steam? It's too late now, but it would be nice for this not to happen again...

Now we just have to wait until Eugene has another version ready. Can't be easy for him either. It has been a few updates...
I agree it is tough for Eugene to keep with SI updates but we paid for this golden version so we expect it to be done as soon as possible (in a day or two) but we didn't even get any info
Does anyone know how to effectively stop steam updates with this problem in mind? I was lucky enough to not close my game yesterday, so I'm still on 18.3.0.

I've found settings in Steam to update at a specific time (0100), but I need to change it every day to stop automatic update.
same issue
YES! Eugene has fixed it :)
You can start it in offline mode

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