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Why Western Teams Are Here To Stay

Will we see more Western teams in the finals next year?
Started on 21 December 2018 by Quizlets
Latest Reply on 21 December 2018 by Quizlets
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League of Legends Worlds 2018, most people in the community and analysts thought Fnatic were the only western team to have a real chance of anything. Oh, boy was everyone wrong looking back including me. This year three western teams got out of group stages and into the knockout stage. Two European teams Fnatic and G2 Esports and one NA team in Cloud 9.
How does this compare to how both NA and EU have done historically at worlds? After counting up each regions appearances, NA has 9 teams that got into the knockout stage. EU has had 13 teams make it out, also with 1 world championship (season 1) and another appearance in this worlds finals. Also this year NA for the first time since season 1 made it to the semifinals where they lost to Fnatic 3-0.

How does recent success mean long term success for the west?
What makes pro players great? Most people would say mechanics, passion, hard work, teamwork, but what about how they adapt. Watching this years worlds so far, I think has really shown how well western teams/players can adapt and showing how valuable it is. If its either how they adapt to the meta with different picks coming out or how they can adapt throughout a best of 5 series.
I think the best example we got this year is actually Cloud 9 and Quizlets, even though they didn't make it to finals. The team still went further then most people thought they would. I give a lot of credit to the coaching staff headed by Reapered. He had great pick/ban's throughout groups and quarterfinals. He also had the foresight to bench Blaber when he showed signs of struggling at worlds, he put in the more experienced player in Svenskeren who has proven himself after being let go of TSM.

The idea for this section came from watching YamatoCannon's interview after his team Viatility didn't make it to the knockout stage.
Ever since the Korean teams went on a 5 year run of winning finals, western teams thought if they needed to copycat. For years western teams thought they needed to change their play style when they got to international events to be able to compete. For the most part this hasn't worked for western teams, since they haven't made it to the finals since season 1. This year teams like Viatility came into saying they are going to play to their strengths as a team, and not trying to become a rip off of Korean teams.
Western teams have found out that if they play to their strengths they can compete with the big dogs on the international stage. This might seem easy to fans but we have to understand that for years eastern teams have ruled the international stage. So most teams thought to win they needed to copy different play styles.
Why this will continue.
Okay well this worlds was a one off for the west, right? Wrong, what western teams have done this year can be repeated. Being able to adapt to new and different metas is always good. With teams knowing that their play styles being developed in the LCS can be also used on the international stage to success will help grow the regions going into the future.

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