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FM Scout: The Hunger Games (FM19)

Started on 28 October 2018 by Justice
Latest Reply on 26 January 2019 by petrik33
Name: Maximo Pointio
Nationality (1): Italian
Height: 172cm
Weight: 72kg
Favourite Club (1): Fiorentina
Favourite Person (1): Jurgen Klopp
Disliked Club: Lazio
Disliked Person: Sean Dyche

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Left
Primary Position (1): AML
Secondary Position (1): AMC

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Passing, First Touch, Dribbling
Mental (3): Flair, Composure, Vision
Physical (3): Pace, Natural Fitness, Acceleration
Personal (2): Adaptability, Pressure

Preferred Move (1): Runs with ball down the left

Stamina, Technique
Name: Praz Bell
Nationality (1): English
Additional Language (1): German
Height: 183cm
Weight: 86kg
Favourite Club (1): Chelsea
Favourite Person (1): Eden Hazard
Disliked Club: West Ham
Disliked Person: Pep Guardiola

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Right
Primary Position (1): RM
Secondary Position (1): AMR

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Dribbling, First Touch, Passing
Mental (3): Consistency, Work Rate, Vision
Physical (3): Acceleration, Balance, Sprint Speed
Personal (2): Adabtability, Temperament

Preferred Move (1): Plays one-twos.

Secondary Position: AMC
Technical Attribute: Crossing
Mental Attribute: Off the ball
sebkoelsch's avatar Group sebkoelsch
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Name: Sebastian Koelsch
Nationality (1): German
Additional Language (1): English
Height: 186cm
Weight: 79kg
Favourite Club (1): Borussia Dortmund
Favourite Person (1): Jürgen Klopp
Disliked Club: Bayern München
Disliked Person: Arjen Robben

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Right
Primary Position (1): M C
Secondary Position (1): DM

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Tackling, Passing, First Touch
Mental (3): Decisions, Vision, Work Rate
Physical (3): Stamina, Natural Fitness, Strength
Personal (2): Adabtability, Important Matches

Preferred Move (1): Attempts Killer balls often

Mental Attribute: Consistency
Injury Proneness set to 1
Technical Attribute: Technique
Name: Michal Nemecek
Nationality (1): Czech
Additional Language (1): English
Height: 184cm
Weight: 85kg
Favourite Club (1): Tottenham Hotspur
Favourite Person (1): Mauricio Pochettino
Disliked Club: West Ham
Disliked Person: Pepe

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Right
Primary Position (1): CM
Secondary Position (1): AMC

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Technique, Passing, Long shots
Mental (3): Determination, Vision, Decisions
Physical (3): Stamina, Natural Fitness, Strength
Personal (2): Adabtability, Important Matches

Preferred Move (1): Shoots from distance

Mental Attribute: Consistency, Workrate, Composure
Injury Proneness set to 1
Technical Attribute: First touch, Free kick taking
Name: Mike Smalling Jr.
Nationality: Croatian
Additional Language (1): English
Height:182 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Favourite Club (1): Liverpool
Favourite Person (1): Steven Gerrard
Disliked Club: Spurs
Disliked Person: Paul Pogba

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Right
Primary Position (1): CAM
Secondary Position (1): ST

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): First Touch, Technique, Dribbling
Mental (3): Vision, Flair, Determination
Physical (3): Acceleration, Agilty, Pace
Personal (2): Adabtability, Professionalism

Preferred Move (1) : Comes deep to get the ball


Injury proeness set to 1
Technical attribute: passing
Mental attribute : important matches
Bonus attribute: consistency
Name: Liam Drury
Nationality (1): English
Additional Language (1): Irish
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150kg
Favourite Club (1): Weston-super-Mare
Favourite Person (1): Marc McGregor
Disliked Club: Bath City
Disliked Person: Gary Owers

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Left
Primary Position (1): LW
Secondary Position (1): CAM

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Passing, Dribbling, Finishing
Mental (3): Leadership, Off The Ball, Vision
Physical (3): Agility, Natural Fitness, Pace
Personal (2): Adaptability, Loyalty

Preferred Move (1): Plays one-twos

Secondary Position: ST
Name:Arthur Braveheart
Nationality (1): Scottish
Additional Language (1): English(OR DUTCH(German) if English is automatically)
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Favourite Club (1): Chelsea
Favourite Person (1): Azpilicueta
Disliked Club: Man United
Disliked Person: Mourinho

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left): Right
Primary Position (1): DR
Secondary Position (1): WBR

Technical/Goalkeeper (3): Tackling, Crossing, First touch
Mental (3): Anticipation,Determination, Team work
Physical (3):Acceleration, Stamina,Pace
Personal (2):Adaptability, Pressure

Preferred Move (1):Hugs line


Preferred Move: Runs with ball down Right
Mental attribute: Consistency, Important matches
Name:Maxi Jazz
Nationality (1): Irish
Additional Language (1):
Favourite Club (1):Celtic
Favourite Person (1): Leo Messi
Disliked Club:Rangers
Disliked Person:

Preferred Foot (Right OR Left):Right
Primary Position (1):ST
Secondary Position (1):LW

Technical/Goalkeeper (3):First Touch, Dribbling, Finshing
Mental (3):Off The Ball, Determination, Composure
Physical (3):Acceleration, Agilty, Pace
Personal (2):Pressure, Adabtability

Preferred Move (1):
] Shoots with power
We now have 20 entries. This thread will be locked until the save file is ready.

The Teams

This is who your players will team up with. You will try to collectively earn as many points as possible in order to survive another season.

The game will begin (hopefully) in the next 3 or 4 days. I will try to update at least once a week but as this is at the bottom of my list of priorities, and there are plenty at the minute, I cannot promise that. I will ask that people do not comment or message looking for 'the next update'. I want to update this as often as I can but sometimes I just don't have the time, and it can become quite frustrating to be bombarded with messages & comments at times (as I was with one particular contestant who showed no gratitude in the previous Hunger Games).

Team 1:
Team 6:
Team 2:
Team 7:
Team 3:
Team 8:
Team 4:
Team 9:
Team 5:
Team 10:
simon action

The Players

And now it it time for you to see the players.... Ta-dah! Congratulations to everybody, yous did (mostly) a pretty good job of following the rules. One person decided not to read the rules at all and wanted his player to be Nigerian, when I explicitly stated that nationalities were to be EU only. So, I've made his player a Liechtensteiner.

Updates will most likely be once per week. I will try for more, but it could very well end up being less. Please do not question my willingness to do this, because I do want to do this. It is just not at the top of my priority list. As I've stated before, any message or comment asking/pestering me about 'the next update' will be ignored/deleted. I am in no rush to post the next update and I just ask for your patience. It isn't easy to run something like this.

The Players


The First Clubs

We are now onto 1st September 2018 in the save and every player has signed for a club! Some high profile, some not so. Do not be downhearted if you haven't signed for a massive club as you may have a better opportunity to impress in the first team from the very get-go. Anyway, below are the clubs your players signed for. Next update will be of 1st January 2019, outlining how each player performed in the first half-season.

KAA Gent | Mike Smalling Jr.
Royale Union Saint-Gilloise | Ese Mukoro

Carlisle United | Scotty Carter
Charlton Athletic | Arthur Braveheart
Everton | Wayne Rooney & John Warrington
Preston North End | Billy McWindass
Rotherham United | Liam Drury
Sheffield United | Praz Bell
Watford | Maxi Jazz

Grenoble Foot 38 | Maximo Pointio
OGC Nice | Didier Fofana
Paris Saint-Germain | Federico Bastos & Lewie Roberts
Stade Rennais | Michal Nemecek

FC Bayern Munich | David Smyk
VfL Wolfsburg | Sebastian Koelsch

PAOK | Albert Murakami

Genoa | Federico Subasic

FC Barcelona | Saúl Rodríguez
Preston isn't a bad place to develop at all. A chance to gain some minutes in a highly competitive division.

1st January 2019

The first half-season has been completed and your players have now turned 18 yrs old. They have developed at their clubs at different rates and some have competed regularly for the senior side. We even have one senior international among us! Below are screenshots of the players' profiles, transfer status and club history.

Just a reminder that no team shall be eliminated in each of the first three seasons. Treat these seasons as a warm up for your players to develop.

The Players

Great progression being made there for Billy. :P

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