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FM... Has become easier or it is my idea?

Started on 4 May 2010 by bandura
Latest Reply on 6 May 2010 by xtremeganesh
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I have played several leagues, including UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, and I have noticed that the game has become very easy...

1. The other teams in the league do not buy "good" players when you play on the same league. i.e. I started a game with Juventus and Man City bought Modric, Bentley etc. I started a game with Liverpool and Man City bought some players that their PA was 140 the greatest!

2. At the end of the first season in Italy, Milan and Inter had almost 120 million to spend and they bought some players that even the serie b teams would reject them!!!

3. Also when I was playing with Juventus, Man Utd was 1st and Man City 2nd for 3 years and when I managed Liverpool, they were 5th and 6th !!! Same applies for Italy, Inter was 6th and Catania 2nd behind me!!!

The only team that may buy a good player is Real Madrid, but not all the times... The other teams always want my players... i.e. I bought Dzeko for 26 mil and they offered me 42 to buy him... of course I rejected the offer, but the player was available in the first year... and he had scored 40 goals!!!

I remembered the old Managers, i.e. in CM01/02 where there was a "battle" among me (juventus), Inter and Roma to buy crespo from Lazio and for every good player in the game. I remebered that all the teams in the same league were buying good players to compete you, but now that's history... you can buy the best player of your enemy for a vast amount of money and they will not buy a capable replacement.

I noticed that also in fm2009. Back, in the fm2010, after the 3rd year... the good teams became mid-table and the mid-table were battling for the title... I managed Liverpool and West Ham and Aston Villa were hunting me, where Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea were struggling to qualify for Europe... same applies for Italy... in my 4th year, Milan was 12th and Inter was 10!!!, but Catania, Napoli, Genoa were in the first places.... that's weird.

The above thigns have disappointed me, as I was expecting the game to be harder as the time goes by... like the old championship managers...
nope, i have to disagree with you.
i started a game with leeds.

brought them to the PL and started spending big time(torres, nasri, ben arfa, pjanic, agüero etc) and chelsea bought dzeko, kaka, maicon etc.
i actually agree, the "big teams" always struggle when you are in the same league, e.g. in my tottenham the big 4 are now me, liverpool, villa and everton and they arent anyway near my level.
I agree to an extent. Some of the choices the AI managers make in buying new players are ridiculous.

Granted Im very picky, as Liverpool manager when scouting young players and regens I'll only ever buy the ones who say will become 'Leading' players so I have a good 1st team squad, and my back up/rotation players are developing youngsters.

The amounts of money some managers fork out for rubbish young players is insane. A problem is that some of the best players have such massive values a team will never pay the fee to get them, so I have to question how you Schnopsnosn could buy Torres etc with such a 'rich' club like Leeds.
board-takeovers are a nice thing... :)
schnopsnosn : board-takeovers are a nice thing... :)

Damn Arabs with all their money...

I've never had a board takeover thats actually resulted in increased funds. I nearly got fired once because their intention was to appoint Juande Ramos, but then they changed their minds because of my track record of good results. Apart from that, nothing interesting. Ever.

well i can't say i'm unhappy about it :D

something new has come up:
arsenal got taken over and now they're trying to get all kinds of great players and really offer me shitloads of money for them...they offered me 42mil for sebastián blanco(currently valued at 16mil) but i rejected cause he's an important part of my team...
well i've seen similar tendencies... when i was managing liverpool, chelsea and arsenal almost instantley became mid-tableteams, aswell as city never became the killingmachine the i've become use to. antoher similarity in this game was that aston villa were one of my absolute topcompedetors...

in another game i managed cadiz... a long story involving a rich american, 110k capacity stadium and €150mil/year transferbudget is currentley at a stage were i'm on top of the world with 3 straight leaugetitles and a couple of CL's I've seen the same thing... barcelona came in at 8th or so last season... madrid is the only consictent top team as runner up year after year. another strange thing is that i've been the only spanish team in the CL-semifinals... i also miss the english teams... in the last 2 years 5 out of 8 teams has been italian, Udinese (!?) won in the end... might also add that i've filled 2 of those spots... the only non-italian team except for me was AZ if i remeber it right...

anyway the world is kind of twisted atm... so i feel what you guys are saying !
at least ManU and pool are understandable. they have a massive amount of debts...
but almost all big teams except for those who depend or thier boss (such as city and chelsea) and the french have massive debts... so i'm not sure thats a good reason...
l3nnart : but almost all big teams except for those who depend or thier boss (such as city and chelsea) and the french have massive debts... so i'm not sure thats a good reason...

There is something behind the debt thing: it does drastically reduce budgets, which can only really be altered by board take overs or consistantly higher success rates in league/cup competitions.

Take Liverpool: Title Challange = £6million starting budget. This can be pushed past about £10mil if you alter the Wage/Transfer budgets, but that prevents you from really getting more than one good player. AI managers are usually fairly astute as to what positions they need to buy into, but these players will never be of any significant quality if they dont have the budget, yet they will still buy players for those positions anyway. They will spend if they have the means, and that means bigger teams but lower overall quality. Its a fairly consistent pattern no matter what league i play in.

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