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Unexpected Call

Story about Dinamo Zagreb
Started on 6 November 2018 by manager_from_zagreb
Latest Reply on 8 November 2018 by mgriffin2012
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It was the beginning of June 2018. I have been in Montenegro on my vacation with my girlfriend. We were enjoying the seaside, hanging out every night. One day, I will be more precisely on the 10th of June, my cell rang. I saw a familiar face on the background of my phone. It was the former director of Dinamo Zagreb, Zdravko Mamić. As I read, he was already running from Croatian and Bosnian police. I decided to pick up the line.

- Hello, my love! What are you doing? - said Zdravko.
- Nothing, drinking coffee in the beach bar and reading the newspaper. - I had answered.
- Oh, cool. Listen I have been calling to tell you, that Bijeli ( Nenad Bjelica) resigned. He went to work in the United Arabian Emirates. Would you mind, coming to Zagreb today?
- Why? I asked him very confused.
- Because I am offering you the job of the chief coach in Dinamo.
- Why me? - I could not trust my ears
- Cause, Kruno (Jurčić), Ante (Čačić) and Branko (Ivanković) rejected me, Retards. So, you are in? I don't accept no what answer
- Sure, I am in. I will catch the first plane from Dubrovnik to Zagreb.
- Great. Send kisses to your girl.

After we finished this conversation, I didn't know what to think. Only two weeks ago I had finished my faculty of Political Science. I had never thought that will Zdravko would choose me., especially because it was not my profession. I told my girlfriend that I have to leave today and I have to be in Zagreb around 7 PM.

- Why do you have to leave and who were you talking to? - she was very curious as always.
- You won't believe me who I have spoken to.
- Who?
- Zdravko Mamić?
- Seriously? You are making fool of me. What does he want?
- Well, he wants me as manager of Dinamo.
- But, it is not your profession...
- I know, but you know that you cannot say no to him.

My heart was beating as war drums. I was still at the shock. I quickly packed my things, and run to the hotel to check out. They had ordered me a cab which took me to the Dubrovnik airport. When I finished all the things, I didn't know what to expect. I even thought it was a prank call. When we finally arrived, the black Mercedes was waiting for both of us. The driver drove my girlfriend home and me to the stadium of Maksimir.
Exciting start to this story, good luck at Dinamo!
Thank you, ;)
After half an hour drive from the airport, I was finally in front of Maksimir stadium. I came in front of Maksimirska street 128.

At the door was president of Dinamo, mister Mirko Barisic and He personally. In the media, he looked completely different. With a big smile, he extended his hand.

- How do you do? You are finally here, my love. How was your trip and for vacation?
- Fine, We were there just for two days before I got your call.
- Nevermind, you will have other occasions, like places that you have not been before.

- That's why I have accepted your offer.
- Good boy. Listen up, carefully we are going to Okrugljak (famous fancy restaurant on the north side of Zagreb). We will talk there more about business and cooperation.
- Sure, let me just call a cab...
- Are you serious? - Zdravko yelled. - We are taking my new car, Let me just call Svetina (director of Dinamo)

After a few minutes, there I was. In BMW M9. Zdravko started the CD player. There it was the famous song Miljacka from Balkan folk singer Halid Bešlić. I was trying not to listen to that song because that was not my type of music.- Listen, kid. If you want to survive, you have to start listening to turbo folk. You cannot survive in the dressing room. - said Zdravko
- How come? Slaven (Bilić) had not listened to it.
- And what happened to him?
- You fired him after we had not qualified for the World Cup 2010...
- I have not, my love. The dressing room did it.
- How come?
- Simple, he did not want to join the team in Fontana

After a couple of minutes, we have arrived at Restaurant Okrugljak. The table was already set and a bottle of the finest vine was already there. Although I do not eat lamb, Zdravko ordered it.
We had drunk four bottles of white vine, Iločka graševina. I must admit, I was drunk. Suddenly, Zdravko pulls the contract from his beg as well as the pencil.

- Here is my offer. You will be paid, 5k per week, and you will get bonuses if you qualify for Champions League and finish third so you can continue fighting in the European league. Does it works ok?
- I have to think. What about Croatian championship and the cup?
- Don't worry about that... I have already managed that you will be champion in next ten seasons. - said Zdravko complacently.- O.K. I will let you know in the morning.
- No, you will sign it now or my offer collapse.- Fine, give me the pen. Let us finish that job.

I arrived home at five in the morning of the next day. My head hurt a lot. My girlfriend was already sleeping for a couple of hours. I knew I have to be in boardroom around ten.
Good luck at Dinamo!

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