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Watch Us Rise

Started on 8 June 2019 by Nerazzurri
Latest Reply on 24 June 2019 by TheLFCFan
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4 yearsEdited
Went against the Betis save, instead i'm actually going to try a Spurs one for the first time in FM19. And yes i've edited the database to make them into a sugar daddy club, but it won't be the case of spending £200 million each window for me, as i don't operate that way. I'll be looking for value and sell on value, so much like the board now, but without the hinderance of wage budgets and such. And i'll be posting just monthly updates.

Breaking News

Breaking news has hit our desk this afternoon. It’s emerged that Jeff Bezos, founder, chairman, CEO, and president of Amazon, has purchased Tottenham Hotspur through his venture capital fund, Bezos Expeditions. Mr. Bezos became the first centi-billionaire on the Forbes wealth index, and as of last year was worth over $150 billion. We’ve got brief statements from both Jeff Bezos and Daniel Levy.

“I’ve been looking for a sports team to invest in. And the strides that Tottenham have made especially in America appealed to me directly. It’s been a long, costly process, but ultimately my plans are to make this club which already has a rich tradition and history, into the biggest club this world has ever seen. One day we’ll surpass the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid as a global commodity. I’ve got huge plans for Tottenham and i’m excited to get started.” That was a statement from Mr. Bezos on the Amazon website once news began breaking.

“It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve accepted the offer from Jeff Bezos to purchase Tottenham. We weren’t looking to sell, but his offer and ambitious plans for the club prompted us to rethink ourselves. And being a fan of this wonderful club, i felt we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Under our tenure we’ve always operated to make this club thrive. New training facilities, new stadium, regular Champions League football, and we haven’t operated like some of the cash clubs, we’ve progressed the natural way. But we knew to take that next step up to win trophies and continually challenge for them there needed to be a new, fresher approach. Mr. Bezos and his company can provide that. They won’t be derailed in their plans to make this wonderful club, the best in the world. They will pay what it takes to get there, they won’t be constricted by wage or transfer budgets. If there’s a player they want, money is simply no object anymore. Unfortunately, it’s the only way now. I thought the transfer market wouldn’t be able to sustain the going rate and implode, but i was wrong. We wish the best of luck to Jeff Bezos, and we’re all thankful to have owned and ran this great club. One that i’ll forever hold dear in my heart.” A clearly emotional Daniel Levy addressing the media just a short while ago.

The figure that’s been branded about is £2.5 billion, which for a club that hasn’t won a trophy in over a decade is monumental. But with the infrastructure that Daniel Levy and ENIC have created, it was only ever going to be a huge bid to take the club of their hands. And they’ve created a long lasting legacy, which they and fans despite the lack of silverware, can be justly proud off.
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4 yearsEdited

End Of Season 18-19

After Tottenham’s goalless draw against Lokomotiv Moscow in Russia at the start of March, coupled with the very poor showing in the Premier League, Daniel Levy begrudgingly pulled the trigger and sacked Mauricio Pochettino.

“Going out of the Champions League at the group stage, sixth in the league, miles behind the Top 4 and now the poor showing away to Lokomotiv, the board thought it was time for a fresh impetus. We’d like to thank Mauricio from the bottom of our hearts, for all the work he’s done and what a great job he’s accomplished with lesser means than our rivals. And although this is something i didn’t want to do, but it was needed. My relationship with Mauricio is still very strong, and we’ve parted company amicably. Now we move onwards and look forward to our next chapter.” Daniel Levy after sacking Mauricio Pochettino.

Almost two weeks after sacking Pochettino, Tottenham have announced that they’ve appointed Rafael Benitez as his successor.

“I enjoyed my time at Newcastle, but i wanted to get back to a higher level. And when Daniel came calling, my mind was made up immediately. This club is a giant that needs to be reawakened. And i believe i can be the man do so. Mauricio has done extremely well to consistently get Champions League football under a different approach to the other five teams that challenge every season.” Benitez leaving one tightwad, for another.

The fans understandably not happy with Benitez’s appointment, Levy and ENIC’s stock has never been lower. Although his appointment put Tottenham back on track till the seasons end, where they only lost one game, away to Chelsea. They eventually finished 6th under Rafa, a huge 32 points behind eventual Premier League Champions, their North London rivals, Arsenal. They finished 17 points behind 4th placed, Manchester United, so a huge gap to make up. And they finished 8 points ahead of surprise package, Bournemouth.

But the one bright spot in an otherwise dark season, Tottenham fans have a Europa League final to look forward too against Inter Milan in Baku. A win not only ends their 11 year wait for a trophy, but also gives them Champions League football which the fans and players crave. Can Rafa earn another European trophy and guide Tottenham into the Champions League?
Rafa is an excellent manager with a plethora of experience on the biggest of stages. This will be a major benefit as Spurs look to lift the Europa League trophy in Baku. Best of luck.
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Nerazzurri's avatar Group Nerazzurri
4 yearsEdited

Tottenham News

A day after the Premier League season had ended, it was announced on the stock exchange that Bezos Expeditions had officially purchased Tottenham Hotspur and all of its subsidiaries. Jeff Bezos presented himself to the media, with Daniel Levy by his side.

“Now that my purchase is 100% complete, i’d like to go on record and thank Joe Lewis and Daniel here for their quickness in wrapping the deal up for everyone involved. The infrastructure they’ve built within this club has given me a huge starting pad and i know, with the right investment, with the right management team behind us, this club can do great things. Like i said previously i want to turn Tottenham into a global powerhouse, one that can and will topple Real Madrid and Manchester United. And after extensive talks, I can also reveal that Rafael Benitez will be leaving the club today by mutual consent. We sat down and discussed our vision and unfortunately his didn’t match mine.

I’d like to thank Rafael for the hard work he’s done in the past two months being employed with us. I know the fans relationship with the board has been somewhat strained in the past couple of seasons, with no signings, stadium delays, poor League and Champions League campaign, sacking of Mauricio, but i’m looking to heal that rift. I personally contacted Mauricio this morning to offer him his old job back, but unfortunately he’s rejected the opportunity and has decided to take some time out from football to spend time with his family. I’ve also asked Daniel to stay on as chairman whilst we make the transition as easily as we possibly can. Daniel knows this club inside and out and will help whilst we turn this club into the club the fans truly deserve.”

With just over two weeks left until the Europa League final against Inter Milan, Jeff Bezos and Daniel Levy will have to work hard to get Rafa Benitez’s replacement in time.

Scott: He won't get the chance to add to his European trophies. He did well in the short space of time he was employed though.
With a prolific career behind him, Rafa will undoubtedly win the fans over.
That was a brief reign...
I guess that's just the kind of unsettlement that billionaires bring when they take over clubs...
Short and sweet stay for Rafa. It will be interesting to see who his replacement will be!

Tottenham have today confirmed the appointment of former player, Karl George on a two year contract. George had a chequered career to say the very least and wasn’t far from controversy. And after retiring at the relatively young age of 31 due to his personal circumstances at the time. George spent time coaching at Spurs during Mauricio Pochettino’s tenure, before helping out with West Ham ladies, but left due to his relationship with Adriana Leon.

George declined to give a statement on his appointment, as he instead prepared for the upcoming Europa League Final against the club he retired at, Inter Milan. But Jeff Bezos spoke to the media instead.

“After speaking to Mauricio to gauge his response to potentially coming back, he mentioned Karl’s name. After lengthy discussions with Daniel, we brought Karl in for an interview and our visions entwined with one another and soon my mind was made up. I know he’s had a storied past, and is one that doesn’t hold his tongue and says what’s on his mind, I admire that. But the targets he has in mind, i can see this club being on top, sooner rather than later.”

Hiring George has gone down well with the supporters, enamoured with the nostalgia of his playing days. But will that be enough?
Hopefully you and Big Jeff can turn Spurs into a true superpower in football from a city full of wealth and success, London
An interesting appointment. Best of luck.


Europa League Final

With Karl George at the helm for the very first time, and in such an important and high stakes match, Tottenham were truly under pressure in this game. And it started well as Dele releases the ball on the halfway line and Son runs at the Inter Milan defence, scaring them half to death. He slides the ball into Lucas Moura who got in behind Asamoah and with the goal at his mercy rifles it into the bottom corner past Handanovic to give Tottenham the lead after five minutes.

Dier runs with the ball from his own half before passing to Dele, who finds Son out on the left. Son weights a 40 yard pass down the right which Aurier picks up and whips it across the box right into the path of a waiting Dele Alli who slides the ball into the gaping, empty net to give Tottenham a 2 goal lead into half time.

The second half was dominated by Tottenham as they looked to grab the goal that put the nail in Inter’s coffin, but instead Matteo Politano grabbed a goal with three minutes left on the clock, to really put pressure on George’s men and despite Inter throwing the kitchen sink at them in the last minutes, Tottenham held firm and won the Europa League with a 2-1 victory over Inter and booked their spot in the Champions League next season.

“Karl. congratulations. You’ve ended an eleven year wait for a trophy and at the same time put Tottenham into the Champions League via the back door. How does it feel?”

“It’s been a surreal few days, this victory is for all the hard work that Mauricio and his coaching staff did for almost five years. Not me, not Rafa can lay claim to this. This is all Mauricio’s. He and his team deserve the plaudits.”

“Do you feel this win will put to bed the ‘Spursy’ & ‘Bottlers’ comments?”

“Probably not. They’re all idiotic virgins. World class stadium, world class facilities, world class squad, with money now being pumped in. So these idiots need something to diminish us. Social media unfortunately has given people the freedom to express their feelings behind the comfort of their phone. You can be guaranteed they’ll never do it face to face. Tonight is a brilliant night in the history of Tottenham. Our third Europa/Uefa Cup. Champions League football. And we’re going to dominate at home and abroad for decades to come. Mauricio this one was for you. Your medal is coming in the post.”

With the promise of proper funding, a major trophy and Champions League, everything looks towards a positive and rosy future for Tottenham. But as we all know, anything in football can and normally does happen.

"The Cockerel will crow"

A great result for Spurs, finally ending the long-wait for a trophy. I have a feeling it will be the first of many!

It’s been a busy summer for George and Tottenham as he’s begun reshaping the squad and looked to the future. Spending a huge £350 million on an incredible 21 players. Specifically targeting the weak spots in his squad, as well as addressing the home grown issue and making an effort to home grown talent. Bringing in a total of £233 million from sales which will help Tottenham stay within the FFP.

With Arsenal somehow winning the Premier League last season, the battle for North London supremacy is well and truly underway. The power shifted was expected to continue with Tottenham, but they suffered last season despite winning the Europa League and ending their trophy drought. But their League performance was dreadful as they finished 6th and despite that, Tottenham are now predicted to finish in 2nd place, with Arsenal predicted 6th.

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