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Genie Scout 10.1 Not Working - PLS REPLY

Started on 29 March 2010 by saviola2010
Latest Reply on 31 March 2010 by Stam
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i've got the same error 1404 :weep
Hi Stam,

As you asked I uploaded my savegame.
Its a newly created game, based in Holland with NO custom leagues (or else)

I'm using xp.
i have the same error...T.T
Sorry for my English...Has anybody load save game correctly? I have the same problem (error with Reltype:14)
i've also got the same error
this is my save file......
I've emailed Eugene about this, as it seems many people have this problem.
Thanks for reporting guys.
Stam, please upload correct save game for GS 1.1 with patch 10.3. I want to test it...
stam : For what is worth, all download mirrors have the same version so it doesn't matter from which mirror you get it.

Regarding the error messages you got by using newest version, I'll try to include all different ones in a new topic to help Eugene track everything down. But I can't possibly reply with a solution, sorry.

I can try to ask you though, if you're using extra custom competitions (leagues)... and to provide any details you consider to be important or less important.

It would help if you could upload the problematic save games on any free file hosting site and provide the link to that along with a quick comment about the error (as you're already posting).

As soon as I know something, I will share.

Stam, λοιπον επειδη βαριεμαι να γραφω στα αγγλικα, δοκιμασα 2 πραγματακια...

Εκανα new game με μονο 1 competition το Ελληνικο και χωρις καμια αλλαγη στην database..

Παρολα αυτα πηρα το ιδιο error...

Εκτος και αν υπαρχει προβλημα συμβατοτητας με το λειτουργικο γιατι τρεχω τα W7...
Oh and I1ve upladed the error file (created by the Genie Scout itself), and a screenshot.

error file:

The app runs fine, I haven't tested to load a savegame yet as I'm on vacations. Will install FM later and give it a go myself and report back.
St1n : Stam, please upload correct save game for GS 1.1 with patch 10.3. I want to test it...
Thanks for e-mailing him, I'm guessing it could be a simple problem of the person who uploaded to the mirrors uploaded a testing version/the wrong compiled files or Eugene e-mailed you the wrong files by mistake and sent you a previous version of 1.1 he was testing. and yes the app' loads fine, just that error occurs on the save files
Keep on waiting, friends....At this moment nobody uses GS with 10.3 patch)))
kingdevilb : i download the latest version too and when i try to run it...
and it just doesn't do any thing :con
i don't even get to that error part that was mentioned above.

Stam, I know you must be very busy - but I am also receiving the above.

No matter how many times I double click the load icon, FM Scout won't even run?! least let's see the good side for the site...a hole bunch of new people registered so that they can further post their errors... :satisfied
I am getting the following error when loading a saved game, i have tried loading new games, un-installing fm 2010 and then re-installing it, but to no avail.

Error loading entity number - 9
File position - 13593696
Database Version - 1404
Person data seems to be corrupt

Rel type - 14

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