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A little help needed for a FM newbie. Player movement when in and out of possession.

Started on 5 April 2018 by Craigr85
Latest Reply on 6 June 2018 by Snorks
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I am currently managing down in Argentina with Godoy Cruz and not doing too great. I am playing with the following formation:



WB (A) WB (A)

DLP (D) CM (A)

AP (S)

P(A) TN (S)

I am looking for my two defensive midfielders to push out slightly wider when my WBs go forward in possession to cover in the event of a counter attack, and then to drop back in when defending.

My question is, is there any way to adjust player movement/positioning in the tactics screen depending on whether I am in possession or attacking? I don't yet understand the player roles enough to be able to figure it out for myself.

Thank you in advance.
It's not easy without seeing the players you have and the actual movement they are making.
Two things to think about though:

1: WBs on Attack rarely defend - they are too busy bombing forward to ever get back as defenders in the true sense - this forces your CBs wider to cover the flanks which opens up space between them to be exploited.

2: Your DLP(D) is fairly 'static' role and duty, and the CM(A) will look to get forward as well, so if your attack breaks down up the pitch you essentially have three CBs getting stretched and a DLP in front of them with limited sideways movement. - lots of space for the opponents to exploit.

It might be worth pulling your midfield back into the DM strata, a Carrilero role would shuttle sideways to cover the flanks a bit more, but really, I suspect your biggest issue is the WBs and being stretched when the opponent breaks down the flanks.

Many thanks for your reply.

As i've been playing the game and gaining more experience I am starting to understand the formations a bit better.

I have adapted to a 4-2-3-1 (narrow) which is getting me closer to how I want to play. My 4-2-3-1 is as follows:

RB (automatic)
CB (defend)
CB (defend)
LB (automatic)

Half back
Defensive mid

IF (Attack)
IF (Attack)

Advanced Forward

I have the TI(s) set up to close down less and push slightly higher up the field.

The half back seems to drop back in to defence to create a back three when the fullbacks are pushing forward.

My attacking players are set to "Close down much more" and mark specific positions. My thought behind this is to allow structure at the back (also playing on a structured mentality) and allow my attacking players to try to win the ball further up the pitch. It seems to be working but not to the intensity I would like.

One thing I am looking for is for my IFs to cut in behind the defence and do their business.

I'm not at home to post my team but will do later. I've just accepted the Boca Jnrs job after playing a few seasons in the lower leagues in South America.
Good that things are stating to come together - it does take time.
Yes, the Half Back will drop back and join the defense line - which can free up your full backs to go forward - be aware, the 'Automatic' duty means they adopt whatever your team Mentality is. You might want to look at giving them a specific duty.

Inside Forwards are not going to get round the back of the defence - you will need wingers for that. Check the in-game descriptions of the roles - IFs will cut inside and run AT defenders, Wingers will go wide and get AROUND the defenders.

'Structured' will tend to stretch your team vertically, but will mean those on Attack duty will attack much quicker - it also means they will stay higher up the pitch.

Close Down Much More and Mark Positions are instructions I only use to contain a specific threat from the opposition. Closing Down More on a tricky dribbler can often leave your player beaten and exposed so be aware of WHO they are closing down, also when marking players, make sure your man has pace, anticipation etc at least as good as the player he is marking, or he will get dragged out of position and then left behind.

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