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Your game data is not found

Happens since last Genie Scout 19.3.3
Started on 13 March 2019 by русскийсгордостью
Latest Reply on 15 March 2019 by Stam
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It's the same game, same save and don't work!
Started a new save, re-downloaded Genie Scout and still doesn't work!
I asked help in comments, stam comes with the excuses that is not compatible with Linux.
I install in wine! not on linux. (it is IMPOSSIBLE to install an exe on Unix).
Always worked until last update, now I lost 5€ and the application.
Good support you have here.

Edit: Original game by Steam
Proof of "excuses":

Wine is not an OS. Keep sarcasm to yourself.
Was worked until last update, so it's not Wine or Linux fault.
19.3.2 still working (I have a previous save).
My actual save was updated to 19.3.3 and THIS genie scout doesn't work!
I only see excuses, helps are 0.
WINE it's like a Window$, if it works on Window$ it will work here.

¨Proof of "excuses"¨ is my account banned. [img][/img]
You act like a little child, I don't like what I see - block
Could you please clarify what exactly version of FM and GS do you use? The most recent GS version is compatible with FM 19.3.3b1202861 and FM Touch 19.3.1b1201208.
However, if you opted-in to the beta-test program, your build version can be different.
Also, please try to run it with administrator permissions. There were no changes made since 19.3.2 that could prevent GS from accessing the data.
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
1 yearEdited
I've been extremely polite with my response to you on GS19 download page despite your attitude, but clearly you don't deserve that.

But I'll be the bigger "child" once more and say this:
In the past, GS would work with Wine when it was still reading data directly from a savegame file. When Eugene had to change to reading data from memory, people using Wine on either Mac or Linux reported that it no longer worked. Since then, we assumed it won't work with emulators again. Due to the surprising comments about Wine and Linux, we'll investigate whether this is actually an option and write up a guide if it is.
*removing troll posts*
You may continue to create duplicate accounts and to violate the site's rules if that pleases you. At some point you'll realize how embarrassing this is. But hey, according to you, I act like a little child...

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