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FM Scout: The Hunger Games (FM18)

Started on 30 March 2018 by Justice
Latest Reply on 15 September 2018 by Justice
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Name: Sybe van der Putten
Nationality (1): Dutch
Additional Language (1): English
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Favourite Club (1): PSV Eindhoven
Favourite Person (1):
Disliked Club: Chelsea
Disliked Person: Dele Alli

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Left
Primary Position (1): ST
Secondary Position (1): AM

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Finishing, Dribbling, First Touch
Mental (3): Composure, Determination, Positioning
Physical (3): Pace, Strength, Natural Fitness
Personal (2): Proffesionalism, Adaptability

Preferred Move (1): Tries to beat offside trap

Extra: Injury Proneness to 0
Name: Josh Drake
Nationality (1): Norwegian
Additional Language (1): Norwegian
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Weight: 127 lbs
Favourite Club (1): Molde FK
Favourite Person (1): Jostein Flo (Idol)
Disliked Club: None
Disliked Person: None

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Right
Primary Position (1): ST
Secondary Position (1): GK
Name: Harry Potter
Nationality (1): Irish
Additional Language (1): English
Height: 184cm
Weight: 88kg
Favourite Club (1): Man Utd
Favourite Person (1): Jose Mourinho
Disliked Club: Liverpool
Disliked Person: Steven Gerrard

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Left
Primary Position (1): Centre Forward
Secondary Position (1): AMR

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Finishing, Dribbling &Technique
Mental (3): Composure, Determination & Flair
Physical (3): Acceleration, Natural Fitness & Stamina
Personal (2): Professionalism & Consistency

Preferred Move (1) Places Shots

Technical/Goalkeeper/Mental/Physical Attribute: -2 PA each Off The Ball & Penalties
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Name: Benjaminho Sy
Nationality (1): French
Additional Language (1): English
Height: 180cm
Weight: 78kg
Favourite Club (1): Paris Saint Germain
Favourite Person (1): Cristiano Ronaldo
Disliked Club: None
Disliked Person: None

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Right
Primary Position (1): ST
Secondary Position (1): AML

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Technique, Finishing, First Touch
Mental (3): Determination, Off the Ball, Work rate
Physical (3): Acceleration, Natural Fitness, Stamina
Personal (2): Professionalism, Ambition

Preferred Move (1): Shoots with power
Okay, I am no longer going to wait for four more contestants to join, so I will add four more profiles. Two of these profiles will be of players from the previous edition of the Hunger Games which I hosted, and the other two will be dedicated to the two people who, without them, this site would not exist; Stam & Eugene (Genie).

AND WITH THAT, THE APPLICATION PROCESS IS CLOSED. I will begin creating players and updates will begin shortly.

The Teams

This is who your players will team up with. You will try to collectively earn as many points as possible in order to survive another season.

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3:

Team 4:

Team 5:
Libertine States
Team 6:

Team 7:

Team 8:

Team 9:
De Magere

Team 10:


  • The player who earns the most points throughout a season will receive an in-game boost of +2 CA.
  • The team of players who earns the combined most points throughout a season will receive an in-game boost of +3 PA.
  • Should a player max out either category, their bonuses shall be that of +5 reputation.
  • The player with the highest value at the end of each season will receive +50 reputation.
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6 yearsEdited

The Players

And I introduce to you the 20 contestants of The Hunger Games! They have been developed in accordance of the specific requests of each participant, and will be your hero of the save.

Just remember, no player will face elimination in the first three seasons as the young players look to develop their skills. However, bonuses will still be awarded.

Looking forward to see the first updates, InvertedWingbacks and me are gonna tear this up :P

1st September 2017

The end of the majority of Europe's transfer windows have come to an end, and nineteen of the contestants have found themselves their first professional contracts. Unfortunately for Genie, the odd one out, he has not yet signed a deal for any club, despite attracting interest across the continent.

Interestingly enough, despite the high variation in nationalities, the nineteen players who did find clubs ended up in either England (six players), France (three players), Italy (five players), Germany (three players) or Croatia (two players). Below, we have a look at who signed for what team. The next update will be a mid-season update, with screenshots taken from 1st January 2018. Until then, stay on the edge of your seats as the ultimate journey in football has officially begun!

GNK Dinamo Zagreb: Dick Trickle
HNK Hajduk Split: Stam

Arsenal: Harry Potter
Chelsea: Alexandre Leblanc
Ipswich Town: Josh Drake
Liverpool: Scott Tyson
Manchester City: Sybe van der Putten
Reading: John Warrington

Olympique Lyonnais: Hercule Pretorius
Olympique Marseille: Lewie Roberts
Paris Saint-Germain: Mikkel Bie

Bayer 04 Leverkusen: Hans Down
FC Bayern München: Johan Eriksson
FC Schalke 04: Zander Yeks

ACF Fiorentina: Han Cock
Atalanta Bergamo Calcio: Gerard Hoedjes
Frosinone Calcio: Nininho
US Cremonese: Benjaminho Sy
US Sassuolo Calcio: Phillip Budtz
US Cremonese :D
Too late to take part but this looks like fun so will be watching!
Arsenal :(

Looking forward to this!
I'm the Northern Irish Mo Salah. ;)
2018-04-09 16:57#248860 ScottT : I'm the Northern Irish Mo Salah. ;)

A center mid? Hmm... :P

Marseille, not bad! Hope I can get a few apps in the cup or maybe a loan.

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