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Best Regen XI

Started on 20 June 2018 by Zigzag17
Latest Reply on 20 June 2018 by Zigzag17
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Felt like writing a post about the best and most memorable regens I've had throughout my football manager saves. Most, if not all will come from FM 12 as that was the one I played most and most recently before getting 18. Feel free to comment some of your best regens or regen XI.
Unfortunately, I do not have any pics to upload as all my saves have been deleted. All of this is recollection through memory.

Brian Sparling I Vitesse I Scotland
Keeper is the most underwhelming position. I'd always use 'real life' players for quite a long time, so I don't have that many memorable GKs. Sparling was a quality regen capable of playing the sweeper keeper role I placed him in. But in all honesty, he benefitted from having a strong back 3 ahead of him.

Jesus Perez Rabadan I Man Utd I Spain
Rabadan was a La Masia reject that Barca released as a teenager. His physical attributes where pretty good, particularly his excellent pace. But technically and mentally, he was quite average. I certainly wouldn't have paid for him if I'd had to. Good thing I didn't have to. After spending a season out on loan, he came into my first team squad and immediately challenged Darmian for the starting 11 spot, eventually taking it. He was a much more defensive minded full back, but his pace made him a force to be reckoned with on the overlap.

Perry van der Voort I Ajax I Holland
Probably the second favourite regen I've ever head. Came in through the youth ranks looking good, but truth be told, he never looked like a world beater. His attributes were bang average. He nonetheless turned into one of my longest serving players at Ajax, always consistent and rarely making any mistakes. Also held down the left back spot for Holland when I managed them and afterwards.

Stefan Koppers I Vitesse I Holland
Koppers came through the Vitesse youth system and was already there when I joined the team. He was however a natural right back, but he lacked the offensive attributes that I was looking for, plus he seemed to be very suited to being a ball playing CB. So I retrained him for the position and he became a staple part of my team and the Dutch team in my short save, consistently drawing attention from Europes top clubs.

Waldir Coba I Ajax I Peru
I found Coba as a reject from some South American team. He was already like 18 when I found him so I wasn't so convinced about his average attributes, but he was free so I took him and gave him a very bit-part role in my first team. Within a season or 2, he had claimed one of the CB spots as his own. Don't think I've ever had a regen go from looking so average to having such high attributes. He eventually left for Arsenal seeking a new challenge.

Ismail Yeboah I Ajax I Holland
When I joined Ajax, I was looking for a decent player to provide depth at the DM spot. Yeboah had come through the Ajax youth but had been moved to Hearts a season before I arrived, I didn't waste time in bringing him back. Whilst he was never one of the best at the position, even at the club, he was very reliable and quickly became my long serving club captain.

Per Adamsen I Man Utd I Denmark
This position is usually left for my deeper lying playmakers, and few came better than Adamsen. He was in the Inter youth team when I found him and his stats were amazing. Surprisingly though, he wasn't classified as a wonderkid. I didn't have to part with much to get him and after spending a season in my youth, he lit up my first team, eventually becoming captain even at a young age. The odd injury would pop up here and there and the team would always suffer from his absence.

Tamaz Kilasonia I Vitesse I Georgia
Kilasonia was an interesting case. To call him 'average' would be an insult to average players. His attributes were sporadic and not so great. He was versatile though, could play ST, AML, ML, and MC. I mostly played him as an ML, but I just couldn't leave him out of my best XI. Kilasonia, while nothing to marvel at by his attributes, was unbelievable as a player. In my short Vitesse save, he had the highest league average rating for 2 consecutive seasons, whilst also averaging over 15+ assists both times. Watching him swing in De Bruyne-esque passes into the box just made the game so much more enjoyable.

Steven McGorry I Man Utd I England
McGorry was from the Man Utd youth. When he came through he was classified as a wonderkid, but I personally didn't see it. It's unlikely he would've made my team had my first choice right winger (another memorable regen) not left for Sevilla. McGorry ended up being quite exceptional as an inside forward who would cut in on his stronger left foot.

Fleming Halskov I Man Utd I Denmark
Halskov was in the Man Utd reserves when I arrived as manager, and he most likely would've been sold had the club already not been in a great financial position. He spent my first 2 seasons at the club on loan. In the third season, I loaned him out to Stoke where he had a crazy season, finishing top 5 in league goal scoring. The following season I moved him into my first team and he completely peaked. He gave me multiple doube digit assist and goals seasons, as well as becoming a key part of the Denmark team along with Adamsen.

Jordan Ricci I Ajax I Italy
Like many saves, my most memorable regen ever comes at the ST position. Ricci was a wonderkid who came through the ranks of one of the Italian teams before I snatched him up. He spent a season lighting up my youth team before I chose to promote him to my first team as a starter. I even sold my main striker to Spurs in order to accomodate him, and he quickly repaid my faith. He smashed the Ajax league goalscoring record and led me to a few champions league titles. 30+ goal seasons became a norm and continually made the Balon D'or top 3 despite playing in a weaker league.

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