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A Deal With The Devil!

Started on 23 August 2018 by AS4
Latest Reply on 4 September 2018 by AS4
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First Contact

Four years. It had been four years since I had retired from the game - my 'promising' professional football career being cut short due to a combination of ill-fated serious injuries and a lack of any real success. I often wondered if this was down to my nationality, and me being an outsider - it took me time, as often is the case, to realise that I simply was not good enough. The potential the scouts saw in me, was something I could never fulfill.

But life was comfortable. I had saved enough from the contracts and release fees I had been paid, and managed to fork out a living after getting a degree post-grad school. Life had been going good. It WAS good. Until what happened to Patricia. When Patricia died, I pleaded. I begged to God that I would do anything - absolutely anything in the world to get her back. I was essentially comatose - I'd be in bed all day for weeks at a stretch, not moving, not even flinching. I could still feel her, her presence, as if it was around me but beyond reach.

I almost thought I was delusional when he walked in to the room. A dark blue suit, and a thin well-woven shirt made of fine fabric. He is nothing how people tend to portray him. No horns; no pointed tail at the back. He seemed like a man - just like you and me.

I hung onto every word he said, as he offered me a deal. A deal, that he said was a one-time offer. Six Champions League medals. I manage the team for as long as it takes to win Six Champions League medals, and he would bring Patricia back to life. To be frank, it sounded a deal too good to be true. But the opportunity to see her again, to touch her again, was something I couldn't let pass. Which is why I agreed to the deal and signed the contract as fast as I could. Before he left my bedside, he spoke in his deep, brooding voice... "I'll be in touch. I'll see you tomorrow? It's a big day..." before breaking into a mild chuckle.

I even partly wondered if I was hallucinating and all of this was in my head, but that changed - when he handed me my club badge right before he left. The only odd thing? The date on the club badge and my 'supposed' day of taking charge of the club had already passed a couple of years ago. Was this a joke?

Certainly a new approach to story writing. Interesting to see how this develops, especially with Patricia.

A Deal With The Devil... Never Did Any Good

I was woken up from my trance-like dream by a combination of my alarm clock ringing and my phone buzzing on the nightstand. The visions of the dream fade away as I wake up, swinging my arm to grasp the alarm on the nightstand and shut it. Rubbing my eyes wearily, my ears perked up at the sound of someone's shoes hitting the floor, the heel clinking with the shiny flooring. My eyes shot open as if I had been suddenly brought back to life, as other senses in my body heightened. My upper body jerked forwards as I got up, almost as if thrust forward by a spring on my bed. That is when I saw him, the same as last night. To say I was startled would be an understatement.

"You...How did you.." I spoke, almost groggily before he cut me off, "Get in? Ah come on now, surely you wouldn't ask someone like ME a question such as that. You really do underestimate me, don't you?" he said, with a smile strewn across his face. Well at least now I knew what a devilish smile actually meant.

I stared at him, half in surprise and half in bemused horror as he continued speaking "Come on now, chop chop mate. We're getting awfully late" he said, still smiling as he sat there on the wooden chair, clad in a black suit. "Um, where?" I asked, perplexed at this sudden turn of events. He looked at me with a hint of embarassment as he said "Your first day at the job, silly!" as he flicked his wrist, motioning for me to get up and get started.

The car ride was unnerving. The city that I was in seemed so new, yet not very distant. As we passed one of the architectural landmarks, I felt beads of sweat form on my forehead. I gulped down hard as I realized why it all seemed so eerily familiar - I had just had visions of this a few hours ago while I was sleeping. I gazed out of the car's window as we passed building after building, until he spoke, "So, I hope you remember our deal, lad. Six Champions League Titles" well, there was nothing new in it and I had heard it all before agreeing to sign his contract. But what he said next was what would give me sleepless nights "Out of those six, three of them should be consecutive wins." he spoke, making me turn my head at a blinding speed as my eyes grew wide, almost with an expression of 'what the hell?'. Pun intended.

"Why didn't you tell me that?" I asked, looking for an explanation and somehow foolishly expecting to get one. "Well, it was all in your contract. You should have read it." he said, one of those trademark smirks coming across his face. Of course! How the f did I think a deal with the devil was a good idea? But that was not all, because he served me what seemed like a double whammy. "Don't worry though, you just have to focus on things on the pitch. Your director of football and chairman at the club will handle everything relating to transfers. Just focus on the footy, eh?" he said, as I could simply nod along, as if I had a choice. I boiled inside at my own stupidity but my helplessness only served to wet my eyes, but I would do it. I'd do it for Patricia.

"We're here" he said, as I looked up at the place, the stadium we were at, instantly recognizing this from last night's dream. I mumbled under my breath..
"Of course. How fitting for a deal with the devil."

2018-08-29 19:41#250744 Jack : Certainly a new approach to story writing. Interesting to see how this develops, especially with Patricia.

Thanks man! Means a lot coming from you. I have certain plans for how to take it ahead, but let's see.

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