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FM 2020

What do you want changed?
Started on 21 May 2019 by seabas3
Latest Reply on 24 November 2019 by applecor1952
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We have all played FM 2019 enough that we have a good grasp on the game. The change from FM18 to FM19 was drastic; new colours, new rights to leagues and a whole training system revamp. Overall it has been excellent, but it is not perfect. A video game can always be improved.

So I would like to hear from the community what you want to be adjusted or made new for the next instalment of the franchise? Many suggestions have already been made on the SI Forums, some good - others not so good.

Let us know below and don't forget to bring your suggestions to SI directly.
The VAR system to actually work I've had goals disallowed for offside that clearly weren't very annoying lost finals and crucial games in the season because of this if its just a gimmick for the game don't bother with it that's the whole idea of VAR to get decisions right. Also be nice for accurate stadiums instead of Old Trafford looking like a mix of the San Siro and the bird cage in Japan but the biggest gripe is the under 23's or under 18s moaning and wanting to speak to you because you played them in a match for experience or injuries then place them back to said squads they should be able to be spoken to about your plans for them before a match instead of them getting upset losing morale or asking for ridiculous contracts when they haven't earned them

there appears to be no concept of INFLATION in FM. However many of us play in to the future 20-30 years, and I can guarantee you that wages and transfer fees would have increased significantly. The game should take this in to account so that fees and wages gradually get higher for the same ability players.

The game could go further and introduce "recessions" etc. but I think that would be unnecessary until wages actually go down in football.
stadiums that reflect the actual playing grounds would be fun, particularly when playing the lower leagues.
I few versions back games were often played on grounds that were obviously muddy and chewed up. Now they all look like artificial turf fields.

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