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Popup errors when genie scout is starting up

free version
Started on 4 December 2018 by klangard
Latest Reply on 29 June 2019 by hardiantohadi
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several of these pop up as I'm loading. Also stats seem to be changing. A lot. My top guys went from 68-75 to 58-61 in potential suddenly. Can't help to think this has something to do with it.
Uninstall reinstall did the trick. Code/windows.
It happened again... Anyone else experiencing this bug?
Im having the same problem. Did uninstall, updating version. Nothing works.

Another problem is regarding ads. Everytime ads changes, a popup shows script error. It will triggers until Genie Scout can't create visible modal.
@klangard: Regarding the access violation error, try running GS as admin. Right-click on the GS icon and select "Run as administrator".
For the wrong data issue, it means your key file is not working; most likely because you tried it on a different computer. If that's the case, you need to ask Eugene for an extra key via email (make sure to pass him the unique ID of that other computer).

@The Strongest Decoy: Can you please share a screenshot of the script error?
Hi Stam,

Sure I can provide the screenshots:

1. Here's the script error, if I chose not to run the script, it will keep on popping up everytime the ads is changed. It also happens when I open player profile as there's ads in there too.

2. Here is what happen if I didn't click anything on the script box after a few moments

3. If I didn't click anything, it kept on popping up.

4. This is what happen after a few times closing the error.

After this, the genie scout basically stop working, can't do anything even opening option in the menu bar.
this is what you should do

windows 10

press windows key
directly type : internet option
click it
choose security tab
choose restricted site (red stop icon) inside "select a zone to view or change security setting"
click sites
type under "add this website to the zone :"
click add

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