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Started on 29 April 2010 by cudi
Latest Reply on 1 May 2010 by Ivan_Campos_Hair
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hey everyone, so umm ive just started a new game with orlando pirates in the south african league and have pretty much won everything there including the african cup of nations which wasnt easy, but with alot of tactics and some promising lads i pulled through and won it. it came down to penalties, but my team had been there before and handle themselves pretty well. Anyways i left orlando pirates in search of another challenge but this time abit harder, but while been a manager at orlando pirates i picked up alot of respect from my players and others, and also other managers like alex fergurson, roy keane and paul ince. I also became friends with some very talented players like fernando torres, joe cole, robin van persie, ryan giggs and david beckham. So i left orlando pirates to manage Alfreton Town, which is a club in england in the blue square north division and vowed to make them reach the premeier league. At first i struggled with the team coz most of the players werent good i had no money at all and had no real coaches. But i then struck a gold mine with a young star from south africa who i managed to get over to my team and he pretty much lifted my side up. We were lying 19th and only had a few games left till the end of season, but when i signed Teko Modise my team was able to qualify for the playoffs, which we won and made it to the blue sqaure premier league. Now this was even harder than before, even with teko but i fought on and just made it through by winning the ble sqaure premier league, coz of luck.4 of the teams that had to win all drew to each other which made my team come first but pure luck. I was no in coca-cola league 2 with the sorta big time teams like maccasfield and notts county, but this is where everything changed. We had enough money to sign some good players and also a star player. Which was David Beckham. it was so unbelieveable that he actualy came to play. i was stoked. he pretty made the team rise up and we got through without losing which was awsome. When i got to coca-cola league 1 i managed to sign 1 of the best strikers of today fernando torres coz of the release cause. i didnt think he would agree but he did and we then didnt just win the league but also despite the odds we won the english cup and runner-ups to the fa cup. I was completely blown away by this. I was then struck with a big blow coz fernando torres had an injury before the biggest game of all time. it was to see if we would go through into the premier league and it was against newcastle united. I so was nervous my best stricker wasnt avaible and it was not even a 1minute into the game and i was losing 1-0. then i changed my tactics from defensive to attacking coz i thought i might aswell go out guns blazing you know and we won 3-2, which was absolutly amazing. we were done in the first half 2-0 and we managed to make a massive come of all time. even the papers were shocked. But the player that made it happen was the player that was there from the start teko modise once i was in the premiere league i never won it, but i did manager to make it there from the start which was a dream come true. i also managed to come runners up in the ueafa cup and europa cup. i won the fa cup twice and the english cup 3times. hope you guys enjoyed the story im now busy trying to make my way to manage south africa and lead them to win the world cup once ive done that will stop playing

peace out
cool story.
but tbh i don't really believe you.
you are basically telling us that you got torres to join your team in the 3rd league?
This is the biggest wad of pish i have ever read so you win everything in South Africa randomly making friends? with the big names in African football like Sir Alex Paul Ince Roy Keane (you a Man u fan?) Beckham Torres and Van Persie then you leave to start a new life in England got a 19year old South African a work permit so he can get your team from 19th to playoffs in a few games ? get promoted to league 2 inside 2 years sign 40ish year old Beckham as a "star attraction" go undefeated up to league 1 convince Torres to shun champions league/premiership football to play for your ragtag mob win promotion to the championship win the league cup and runners up in the fa cup (who dare beat your wonder team?) then 1 game away from promotion in to the premiership when fate deals you a cruel blow and Torres is injured 2 down at half time promotion slipping from your grasp you make the inspired tactical switch to go "attacking" instead of "defending" (you will have to tell me how you do that) you win 3-2 get promoted then you managed to become runner up in a tournament that is not currently in fm2010 the uefa cup and 1 that is the europa cup aswell as winning the fa cup and league cup numerous times.
Ma sacs that happend you are a total ballon of a boy
I have to say this is a very far fetched story mate. Can't see it happening tbh :no
Not at all far-fetched if he is smoking weed ... damn cudi lay off the weed .... :D
Gspot69 :
Thank you so much Gspot ...i laughed my ass off reading your reply ... lol,you rock :ave
Total garbage!

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