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A Cardinal Sin - Woking our way to the top

An FM19 Story
Started on 20 October 2018 by JT
Latest Reply on 6 February 2019 by mgriffin2012
2019-01-23 10:56#254456 MCFCDAP : I don't comment much anymore but I've read all your story!

Loving it mate, bit of a dip this season but sort of expected with losing your main man and still being semi-pro, massive disappointment that the board wont let you go pro

How is Hessenthaler doing at Southampton? Guessing he hasn't played for the first team yet?

He has 1 Carabao cup appearance and 3 appearances in the Checkatrade trophy as he is in the U23 squad at Southampton. I can see he also went to the U19 Euro's and scored a goal there.

But in short he looks a long way off getting into their first team squad. I think he would be ready for League 1 football though so maybe they will send him out on loan for that
Good work this month pal, the play-offs seem some way off but a good season so far. That away form really needs sorting out somehow though, seems a huge problem especially when you've got such good home form.
good read so far mate, just keep adding to the team and hit the league running
You've got more than enough to close the gap further on the play offs!

Woking FC - March 2022

On the field

It is like whack-a-mole here in Woking. You find there is a problem away from home, and you try and sort that and your home form goes out of the window. Somehow we lose all 3 home games but pick up 5 points from the 3 away games. It means in essence, we have no chance of the play-offs

All i can really hope for now is a top half finish to save some space as i look to build out this squad a little further.

New faces

On that, we have added two more faces to the team. Levi Sutton joined from Leyton Orient for £10k to add a ball winning midfielder to the squad. A nice upgrade on what we had and he was in good form for high flying Leyton Orient as well. The 2nd man in was Jordan Gabriel from Maidstone in a £70k deal and he will now be our new right back with Kane Gayle on his way to Swindon at the end of the season.

Both feel like decent coup's and it feels like we can attract a better level of player than we could at the beginning of the season. However, i can only wish for professional status :(

Youth Intake

The good old youth intake comes through again and there is one man that stands out. He is no Hessenthaler but Ethan Taylor could be an okay little player. We don't currently play with an AMC but it is something i was considering for next season as a way of trying to shake things up and so as tradition goes i will add him to the first team squad for next season.

Woking's March player of the month

George Miller takes it again in a month where he scored another 4 goals.
Hopefully you'll go pro this coming season mate and get in some better talent although those 2 new guys look good.
It seems unlikely that you'll be claiming a playoff place, but it's a time to get ready for next season. If you can tempt the board into going professional, it would really help. Hopefully, they see sense!

Woking FC - 21/22 End of season

On the field

A horror show as to be honest i sort of gave up and the players did too. A 14th place finish and it just wasn't what i hoped after least season

On the plus side we still finished above media expectation (17th) but we should have been better. Hugely inconsistent and we have gone from Leagues top scorers to one of the lowest. Oh how i miss you Hessenthaler!

Woking's end of season review

To be honest, that month was a slog and i just wanted it to end so i could just start from fresh. George Miller won player of the year and ended with 16 goals for the season, 2 behind top scorer Greg Luer.

Tactically we are clearly a mess and i am struggling to find something that works. I need to have another look, find a style and buy around that style. I think im too all over the place and i cant find an identity. Again we have a decent budget for next season (£400k) but they will refuse to let me go professional.
So with Season 4 now complete, i feel i need to take a break from this save to find a tactic and a style. This is the only save i have had on this version and so i am going to pause this game whilst i go and experiment elsewhere and hopefully from that save i can come back with new ideas to finally push myself into the Football league.
A perfectly justified reason to pause the save for the time being. Good luck in the next story and save! :)
Hopefully you can come back stronger than ever!
Torquay going down makes me a sad panda...
A good point to pause the story, hopefully you'll come back bigger and better!

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