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Some roads lead somewhere.

Started on 16 March 2019 by SonOfAnarchy
Latest Reply on 21 March 2019 by Griffo
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20th May 2019

Having consecutive cruciate knee ligament injuries curtailed my career at the age of 33, thankfully i knew at a younger age that i wanted to take the management path and started planning as such. But never in a million years did i think i’d end up where i did, especially when Tim Newman (Agent) phoned me with the news.

“Morning, Tim.”

“Good morning to you. I’ve got some fantastic news for you.”

“Go on.”

“Well as you’re well aware we’ve quietly said that you’re now looking to step into management. And today, i think it’s all paid off.”

“Colour me intrigued.”

“Well i’ve had Rudi Voller on the phone, telling me he’s interested in getting you over to Leverkusen for an interview with a view to replace, Peter Bosz.”

“Bayer Leverkusen? They’ve got some highly rated youngsters. Definitely interesting proposition.” Germany? Never envisaged seeing myself there.

“That’s not all. Because tomorrow you’ve got the interview with Rudi and Simon Rolfes, but once that’s concluded, head back home straight away and make your way to London. Because the day after, you’ve got an interview with Daniel Levy.” I feel silent for a few moments, catching my breath. Spending my entire career at the club i love. They also gave me my coaching start, but wait, Poch left?

“Figured that’d leave you speechless. Mauricio has been relieved of his duties, and Daniel was immediately on the phone to enquire about your availability. I did say that Leverkusen were interested as well. But given the choice, we all know who you’d choose.”

“I can’t believe they’ve sacked, Mauricio. He’s done a fantastic job. And we only missed out on Champions League football on goal difference to Liverpool. And with the lack of investment over the past 18 months, he’s done wonders.” My love for Spurs was evident to anyone that met me, but i had a tremendous amount of respect for Mauricio and what he had done.

“Look. I know you and Mauricio got on like a house on fire. And i can’t quite believe that they’ve sacked him. But this has given you an ample opportunity at your dream job. Who know if or when it’ll come around again.”

“Knowing Daniel, very soon.”

“Maybe so, but i’d suggest keeping those thoughts to yourself. Karl, just get yourself over to Leverkusen, then back to London, then if you get an offer on either. Think it through.”

“Ok thanks. And Tim, thank you.” Putting the phone down i was still in a state of shock and soon the television caught my attention as Sky Sports Breaking News had announced the departure of Mauricio much to the shock of everyone.

1st June 2019

It had been 10 & 11 days since my interviews, and still hadn’t heard anything from Tim. Although media outlets were filtering news out that both Leverkusen and Tottenham were interviewing many candidates for the job. All of whom were much more experienced and successful in management, so i wasn’t holding out too much hope for either. But later that day, got the call that was about to set me on a change that could be the making of me, or the end.

“Karl, my man. How have you been?”

“Patiently waiting for some news, Tim, that’s how i’ve been.”

“That’s understandable, but as you know both jobs are well known and they’ve had a lot of interest.”

“I know, that’s why i’m not holding out much hope, Tim.”

“Well i don’t know why, because Daniel has offered you the job on a one year contract.” It all went silent again as i punched the air, not knowing what to say or how to react.

“That’s not all. So too have Simon and Rudi. They were impressed by your vision and ambition. And they know they’ll be taking a huge risk, but they’re confident it’s going to end much better than it did with Sami Hyypia. So i’ve told both, that you’re going to think it through and let me know tomorrow. And that sits fine with them. How about you?”

“Erm.. Yeah… That’s.. Fine.. Sorry, i’m abit shell shocked. Never expected one offer, let alone both.”

“You’ve obviously impressed them both. And we all know your love for Spurs and they are offering quite the lucrative proposition, but you’ve got 24 hours, until then, have fun.

The phone line went dead and i sat there in silence, even with the wife and kids running around, all i could think about was whether to uproot my family and move to a completely new country. Or stay here and take charge of the team i love.
An interesting start! I'm intrigued in who he will choose to go with.
Intriguing, very intriguing!
Interesting, good start to this one!
2nd June 2019

The feel of my phone vibrating as i looked down and saw it was Tim calling. Closing my eyes, taking in a deep breath, i answered.

“Tim, on the dot as per usual.”

“You know me, Karl. Punctual to a tee.”

“That you are, Tim. That you are.”

“So without beating around the bush, is your mind made up?”

Taking another deep breath, i answered. “I’ve made my decision.”



Sky Sports Breaking News.

News is trickling through that Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid and Manchester United have arranged press conferences, some believe that it’s to announce the departure of their respective managers,

Press Conference.

Tim and I, walk out on stage, cameras clicking and flashing. This is one thing i haven’t missed at all, but needs must.

“I called all of you here today, to update you on my client’s progress into football management, Karl, the floor is yours.”

“Thank you, Tim. And thank you for everyone coming on such short notice. In the past couple of weeks, i’ve been approached by several clubs looking to hire me. And i had THREE offers. Studied them all carefully and was intrigued by the challenge of all of them. I had an offer from England, Germany and Italy. Tottenham, a club close to my heart. A club i love deeply. A club i would’ve done my utmost to bring back the glory years. But after careful consideration, i rejected the offer. It wasn’t the right time in my career to take this challenge on.”

“So, Karl, turning down Tottenham’s advances, was there a seed of doubt that you might not succeed at the club you love?”

“Yes that went through my mind. Tottenham is a club close to my heart. And as much as i wanted the job, jumping into it now, would’ve been foolhardy. I’m starting out in my management career and mistakes will be made. If i ever get the chance to go to Tottenham in the future, then hopefully it’ll be further on in my career once i’ve established myself.”

“So if not Tottenham, where?”

“I had an interesting proposition from Bayer Leverkusen. Rudi and Simon were great in accommodating myself. And ultimately the chance of creating history there, was a great lure, and i almost accepted their offer. But then, my destination came in on the 24th hour. And it’s a similar club to Tottenham, two league titles, a european trophy, a few cup wins, but most importantly for me. A legend of the game. A legend of this team, i mirrored myself on him. I watched all his games i could. I was always him when playing with friends, practicing everything i’d seen from him. He’s an icon, and was inducted into the hall of fame. He was one of my idols. And after talking with the owner and chairman, the plans they’ve got. I knew it was a right fit. So i can’t wait to get started with the La Viola.”

Really really good start is this, man. Not many newcomers to the story section have had quite a good a beginning as this but the style of writing has drawn me in here, keep going! :D
2019-03-18 23:05#255486 Jack : Really really good start is this, man. Not many newcomers to the story section have had quite a good a beginning as this but the style of writing has drawn me in here, keep going! :D

Thanks man :D
Great update! Looking forward to more, especially when it's with a team such a Fiorentina.
God I hate Fiorentina! haha

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