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The plumage of a Canary

Started on 26 April 2019 by SonOfAnarchy / First Post
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The plumage of a Canary

Almost three years ago i took a huge gamble with mine and my families future. Having been in a slump with my career as a chef for the past year before. I needed out. And when a friend decided to move to Gran Canaria and setup a bar, he needed a partner. He turned to me with the offer. And even though i was looking for a way out of the industry, i was looking for more of a way out of the country in the process. A better life abroad, a relaxer lifestyle. Money wasn’t important to me, my families happiness was. If i could combine the two, then perfect. And for the past three years we’ve made it work.

It was a struggle at first. My boys were both two and didn’t adapt, my step-daughter was eight and hated being away from friends and her dickhead of a father. And me and my wife took time to settle into our new surroundings. But eventually, it all fell into place. The boys settled, Grace enjoyed making new friends and being able to have walks down the beach, horseback riding, everything.

During the holiday season, i worked nonstop. It was hard and exhausting, but come the winter months i could relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour. We had the opportunity to go home and continue earning, but i felt going back, it’d be detrimental to how far we’ve come here in Maspalomas. During the winter months, the slow trade allowed me to take part in what made me tick. It was my passion, i loved it. Coaching the kids of Maspalomas FS was something i loved doing. And over the three years i helped out, we progressed year on year. And even had a few of the lads go on and sign for UD Las Palmas Atletico.

And it was a stroke of luck that it all happened. As Team Coordinator, Toni Otero was a regular at the bar and happened to be an influential member of management at UD Las Palmas. A chance discussion with him and he kept a keen eye on the team and how i and the boys did. Early June 2019, things were coming to a head with me and the wife. Even though we had a good life here in Maspalomas, but money was tight especially with the kids getting older and wanting more and more stuff. Argument after argument meant i stayed away from the house more and more.

One day in the bar, Toni walked in. His usual chirpy self, as he sat in his usual spot. Walking over he could tell something was up with me.

“Hola Clay, slow afternoon?” Toni mentioned, he happened to speak very good english which helped. My spanish was ok, but still learning the lingo at a slow pace..

“Just a tad. It’ll be rammed tonight though.”

“So what's up?” He asked.

“Usual, Toni. Wife screwing at me over money and not earning enough, at this rate might have to think about going back to England.”

“Jesus, that bad?” He responded.

“Yeah. Seems like everything the kids want are getting more and more expensive. I don’t want to go back and neither do the kids, but got to put the family security first for once.”

“Well has it happens, we’ve got some jobs going at the club. I’ve seen what you’ve done with the kids around here. And with the few we’ve signed, they speak highly of you. I hold significant sway, so could definitely get you an interview and go from there?” Toni spoke and suddenly a smile beamed across my face.

“You know what, Toni,, that’d be perfect. Doing something i actually love with a decent wage, couldn’t ask for more. And plus it’d keep us here.” I couldn’t hide my happiness as i thanked him and shook his hand.

“Not a problem, Clay. You’re a good guy, and with the work you put in you deserve a chance. I’ll get on the phone and put in it works.

UD Las Palmas were born in 1949 and enjoyed 34 seasons in La Liga, with their best finish being runner up back in 1969. They happened to be runner up in the Copa del Rey in 1978, but apart from 4 Segunda Division and 2 Segunda Division B Championships, Las Palmas had won nothing noteworthy. And i could only hope i’d get a job with the youngsters and hopefully work my way up and maybe one day be a first team coach or something. But either way, it had to be more money than what i was currently making now. But it was doing something i loved, even the wife could see that, right?
Looking forward to seeing how this story develops. Best of luck mate!
Good start man! Wonder what that job could be :D
Nice start to the story, I look forward to reading more!

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