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Burnden Aces

A Bolton Wanderers story
Started on 17 March 2019 by H4YDOCK / First Post
Latest Reply on 19 March 2019 by H4YDOCK / Last Post
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Bolton Wandersers have fall quite away down in the past 10 year although it wasnt always a hard time for the Trotters lets take a look ath the history of Bolton Wanderes.

Trophy Cabinet

The F.A Cup - 1922/23, 1925/26, 1928/29, 1957/58

The Community Shield - 1958/59

League one - 1972/73

Championship - 1908/09, 1977/78, 1996/97

Club Legends

Sir Nat Lofthouse
John Mcginley
Frank Worthington
Jay-Jay Ockocha
Jussi Jaaskelainen
Kevin Davies
Kevin Nolan
The List goes on

The difficult spell doesn't do Bolton justice to what they was 10 years ago in there most memorable times of European football batlling for 5th,6th and 7th place in the barcalys premier league. Over the years Bolton have had some magnificent players and given there fans one hell of a roller coaster ride, with times looking darker and darker for bolton under the ownership of Ken Anderson, Fans will be hoping that soon enough the dark days end and Bolton will bounce back.
Long gone seem the days of Jay-Jay Okocha and the side who challenged in the top half of the Prem not too long ago. It's a real travesty what has happened to such a big club and I hope your tenure with them can bring them back to where Bolton belong!

It has today been announced that manager Phil Parkinson will leave the club with immediate effect, Its is believed that Mr Parkinson has left of his own accord and it is not yet understood why he has left. Mr Parkinson lead bolton back to the championship from league one and helped keep us here last season with a win on the final day over Nottingham Forrest at the Macron, he had a massive impact on the club as a whole and will be missed by all.

A statement from the owner

"Phil Parkinson may have left the club but that will not stop us in our tracks i can assure everyone in and around the club that we are working tirelessly to find a replacement before the start of the season Phil had a massive impact on the club and i would like to personally thank him for all his efforts"
Ken Anderson

Statement from the owner

"After a long hard search with little resources we have decided to employee Dan Haydock as manager, i know alot of you will be asking who and why but he is a young manager with alot of heart and we at bolton feel he could have a massive impact on and off the pitch. The club doesn't have the greatest finacess and he has agreed to work on a low wage of 1,500k a week he has the clubs best interest at heart and we are sure he is going to help take us to the next level.

Manger Accomplishment (football manager)

Premier league titles - Everton 14/15 Tottenham 17/18

F.A Cup - Everton 14/15 16/17

Ligue 1 - Lyon 12/13


Manger - Daniel Haydock

Staff - Steve Parkin ( assistant Manger)
Jimmy Phillips ( head of youth development)
Lee Butler ( goalkeeping coach)
Ian Willcock ( goalkeeping coach)
Mark Armitage ( fitness coach )
Julian Darby ( coach )

Key Players - Sammy Ameobi ( Midfield )
Pawel Olkowski ( Defender )
Yanic Wildschut ( Midfield )
Callum Connolly ( Defender/Midfielder)
Joe Williams ( Midfielder )

Hot Prospects - Luca Conell ( Midfielder )
Eddie Brown ( Attacker )
Dennis Poltic ( Midfielder/ Attacker )
Jake Turner ( Goalkeeper )

There is alot of work to be done at Bolton on and off the pitch but with limited resources it isnt going to be easy at all the aim of the first season is to surive relegation and hopefully bring in some cash along the way

Key - Loaned in & Loaned out
Best of luck on your journey with Bolton!


" First of all id like to thank Ken Anderson for this wonderful opportunity to manage this amazing club, id all so like to thank the players for such a warm welcome.
I hope i can get the fans on board to i can understand all the concerns around me becoming the new coach of Bolton Wanderers but i can promise i will do my up most to revive this club and take them back where they belong.

Secondly I would like to announce a new partnership that we have here at Bolton its took a few days of long hard negotiating to get the deal through but we have finally managed it, we are partnering with to bring you Whites T.V.
Whites T.V is a free service where fans from all around the world will be able to watch press conferences in and around the club for free, there will also be highlights of games past and present, another great feature for Whites T.V is when tickets for home or away games are sold out you can buy a pass for £15 to stream the game to your smart tv/pc/mobile phone any game that is being shown on tv will be free on Whites T.V. "

Thank you all for your time.
Dan Haydock
Best of luck with Bolton!


Haydock: Thank you all for attending today's press conference, i will try to answer any questions I can.

Ian Willock ( Bolton News ) : Congratulations on your new role as manager of Bolton i just want to ask how much of a challenge do you think its going to be to stay up this season?

Haydock : That depends on how well we play over the next 9/10 months, we can make it easy for our selves or we can make it difficult, personally id like to make it easy.

Jeff Banks (Lancashire Post ) : Everybody knows the finances of the club isnt great just how bad are they?

Haydock : I would prefer not to talk about the clubs finances thank you next question

Luke Redmon ( BBC NEWS ) : The Squad at your disposal is one of the worst in the league how do you plan on over coming that?

Haydock : we have some very talented players at our disposal and we will do our up most to make sure we stay up and push on from there thats all i have time for today thank you for attending
Interesting to see how you communicate with Ken Anderson given his poor management in real life. Nice interview and a really good start mate!
Before i start id just like to say i hope all goes well for Bolton in court tomorrow and all this bussiness with the take over goes through i live in Bolton and all may mates support them, i used to go to a few games with them id hate to see such an amazing club go in to administration and cease to exist because it is run by an absolute bellend ( sorry for the language.

A week in to taking over at Bolton and its been rough 2 pre season friendly's have had to be cancelled one against Porto under 21's and another against Clermont foot F.C simply because the club just couldnt afford to get there. I am hopeing to make it up to fans by setting up our very own cup competition the U.O.B cup I have put the idea forward and im just waiting for Ken to get back to me on the matter, I cant see him not likeing the idea as it is a way to keep the fans on side and make a couple of quid.

Transfer news, I wish i i could say it was good news but its not, we are trying to get a few players of the wage bill but there is just no interest and trying to find players will to come in is proving rather difficult it self.

Id like to thank all the fans for the patience

Mr. Haydock.

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