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Logos issue

No matter what I say or what I do normal logos are not showing up.
Started on 7 March 2018 by MCPhatman / First Post
Latest Reply on 7 March 2018 by MCPhatman / Last Post
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Let me prefice this by saying I already tried:
- Reloading skin
- various skins including customs and default
- clearing cache
- reloading the game
- reinstalling the game
- 4 different logo packs (TCM Logos, Steel logos, smooth logos, FM standard logopack)
- diffferent folders on my PC
- a clean installation of FM.
- using the default map and creating a new logo map in graphics
- I've been playing FM since it was known as Championship Manager 2 and I've been using custom graphics since Football Manager 2014.

I've tried getting logos to work on my copy of FM2018 . I've gotten facepacks, small logos and kits to work only Normal logos refuse to show up right. Sometimes I can get some of the Normal logos to work but never those of say the Premier league or the German division 9 out of 10 times it will just show the default FM logos.

I've had the same problem on my laptop when FM2018 just came out (And before I bought a new desktop) and I solved it there by copying the map into a folder with a shorter path. This time that didn't work,

Has anyone have/had the same issue and does anyone know how to fix it.

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