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Left and Right foot on ST

Started on 30 January 2008 by KpnTiKaTsi
Latest Reply on 18 November 2011 by fannov25
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I have been playing manager for some years and I have no complaints.
However I want to ask you experts one question that I haven't still figured out:
Lets say that I play with 2 ST. Which one do I put on the left side and why?
the one that uses his left foot, so that he can pass better?
or the one with the right foot so that he can shoot better?
The question could be like this:
If I have one ST with Right foot, and another with Left foot, which is the best way to place them and why?
Thanks a lot
but The Left On The Right And The Right On The Left Its Easyier For Them To Finish
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I agree that it is easier for them to score, but I think that it is taugher for them to pass each other.
Anyway, thank you for taking the time to reply.
Do others agree?
i can give u a tip.

i usually dont care about this "left and right" footed strikers.

why?, because i make them switch positions with each other. so in that way u really dont have to care about right or left footed.

and i dont know if it really matters because i have played with D.Bent as a "right striker" and he scored loads of goals.

but when i put him as a "left striker" then he doesnt :con

so i dont really think it matters that much, but if u arent to play with switch positions then having a left footer on the right side is quite so affective.

i usually have strikers with good passing ability as well, in that way they can switch positions with each other and make through balls. in that way they get loads of assist and goals :).
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thanks for the tip.
I swap positions when I use two Right foot strikers.
I have also noticed that when I play a right foot on the right and a left foot on the left they pass better, but they have problems scoring.
and when i do the opposite they score better but they have trouble passing
(they have to do a turn around themselves and pass with the foot they use)
I am wondering if it better to use one left foot and one right foot.
At the moment I am using both, and use swap positions and try to see in which position they play best...
Thank you...another opinion?
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Grab a Striker with good passing, finishing and can play with both feet.
i had g.rossi and c.delgado, both with through balls often, forward runs often and run with ball often.

both with passing "direct" and swap positions. worked brilliantly. both are good passers, both can dribble, both can finish.

delgado is a right footer and rossi a left but strong on his right as well.

it was a good mixture.

but i have played with tevez and rooney as well and i just do so they swap positions, and it works perfect for me though. no trouble scoring.

depends on ur formation as well i guess. my wingers usually are attacking as hell and score a few as well.
I play with Chelsea and i have one Left Footed(Lukaku) and Eather footed(Aguero) on the left side is Lukaku and on the right side is Aguero! Lukaku have scored 40 goals and Aguero 41 goals in one season!
I want to ask is it better to put Left Footed player on Right side? cuz when i play lukaku Right he can't score goals and he often use his weeker foot! :(
I think u choose left foot to left wing
#1815 micah : but The Left On The Right And The Right On The Left Its Easyier For Them To Finish

I am agree with you....
i put Silva on Right and Nasri on Left...
if like that, they finish very good :D

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