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About donate

Started on 29 March 2010 by lampard
Latest Reply on 6 April 2010 by lampard
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I have repeatedly donate,I ask how to download ad-free version? Thanks!

Sorry, My English is poor.
Hi mate,

For your donation to you have been added to special thanks page and promoted to donor status. :)

I'm not aware of your donations directly to Eugene for Genie Scout, but this is something Eugene handles. I'm not involved with that, I just forward his words that whoever donates directly to him through this page shall receive the ad-free version.

Eugene will eventually handle it via email; I repeat: I'm not involved in any way to the ad-free version and the donations intended for that cause.
Thank you, I have sent E-Mail to: [email protected] consulting.
I too have made a donation, done it about an hour ago and heard nothing as of yet
Did you mean to donate to Genie Scout mate?
I received a donation towards from you, and as a result you have been added to special thanks page and upgraded to donor status (and enjoying ad-free site... refresh with a F5 if you don't).
If you meant to donate for the ad-free version of Genie Scout instead, let me know to send the money back, as this is the donation form you should be using here on this page.
bruv_1984 : I too have made a donation, done it about an hour ago and heard nothing as of yet
I was wondering what is there difference between the 2?
I believe one goes to suport website development, and the other one goes to support Eugene's Genie Scout development ;)
Donation refunded. Use the proper donation form to donate towards Genie Scout and get the ad-free version of it. Please note I'm not involved in that process, as I explained in an earlier post on this topic.
I have received free of adverts version, thank you!


Hello, lampard! Sorry that you had to wait for the updated version of the scout. Updating to the new save game db version took more time that I've planned. Please download the free of adverts version: The key file attached to an e-mail. Just place it to the FM Genie Scout 10g directory. Thank you for your donation! PS. If there will some errors occur during the save game loading, please uploadthe file to rapidshare and provide me with a link that I be able to fix it. Best Regards,Eugene Tarabanovsky

[email protected]

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