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The Rule of Law

Started on 26 January 2019 by Jack
Latest Reply on 10 February 2019 by Justice
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Preston North End v Brighton & Hove Albion
Saturday 5th March 2016

After an eight-game ban for pushing over the referee in the 1-0 home defeat to Ipswich Town at the end of December, Alex’s heart pounded with excitement as the referee blew the starting whistle. His spirit had awoken and his legs came alive in a way that they had not done in months. He was ready to play.

In the fourth minute, Alex Law received the ball on the left-wing and he knew exactly what he was going to do. He pushed the ball in front of him and rocketed forward, soaring down the line. He could feel the wind battering his ears. He seemed to be sprinting so fast he might take off. Two, then three players came across to try stop him in any way they could. A flying lunge, a pull of the shirt, a rugby tackle. Nothing was going to stop Alex Law today. Nothing in the world.

Alex got to the byline on the left-hand touchline and without thinking, he wrapped his left foot around the ball to curl a sensational centre into the box. It was as sweet a cross as he had ever made in his career. With pace, whip and curl, the ball flew to the far post where Tomer Hemed launched himself powerfully, bravely into the air and nodded the ball down into the net. Brighton were ahead after four minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

Preston North End 0 – 1 Brighton & Hove Albion

Alex looked to the dugout to see Chris Hughton, dressed as ever in his suit, wheeling down the line with his arms outstretched. He was running side-to-side as he went doing the aeroplane celebration. Brighton’s players split into two groups, half celebrating Hemed to congratulate him on his goal, half patting Alex on the back.

Right from the kick-off, the Brighton players charged forward. They were a unit, working as one. They ran, chased and harried to force an error from Preston. At last, a midfielder played a weak pass towards his centre-back. Alex raced in from the wing to steal the ball. He stopped and feigned a backheel pass, but as soon as the defender fell for his trick, Alex knocked the ball forward and scampered after it. Through on goal, he knew he could beat this keeper in any way he wanted. He looked down, and with his left foot, simply lashed it home.

“BOOM!” he roared. Alex was making up for lost time. It may have been 2-0 to Brighton, but Alex Law was only getting started.

Preston North End 0 – 2 Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton went on to win 9-2, it was the biggest away win in their history. At the end of the game, the Brighton players couldn’t help but laugh. Jamie Murphy, the club joker, was doing the robot dance as the players crowded around him and jeered him on. “That’s it, Jamie!” they shouted. “Throw us some shapes, lad!”

Meanwhile, Chris Hughton had jumped into the crowd and was now singing in unison with the travelling Brighton fans: ”Ten goals! We only wanted ten goals... we only wanted ten goals... we only wanted ten goals... Ten goals...”

Preston North End 2 – 9 Brighton & Hove Albion

Clearly a dynamo :)

Will look forward to following along.
2019-01-26 17:24#254527 tenthreeleader : Clearly a dynamo :)

Will look forward to following along.
Could turn out to be ;) Cheers man I appreciate it.

Alex Law: A Profile

Alex Law was born on 18th May 1991 to Andy Law. Scottish international and Manchester United legend Denis Law is his granddad but Alex himself was born in Liverpool, before his granddad pulled some strings to get him involved in the academy setup at Denis’ former club Manchester City.

Law began his footballing career at Manchester City aged just 14 after being snapped up by their academy manager. He didn’t receive a professional contract as he came through the academy alongside several promising individuals such as Dedryck Boyata, Kieran Trippier and Daniel Sturridge. This rejection left him in the footballing abyss until Championship outfit Leicester City came knocking for his services.

Aged 18, Law has grown through the ranks at Leicester, making his debut in the League Cup in 2011 against Crewe Alexandra. Since then, he has made 56 appearances for the Foxes since his 2010 arrival and is dubbed one of England’s best young prospects. However, after a training ground altercation with Leicester’s star signing Gokhan Inler in November 2015, Alex Law was sent out on loan to Chris Hughton’s Brighton & Hove Albion for the remainder of the 2015/16 season.

After several leaks in the Brighton camp of Law falling out with his new manager Hughton over being substituted against Middlesbrough in December, followed by shocking actions in Brighton’s loss to Ipswich, where the youngster shoved over the referee Mark Oliver and consequently led to the game being officiated by the fourth official as well as Law being sent off and handed an 8-match ban by the Football League. He made his return on 5th March in Brighton’s 9-2 demolition of Preston at Deepdale where Law returned to his former glory by bagging two goals and assisting three for his team.

Although Law hasn’t declared his nationality, he has made several appearances for England’s youth squads but he is eligible to play for Scotland – because of his granddad Denis Law who scored 30 goals in 55 appearances for Scotland – as well as Wales and of course his country of birth, England.
Another Jack story?! YES! I can't wait to see what happens here, as this Alex character seems interesting, indeed.
It looks like Alex didn't always hold himself to the letter of the Law during the early parts of his career, particularly at Leicester.
Scott: Just couldn't resist adding to my repertoire ;) Can't wait to get into it myself lad

Justice: The people held in the most highest of esteems have usually had to bend the 'Law' to get where they are :P
Sunday 20th March 2016

“So what’s he like then?” asked Jamie Murphy, Brighton’s other winger. He was one of the best characters in the dressing room and definitely the funniest dancer.

The whole of the Brighton squad was sat in the clubhouse at the training ground watching Crystal Palace v Leicester City, which was live on TV. It was a monumental fixture for Alex Law’s parent club. Leicester had to win it to go into second place. It was Hughton’s idea to get all the players together to celebrate Brighton’s recent good form, they were slowly cementing their position in the play-offs.

“What’s who like, Jamie?” asked Alex, vacantly. He didn’t like talking much when Leicester were playing as he wanted to watch and remember everything that went on in the game.

“Inler,” said Murphy. “What’s he like in the dressing room then? Is he as flash as his career says? Has he got ladies coming out of his ears? Come on, spill the beans lad!”

Law turned to Murphy. A couple of weeks ago, he might have stood up and punched him. He might have told him not to mention Inler’s name again. But now, right at the moment, Alex didn’t feel angry. In fact, with the way Brighton were doing and his form returning so rapidly, Alex actually felt more content than he had in a really long time.

“Shall I tell you a little secret about Inler?” asked Alex, pretending to whisper but speaking just loud enough for the whole of the Brighton squad to hear him.

“Yeah,” said Murphy, his eyes widening like a child about to receive his birthday present. “Yeah go on, tell us an’ all fella!”

“OK,” said Alex. “Well... Gokhan Inler is not as cool as he seems. We went out in preseason with the squad and we were watching him all night to try figure him out. We all saw him put his hands down the back of his trousers down to his arse, pulled it out, and he sniffed his fingers!”

“What?” laughed Murphy. There were grins from the growing group of players now surrounding Alex to catch the gossip.

“Yeah – we all saw him,” said Alex. “Me and Vardy were sat down and he was proper giving it a scratch down his backside, whipped one of his fingers out and he just sniffed it as if it was a line of cocaine or something!” by now everyone in the room was bent double, laughing. A couple players found it so funny they almost started crying! It was a complete and utter lie, but Alex didn’t care.

Alex was up off his seat before the Leicester goal even went in. He knew what was going to happen before anyone because it was a set-piece they had practiced everyday in training: Christian Fuchs drifted a corner to the near post, flicked on by Vardy. Meanwhile, Robert Huth would make a run to meet the ball at the far post. It had worked to perfection this time. Huth had grabbed the winner in the 86th minute. Leicester were going back to second in the Premier League and Alex was going mental.

“Oh baby!!!” he roared, leaping up off his seat as though he’d been fired from an ejector seat. He tore off his shirt and revealed the Leicester jersey underneath. “You don’t stop the Huth!” he yelled. “I’m telling you now, you DO NOT stop the Huth!!”
Tuesday 29th March 2016

“Ouuuuch!” yelled Alex. “You definitely found the spot there, Steve! I’m in agony here!” Alex was getting a massage on his thigh in the small physio’s room at the Brighton training ground. Training had just finished.

“Stick on Sky Sports News, will you, Steve, give me something to think about while you’re mutilating – sorry, fixing – my leg.” For some reason they weren’t showing football action or replays on the TV. It was some unsteady pictures of a bald-headed man being bundled into a car. It was only then that Alex registered the scrolling headline along the bottom of the screen:


“Turn it up, will you, Steve!” said Alex, spinning his body around to face the TV properly. He felt like he’d had an electric shock. “Right up!”

“At 5:30 this morning, following a phone call, a police unit raided the home of footballer Gokhan Inler after he failed to open the door following several orders to do so,” said the detective, looking gravely into the camera.

As Alex listened to the words and watched the stream of images on the TV, at first his mind struggled to comprehend what was going on. Then it sank in. He and Leicester were in the clear! He started to grin.

“Alex! Alex!” Jamie Murphy was suddenly shouting as he sprinted into the physio room.

“One minute, Jamie,” Alex said, scrolling down to his girlfriend Charlotte’s phone number. “I’ve just got to make a quick call.”

“It’s not me, Alex,” insisted Murphy. “It’s Hughton. Says he wants you in his office. Now!”
Oooooooof. Quality updates mate and I'm looking forward to what Hughton is going to say to Alex given the news. Also, I hope this "Charlotte" isn't from Newcastle - otherwise I am going to be a little uneasy about this.. ;)
2019-01-29 20:14#254591 ScottT : Oooooooof. Quality updates mate and I'm looking forward to what Hughton is going to say to Alex given the news. Also, I hope this "Charlotte" isn't from Newcastle - otherwise I am going to be a little uneasy about this.. ;)
Cheers mate, Charlotte is all based on your Charlotte don't you worry xx
Tuesday 29th March 2016

Jamie walked into Chris Hughton’s office to find him on the phone. He had Sky Sports News on the TV too and a serious looking expression on his face.

“Yes, he’s here now,” Hughton was saying. “He’s just walked in now.” Then Hughton listened for a few seconds and said: “Sure, I’ll tell him,” before softly putting down the landline.

Alex felt his muscles tighten. Was he in trouble? Did the police want to speak to him for some reason? What had Inler told them?

“Sit down, Alex,” said Chris Hughton, keeping his eyes fixed on Alex as he nervously took a seat. “I’ve got some good news,” Hughton opened. “You’re going back to Leicester.”

“What?” asked Alex. “When?”

“Today. Now. As soon as you get your stuff together. That was Claudio Ranieri on the phone. They’re going to have a light training session this afternoon. Set-pieces. He wants you there,” Hughton paused. “What’s up, Alex? Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Alex looked down at his hands. They were trembling. He also knew that Hughton was right; he didn’t feel happy. But why not? He should be jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of going back to Leicester. This was all he’d been working for during his time at Brighton. And now it was here.

“I dunno, boss. It’s just all so quick, isn’t it? It’s like one minute I’m here, and the next minute-“

“Look at the telly, Alex! It’s just like you said to me – everything! He’s a twat is the lad. Leicester need you more than ever now without Inler. You’re going back to where you belong, son – in the Premier League!”

“Yeah,” Alex smiled weakly. “I suppose I am... it’s just... you know, this kind of feels like my home now, that’s all.” And then suddenly an idea rushed into Alex’s head. “But what if I stayed?!” he asked, leaping out of his seat. “If I stayed at Brighton, we could get promoted through the play-offs, I know we could! Then we’d be in the Premier League together! Imagine it! Brighton in the Premier League! We can do it, boss! Then I go back to Leicester when I’ve finished my job here!”

“Alex... let me tell you something that I do know for sure. Very few of us have got a special talent. A reason to be here, if you get me. A promise that we need to fulfil.” Hughton stood up straight. He looked taller than before. He walked around the desk and stood next to Alex. “You’ve got that talent, Alex Law,” he said. “Your reason for being here is to play in the Premier League. To entertain. To make people happy. If you waste that talent, you would be crazy.”

Alex closed his eyes and replayed the words from Hughton in his head. Hughton was right. Alex had a football destiny to fulfil and it was not here at Brighton. He stood up and looked at his manager. “Thanks for everything, Mr Hughton,” said Alex. “I won’t forget you.”

Hughton smiled. “Call me Chris.”
A huge opportunity back at Leicester for Alex. Chris Hughton is one of the good guys in football and his attitude here proves that.
Tuesday 29th March 2016

“There’s something I need to say to you, Alex,” said a solemn-looking Claudio Ranieri.

Alex’s favourite coach ever, Craig Shakespeare had been outside the Leicester training ground, waiting for Alex to arrive. He had given Alex a massive bear hug and then led him straight to see the manager.

Now Alex was staring deep into Claudio Ranieri’s eyes. “I misjudged you, Alex,” Ranieri admitted. “I misjudged the entire situation. I took the easy option. I believed what I wanted to believe and for that I am very sorry. But I guess I’m learning just like all of us. And I hope you can accept that and play for me again.”

Alex looked at Ranieri and smiled. He felt as though a thousand tonnes of pressure had just been lifted off his shoulders. He felt like a Leicester City player again. “It’s just good to be back,” smiled Alex.

“Good to have you here and, if you’re happy, I’m going to put you straight back into the team on Saturday. I’ve watched the tapes of your last few games at Brighton. Exactly what I was hoping for. You look like you’re right back to your best.”

“Even better than before!” laughed Alex.

“Good,” said Claudio. “Because right now I need you. I believe we can win this league.”

“So do I, boss,” said Alex, the adrenaline beginning to pulse around his body like an electric current. “So do I."

Sunday 3rd April 2016

Alex picked up the Leicester City shirt. He turned it around and traced his fingers down the material that made up his number, Number 11. Then, very slowly, relishing every second, Alex slipped the shirt over his head. Almost without warning, a story his granddad – Denis Law – had read to him when he was younger made its way into his consciousness. The Sword in the Stone. It was a story about how many men attempted to remove a special sword from a stone, but there was only one person who was destined to do it because the sword was rightfully his.

Alex believed the same principle applied to his Leicester City shirt. Many others could try to put it on. They could even wear it. But no one could fill it like Alex Law. The number 11 shirt of Leicester City would always be his. It was his destiny. He pulled the shirt to his lips and kissed the badge. He was ready.

Leicester City 0 – 0 Southampton

Alex had taken a little while to adjust back to the pace of the Premier League. He was just a fraction off, but not much at all. It felt slightly weird to not see Tomer Hemed causing havoc in the box. Alex knew where he belonged, though. Every time he touched the ball, the Leicester fans cheered his name loudly.

Alex could feel something special bubbling inside him. That sensation he got whenever his footballing brain switched on. He was about to take control and he knew it. N’Golo Kante swivelled majestically in the centre circle, Alex instinctively set off like a greyhound chasing a rabbit down the left flank. Alex’s pace would beat the offside trap if timed right. Kante’s through ball was inch-perfect. Alex didn’t even have to break his stride, he simply hammered the ball towards goal as hard as he could.

Leicester City 1 – 0 Southampton

And now Alex turned and started running past his teammates, past the referee all the way to the other end of the ground to celebrate with every single one of the Leicester fans. He slid on his knees before getting up to high-five every fan on the front row. A torrent of emotions was being reborn in Alex.

Excitement at being back. Yes – lots of it. Ecstasy of having scored a goal. Of course – by the barrel-load. But there was something else, too. Something from deeper inside. It was pride. Pride at pulling on a Leicester shirt once more. Pride at having proven all the doubters wrong.

And most of all, pride at being himself. At being Alex Law. Once more.
Claudio's decision to put faith in Alex seems to be the correct decision. I guess they don't call him the tinkerman for nothing!

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