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How to progress effectively in FM

So I'm really new to FM (FM18 is the first one I ever got) and I'm doing my first save with Reims, and I'm trying to figure out good ways to progress. Any ideas?
Started on 27 May 2018 by Chamishis
Latest Reply on 2 June 2018 by Aaron
I'm on my second season after getting promoted to the Ligue 1 Conforama. I'm getting pretty good results, but I feel like I'm still on the same level as I started despite bringing in new players, and sold some that I didn't want/to get more money.
I could obviously develop players from my academy, but that will take a good 7 seasons before I reap the benefits... and I struggle to find good players that are in my reach economically. I can only really buy the ones that are of leading 2nd division quality.
Do I steadily make money through results in the league, and slowly build my way up? Or is there a better, faster way of doing this? Again, I am completely new. I got dead tired of Career Mode in FIFA because it is so predictable and repetitive.. so now I'm in a game with a shit ton more detail, and it's definitely fun. I just wanna know some tips from some experienced players, and maybe I'll apply those tips on my save.
This is something that is becoming quite common within football at the moment so I would highly recommend reading about it. You could try using the Moneyball strategy and look to make profits and grow this way. Brentford do this very effectively and they could be worth reading as I think there's a few videos and articles about the way they use it to grow financially and improve on the pitch. :)
This is just how I approach what is the next step up, but when I reach that stage I look at investing in promising youth players AND players who have contracts expiring.

With regards to contract expiring players, you only have to pay compensation in some cases, and you can capture quite talented players this way.

With regards to younger players, they will (usually, but not always) require lower transfer fees and lower wages to bring in, and can develop in to the caliber of player you desire to push you to the next level.
I'm in season 29/30 and have been at Plymouth for 11 seasons. I am now in the PL challenging for title/top 4, have won the Europa League, and now been in the CL 3 out of last 4 seasons. One tip I would give is to try and get the best scouts and analysts possible from the word go. I could count on 1 hand the number of players I have signed over the age of 23. Once you have the scouts in place, hound the life out of your board to upgrade your facilities. Your scouts WILL find gems, with which you can keep, and/or sell on for huge profit! I've had Home Park extended to 42,000 capacity, and now have the board building a new 57,000 seater stadium.
Pretty much what has been said already. You have done well to achieve promotion, now is time to consolidate your position in the league, then look at improving and chasing another promotion.

This is a real-life simulation and how often do you see teams getting year-on-year promotions IRL?

In the EPL, Brighton, Huddersfield and Newcastle were only interested in staying up not chasing Europa League places.

Get on top of your finances and your board will love you, you will get better budgets and you can then ask to improve facilities/improve staff etc

This really is a 'big picture' kind of experience, for me when i play and win a promotion, first season in new league is about staying up, not letting finances run away and developing tactics against better teams. Second season looking to finish top-half as an inprovement and third season be in contention - AT BEST

Anything sooner than that is fantastic and a couple of seasons longer is OK.

Be patient, be sensible and things will progress.
Yes well there are many ways including the ones mentioned above. I'm not an LLM man myself, I've only done it once which was this year and it went rather well. One thing I learnt was to always keep on top of finances as best as possible, do this and as Snorks said the board will appreciate this and come to trust you with more and more in the budgets.

Going into a new league, especially one of the big leagues like Ligue 1 can be very daunting and it's something I'm yet to experience properly but I've had promotions before and the way I would stay up usually with no finances is bring in as many loans as possible, for as cheap as possible, at the highest quality possible.

Players with expired contracts/no contract is also probably your best bet for more experienced players of the game as the older players are usually the ones leaving clubs on a free due to their previous club bleeding in younger players in their position.

I will say too that although I'm not sure if possible now, on a countries youth intake day I would scour the leagues and clubs to find the best regens around, and often you could offer them a contract straight away. Some dont usually want to sign, some do. It's all depends really.

And the last thing is just remember you're not coming up and going to be able to win the league, just try to stay up firstly.

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