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Glasgow Rangers - Blue sea of Ibrox [LiveStream]

Started on 25 April 2018 by Sam94
Latest Reply on 22 May 2018 by Sam94
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Hello folks! being a big fan of the stories section idea for football manager and having done a fair few of them myself over the past few years i thought since ive finally gotten the chance to get back into fm i will start my own for this years edition with the team i support, Rangers!

But since ive also been live streaming for many hours a week over on Twitch i thought why not put two and two together and stream my whole experience with Rangers for any who might be interested in coming along and watching the progress. Rather than just flood my story section here on FM Base with messages of me going live im also going to do write up updates of the save (probably 2-3 per year) for people who maybe are not fans of watching live but still want updates on the save with hopefully some funny clips and of course many wins + silverware!

As for the live streaming, anyone who is interested in watching live or any of the videos (which all save on the channel) then i shall leave my channel link below and any follows would be greatly appreciated and would notify you when i go live as i don't have a schedule i go by, my aim will be streaming 4 days a week minimum for hopefully 10-15+ hours per week.
Sounds awesome! Good luck mate, I'll be tuning in now :)
Streaming now on Twitch!

Maybe see you there.

August-December Recap (2017/2018)

Having played with Rangers when the game first released i was suprised at how *cough* overated *cough* many of the old players and new signings were, so with that in mind i was fairly happy
to aim for second place finish and give pretty much everyone a chance in the first team this season until i decide who i cant stand and who is a definte keeper. As the first real test came in the Euro Cup i shall start there with how
badly it went *spoilers* oh shit! i mean how amazing it was!

So yeah... pretty unlcuky with this group as it was probably 1 of 2 that i didnt want as i would of been fine with any others, we did give every team a good game but the fact we couldnt manage more draws or even 1-2 wins is still making me cry myself to sleep

On the bright side (yes there is a positive to all this) our goalkeeper Jak Alnwick have me a real golden moment when he did this against Koln, it was only as enjoyable because we were already knocked out the group...

Betfred Cup

Since the Betfred Cup begins and ends all in 3-4 months i knew i had a chance to win my first every silverware considering its only 4 games also, i know easy trophy win right there! aslong as some minnow team knocks out Celtic
i have a good chance of winning the most prestigious and challanging and competitive trophy in the whole world! ..... yeah i maybe won it...

WOWOWOW!!! before you go congratulating me down below for my master tactician mindset and amazing personality and good looks the road to the final wasnt as plain sailing as it looks....

Our game against St.Johnstone was almost our last, 2-1 up and cruising pretty smoothly enroute to the demi finals when Cardoso decided upon himself that it was all to easy for the boys and we needed more of a challange....

Luckily we won 4-2 on Penalties so no Cardoso's were harmed during this time.

WOWOWOW!!! you thought that was it? HELL NO! if you thought the Cardoso incodient was bad them by god you better strap up because the Final was on a whole other level.

Let me just set the scene real fast

*insert dramatic music*

Rangers vs Aberdeen

its a super close 50/50 game

packed atmosphere with both teams pushing for that goal to change the game

we get into extra time and its real tense

3 minutes to go until we get a winner decided by penalties

and then.....

Well then.

League Results / Table

As for the League there is no real need to linger on it too much as you are only half way through and our goal of 2nd place is looking very good

Transfer History

I left transfers till last as we were basically non existent during the summer, like i said before im going to give everyone a chance and start to change the team come season 2.

Hope you fella's enjoyed this, something a little different and im having alot of fun with it, i will only be doing 2 posts a season (August-December then End of Season) so if there is anything you want to see me add that i maybe forgot or didnt bother with then feel free to let me know.
Going live on Twitch to continue through season 1!

January-May End of Season Recap (2017/2018)

With the Betfred Cup already in the bag im declaring this season a win/win already as im pretty confident ill secure 2nd spot with zero problems and we can start the second season getting rid of some dead weight / underperformers, speaking of the In's and Out's lets start there with our money moves in January.

Candeias, Halliday and Foderingham all leave after lack of first team football, to scrape up about 900k and 25k or so wages was fine with me as they were never in my plans anyway and would of most likely all left in the summer
so the sooner the better!

As for the In's we brought in Wright for more cover at Centre Back with Bates leaving for first team football, Braga comes in more for backup to Windass, he is fairly old and already peaked but will hopefully be fairly good for tutoring and squad depth similar to the mindset with bringing "Big Dirty Rat" Razvan Rat. Same boat with Seydou Sey... Foderingham leaves and Sy comes in as backup and a very very good backup at that.

Scottish Cup

With the betfred Cup already in our trophy cabinet part of me was in a "What if" state of mind with the Scottish Cup, so without going to in-depth to spoil anything here is how it all went down...

So we made it! just like the Betfred Cup celtic got knocked out early giving us the golden chance to secure the treble with Hibernian the only team standing in our way!

FUUCK! the erly penalty miss totally blew our start and Hibernian really took the game to us, very dissapointed not to win this one considering we played them a few days before this and got a solid 2-0 win, no excuses in the end as it just wasnt to be, props to Hibernian as we tried throwing everything at them in the end, deserved winners in the end... sadly.

Ladbrokes Premiership

Well talk about right down to the wire, we slipped up against Aberdeen in the run in to the final game, also in dramatic fashion we rode a comeback against Celtic after they went 10 men down! but sadly could only push back into a draw and then on top of that Celtic went and lost there last match of the season! if only we managed to beat Aberdeen or even Celtic in the end... scenes!

Looking at the stats you would of thought we won the league in the end! big reminder of just how good Celtic are and they didnt crumble under the pressure towards the end, cant say the same for our boys though, win the league next season will be the goal but definetly not an easy one!

**At the time of writing this up my game hasnt advanced since the cup final so the season awards/player awards havent been dished out from what i can see, ill try remember and screen grab them and edit them into the post for anyone interested!**

Going live on Twitch now to start season 2!
Live on Twitch now!

Maybe see you there.
Live on Twitch now!

Maybe see you there.
Live on Twitch now!

Maybe see you there.
Live on Twitch now!

Maybe see you there.
Live on Twitch now!

Maybe see you there.
Streaming now on Twitch!

Maybe see you there.

Season Recap 2018/2019 (Season 2)

As i have been smashing hours into the game and streaming recently and neglecting the write ups i am currently a few games off the end of season 4 as i type this up so i have some catching up to do, as for our second season we have some work to do if we want to win the league title this year after falling 3 points short last season, i have alot of work to do in the transfer market with less than 1 million and expectations set for us to push for 1st spot, i was happy to finish 2nd first season but now its go time and im hoping for a better challenge on Celtics top spot that they have been
all to cosy with.

Transfer History

I wont go into much detail with this as im 2 season ahead at the moment so screenshots arent really a possibility, but Wilson is a hot looking regen CB that we somehow got Hearts to accept a measly 400k for, Chochrane we also poached from them, 2 very promising youngsters, Callum Smith another scottish youngster we managed to snap up, some other big game changers are Mousset, Wilson and Galloway both on a season
long loan.

As for the outs most were due to hapiness apart from Windass and John, both who i decided to cash in on as i feel we have a very capable team without them.

Betrfed Cup

Lets start with the "Minnow Cup" we won this last year so to win it again would be nice, but i also wouldnt be lying if i said we i dont care if we dont retain it two season in a row.

Well back to back finals it is! fairly straight forward run in to Hampden and we will face none other than Celtic, not only our arch rivals but a side i was unable to beat last season.

A 28 second oponer really set the pace for us to go on and grab more goals, i honestly didnt care much at the time to win the cup as i was more excited to just finally beat Celtic! but i suppose extra silverware will do.

Scottish Cup

2 cup finals from 2 this season which is great for us, sadly we didnt get the chance to knock Celtic out this one as we get St.Johnstone in the final who had that honour to themselves.

Luckily we had the honour to beat them though! another 3-1 win like it was with Celtic, hopefully now we have secured the double we can go and grab that all so famous treble!

Ladbrokes Premiership

Part of me is burning inside because i cant set the scene on this like i would want too... one of the craziest ends to the season, not only was this a neck and neck race, it went all the way to the final
game of the season!

To really set the scene on this one we have been unstoppable all season, we lost our opening game of the season and then didnt lose again up until we played Hearts (we got 2 men sent off) the
only issue with this was we had been 1st in the league all season staying around 3-4 points ahead of Celtic but after our heavy loss to Hearts the team went on a little... okay maybe not little... a huge bottle job that i thought was surely the end for us, but somehow after 4 draws in a row Celtic were only 3 points ahead of us and in our favour we had a huge GD over them and still had to play them. Somehow after dominating Celtic away from home AND they got a man sent off we couldn't get the vital goal that would of put us in the driver seat with 2 games renaming.

So we get to the last game of the season and we thump Hearts 5-1 (revenge is sweet, i promise!)

Now its over to Easter road for Hibernian vs Celtic

We needed Celtic to lose to win the league, anything else just isnt good enough.

To really explain how i was feeling here, my cheeks were clenched tighter than airport security.


i think ill just leave this here..

oh and also, cmon the Hibees
Wow that was incredible. I should really catch your streams more, it takes a great manager to knock Celtic off. I certainly couldn't do it this year!

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