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World Beaters - The Jamaican National Team Challenge

Will I ever win the world cup with my beloved Jamaica?
Started on 26 November 2018 by Esswhyenjay
Latest Reply on 5 December 2018 by Esswhyenjay
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To anybody reading this, let me start by saying; I know very little about Football!

Each November, I set up a national team save on the latest FM with the country of my parents - Jamaica, and each year (of course) I come up pretty short. It pains me to say it... But for the most part, the quality just isn't there.

HOWEVER, this year I'm feeling very confident about my chances of success. The reason being... LEON BAILY. Last year, I couldn't (for the LIFE of me) convince the Bayern Leverkusen wonderkid to play for the national team!! But this year, hes in the squad by default, and rightly so... (Thansk SI!)

Not only do I have Leon Baily, but I also have a new system of play which is probably going to REVOLUTIONISE world football (please see the disclaimer at the start of this post...).
In terms of tactics also, this year is the year where I reaaaally delve into setting up set pieces also because, if I'm to take a nation who as only ever qualified for 1 world cup (France '98... I was 6 at the time, my older brothers would always use them and whoop my ass on the France '98 game), I'm going to have to pay SOOO much attention to detail!.

Ok, all jokes aside, it's a huge ask, and my plan is to break a bunch of youngsters with some potential into the senior national team, in the hopes that they can attract interest from some pretty decent clubs and far exceed their potential.
It's just not going to happen with them playing semi pro in Jamaica...
I'm thinking (hoping) that after maybe 2/3 world cup cycles, I'll have at the very least, a competitive national team, who can get to the quarter finals of the world cup.

Now, as I said, I do this save every year, but this is the first time that I've documented it, so stay tuned to this page for updates, and I will also be posting videos to my youtube and twitch channels, so keep an eye out for links to those too!

Enjoy the journey!
Good luck, let's hope Jamaica can reach the pinnacle of world football under your stewardship!
The first episode is out now!!

So, we've somewhat started our road to the 2022 world cup, and by that I mean;
We have started the save!

Our first hurdle as a nation is qualifying for the North American Nations League. To qualify for division A, we need to finish the qualifying round in the top 6.

So in the first episode of "World Beaters" we start with a friendly against Trinidad & Tobago (in which NOTHING happens) and then our first Nations League qualifier against Anguilla. I don't really want to give much else away and spoil the video, but if you do watch it, please let me know your thoughts on the video itself!

Now, Jamaica aren't exactly known as a dominant football nation, so as to be expected, the national pool really isn't deep. Couple that with an ageing squad, and this save s going to be even more of a challenge than I thought it would be...

That being said, I set about going to find some youngsters that I can begin breaking into the senior national team (I'm basically doing a Gareth Southgate in my mind). Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. I called up 21 year old Shamar Nicholson, who performed well for me on FM18, and well ... He seems to still be on form in this years FM.

Next episode will be out Friday, and story update shortly after!

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