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Paul King - Becoming Royalty

Started on 10 June 2019 by TheLFCFan
Latest Reply on 2 October 2019 by ScottT
Just read through all 15 pages of this, what a read! Nice to read a career based in America as well. It's a league I've always wanted to play in but I've constantly put it off because I reckon it'd be too hard trying to figure the rules out! At least it was when I last tried one a couple of years back! Looking forward to keeping up with this more regularly now.

CONCACAF Champions League Coverage

JC: Welcome to the Live coverage of the CONCACAF Champions League first leg tie between Club América and FC Cincinnati, I am Jon Champion, joined today by Taylor Twellman. Welcome Taylor.

TT: Good evening Jon, I am very excited to see tonight's game, it should be a fascinating contest between two sides who have played some excellent soccer to get here.

JC: They have indeed. Let’s take a look at the run each side has made to get to this final this year.

TT: Club América have had a relatively tight run through the CONCACAF Champions League, failing to dominate in any of their matches. The most emphatic victory for América coming away to MLS Champions Los Angeles FC, winning 2-0 away from home.

JC: That game saw Roger Martinez open the scoring, a man that has stood out for Club América this season. Is he the man to stop for Cincinnati to have any success over this tie Taylor?

TT: I believe so, the Columbian International has 18 goals to his name this season in all competitions, playing 40 games. He is a very important player to this side but Cincinnati will also have to focus on Iván Gómez. Gómez signed for Club América at the start of the season for $3,500,000 signing from Argentine side Estudiantes. He has been a rock in the midfield as well as being a creative force, adding four goals and five assists in his 39 games in all competitions.

JC: Certainly some very good players in that side, who Cincy will have to focus on. But let's now take a look at FC Cincinnati’s run.

TT: It’s been incredible hasn’t it Jon. A side that only last year became an MLS Franchise and now they are in the CONCACAF Champions League Final. They had a great start beating San Francisco 8-1 on aggregate, then impressed with a much improved second leg against Vancouver Whitecaps, following a disappointing first leg. The semi-final was incredible matchup between two sides who fought tooth and nail for the win, eventually Cincy managed to go through on penalties.

JC: In terms of Cincinnati, who are the key players for them?

TT: For me they have a few, Julian Gressel, Joe Aribo, Alvas Powell and Leonardo Bertone. Gressel and Aribo were outstanding last season scoring 16 goals between them last year and a further four this year. However, Joe Aribo will only be available next week having got injured in the semi-final against CF Pachuca. Alvas Powell has also started the year of incredibly well as well as Leonardo Bertone. Both men will be very important to a positive Cincy result.

JC: With that the teams are in.

JC: Teams we were expecting there then, Taylor, no real surprises.

TT: Nope, no surprises there, both teams have favoured their respective formations over the last few CONCACAF Champions League games, with Cincinnati first reverting to their 5-1-1-2-1 formation in their win over CF Pachuca in the semi-final.

JC: What’s going to be the key battle today then Taylor?

TT: Both sides have opted to go for at least one defensive midfielder, with Club América implementing two, with Cincy have an extra center back. For me that is going to be key for both teams, it will make each side a little harder to break down. It is a shame that Iván Gómez will be missing from leg one as he is still suspended but we should see him next week, making life even harder for Cincy.

JC: Can we get a score prediction?

TT: As I said, it is going to be tough to break either side down. As much as I would like to back the American team, I think the home crowd will play a part and it will be a 2-0 Club América win.

JC: With that prediction the players are making their way out onto the field and in just a few moments time we will kick off.

TT: I am very excited for what we are about to witness.

(1’) JC: The referees whistle has blown, and we have kick-off in this First Leg of Club América vs FC Cincinnati, CONCACAF Champions League Final.

(16’) JC: Neither side has created much as of so far but here is Cabrera on the wing. He finds Aguilar, Ferreira, now Rodríguez. This is some nice movement from América. Rodríguez moves it on to Castillo who plays it back with a lovely one-two. It’s back to Cabrera, who strikes. OH so close! Cabrera hits the post from the edge of the box.
TT: A great move from Club América, it deserved a goal in all honesty. I said at the start of the game, it will be tough to break either side down, that’s the sort of move that will be needed.

(32’) JC: Guerra is on the ball here, he spreads a lovely ball across the pitch, switching the play to Emanuel Aguilar. The left back is in loads of space, he passes it back inside to Martínez, who plays Aguilar back. The ball is cut back, FERREIRA GOOOOAL! 1-0 Club América!
TT: Superb once again from América. The ball to start the move from Guerra is sublime and then the movement from Aguilar before playing the perfect pullback cross to Ferreira on the edge of the box is great. Ferreira doesn’t even take a touch to control the ball and smashes it into the far corner. Great goal, 1-0!

(37’) JC: Cabrera’s cross into a dangerous area there looking to find Castillo, but the ball is cleared. OH MY WORD what a strike! Waston headed the ball clear only to find Rodríguez who has hit an absolute peach there.
TT: We have witnessed another remarkable goal here. What a hit from Rodríguez. Waston had done well to win the header and get it out of the danger zone, only to find Guido Rodríguez, someone not commonly associated with goal scoring, but he has struck the ball so cleanly sending it flying past Tyton. 2-0!

(38’) JC: Well things haven’t gone to plan for FC Cincinnati so far, as Nervo stands over this freekick, it isn’t like they have been dominated, but América have really taken their chances. Ferreira, the opening scorer has found Aguilar on the right here. The captain gets a cross in. Oh no! A shocking mistake from Alvas Powell has seen Martínez a clear opportunity and he doesn’t need asking twice. 3-0!!
TT: Wow! In the space of five minutes we have seen a game that had created very few chances, to one with three goals. Unfortunately for Cincinnati fans, all three goals are for Club América. The ball has come in and in all honesty that is shocking from Alvas Powell. He has completely mistimed the header and let key man Martínez a gift of a goal. It’s a long way back from here now for Cincy.

(45’) JC: Half-time here as Club América lead FC Cincinnati 3-0. What do Cincy have to do to get back into this tie now Taylor.
TT: It’s hard to say Jon, they haven’t been outclassed outplayed, the stats show the possession is 50-50 and the number of attempts haven’t been to different either. América have done incredibly well in being clinical and it is truly a long road back for Cincy now even though there is 135 minutes of soccer still to be played.

JC: Jimmy Medranda has come on for Greg Garza for FC Cincinnati and the second half has begun.

(71’) JC: This second half has seen very limited action with Club América seemingly happy to sit back and hold on to their three goal lead. But here is a rare counter from the Mexican side. Roger Martínez is racing down the wing.
TT: Roger has been incredible today, capping it off with his goal. Hopefully it is just a precaution and we see him in next week's second leg.

(93’) JC: We are coming to a close here, but we have time for one more chance as Rasmus Schüller stands over this wide freekick. He whips it in but it is cleared. It falls to Jimmy Medranda who plays it back out to Schüller. A second chance for a ball in. OOO Brian Black has to score there!
TT: That sums up Cincinnati’s day Jon. They haven’t been outclassed but they just haven’t taken their chances. Black really needs to head home from six yards out.

JC: That will be the final kick of the game! Club América 3-0 FC Cincinnati. We will see you once again next week, but for now from me Jon Champion and Taylor Twellman, goodnight.


Syb:It has been an incredible run to the final, just a shame how leg one has gone!
Scott:It has been a brilliant run for King and the team, getting to the Champions League let alone the final is an achievement enough. The first leg has been a disappointment, especially since we weren't dominated apart from five minuets of the game. Hopefully we can pull of a second leg miracle.
Chris:Thank you for taking the time to do that, means a lot and I am glad you have enjoyed what you read so far. The rules are certainly confusing to start but I am understanding them more and more through playing so don't let it put you off too much! It has been a very enjoyable save so far and hopefully it continues to be so.
Not the most ideal result. Time for a Big Cock Divock moment in the second leg.
:( A lot of work to do.

CONCACAF Champions League Coverage

JC: Welcome to Leg two of the CONCACAF Champions League Final between FC Cincinnati and Club América at Nippert Stadium. I am Jon Champion and I am joined once again by Taylor Twellman. Taylor, what do you think FC Cincinnati need to do to comeback from this 3-0 deficit they face?

TT: Good evening, Jon. It’s certainly going to be a massive challenge for Cincinnati as they are so far behind. They can take positives from last week in the fact that they had the chances, but one of the major issues Cincy have faced this season is the lack of goals. Scoring just 19 goals in 19 games, with six of those goals coming in the Round of 16 game against San Francisco, Cincy have gone on a run of four games without a goal.

JC: They really have struggled for goals this year but defensively they have been strong. Last week's game was only the second time this season they have conceded more than a goal in a game. If Cincy can score the goals needed, they will feel confident that they can keep Club América scoreless. But with that being said, let's take a look at the teams.

JC: Changes for both sides then Taylor, what are your thoughts on the two sides?

TT: Yep, both managers have made some changes from last week. FC Cincinnati we expect to play as a 4-3-3 this week, with Rasmus Schüller coming into the team. It’s a look to go more attacking it seems, and it was the only option they had, as América showed last week, they don’t mind sitting back and holding on to the lead.

JC: That they did. They will be helped by the return of Iván Gómez, won’t they?

TT: Oh 100%, Iván was only out last week due to his suspension and he is one of the sides most important players. However, they will be without Roger Martinez, who caused Cincy a number of problems last week. He is recovering from a twisted ankle he suffered last week.

JC: Let’s get the thoughts of our two managers, starting with Club América’s Alfredo Tenna.

Alfredo Tenna: “It’s a game that is in our hands. We are confident and we will go into the game ready to execute our plan. We showed a really good performance last week and I am excited to see a similar performance today.

However, we can’t get ahead of ourselves, we scored three goals in five minutes last week, nothing is stopping them from doing the same. 90 minutes is a long time and we will need to remain concentrated, and I believe we will see the game out”

Paul King: “We have no pressure on us. That’s the one positive I can take from last week. No pressure whatsoever. Nobody expects us to come back from this. Well nobody apart from us, we know we weren’t good enough last week and we want to turn that around this week. We will need to be firing on all cylinders to stand a chance, but I will never have a doubt in this team.

We are backed by our home crowd this week, and I know how much passion and pride they have. They will be loud and will certainly be the cliched Twelfth man. I hope we put on a performance that makes them proud.”

JC: The crowd will certainly provide a boost to the Cincinnati side as it is already deathening here.

(1’) JC: Kick-off. Leg two of the CONCACAF 2020 Champions League Final between FC Cincinnati and Club América is underway.

(2’) JC: Alvas Powell comes down the right flank and whips a dangerous ball into the box there but it is intercepted by Uribe. The ball comes to Leonardo Bertone, who plays in Greg Garza. Garza has a chance to put another ball into the box here. OH so close! Julian Gressel receives the ball and strikes it cleanly from meters out, only for it to be blocked by Angulo.
TT: That's almost the perfect start for Cincinnati. Gressel is so unlucky to not be scoring the games opener there, but it's a great block by Angulo.

(16’) JC: FC Cincinnati have been the dominant side here in the opening 15 and have another freekick out wide. Bertone puts the cross in and Waston just heads wide! Painfully close once again for Cincy.
TT: It’s nerve wracking for Cincy, they could easily be 3-0 up already in this game, there finishing is really letting them down once again.

(45’) JC: Half time at Nippert stadium, Taylor, Cincinnati must be going into the locker room wondering just how this game is 0-0.
TT: They certainly will. They have been so very impressive today and deserve to be at least a goal up. I really can’t believe how they haven’t scored. It is certainly going to be a cause for concern for Paul King.

(50’) JC: Five minutes into the second half here. Greg Garza with the throw in deep in the Club América half. He plays it to Aron Jóhannsson who whips in a cross. Cleared out as far as Leonardo Bertone, who forces yet another world class save out of Marchesín. He now starts the counter attack, but it comes to nothing.

(57’) JC: Julian Gressel is powering forward here, he’s seen some space that Aron Jóhannsson has run into. Surely, Jóhannsson! No! Another save, and it is really starting to become a frustrating night for everyone associated with FC Cincinnati now.
TT: I don’t know how he has missed that. Julian Gressel has played in a brilliant ball and all he has to do is put it either side of the keeper. He had the time and really should be doing better there!

(60’) JC: A quick counter here from América. Ferreira, goalscorer in the first leg, is free at the back post here. Caberrea is looking for him, GOAL. A perfect ball into the box and Ferreira has given Club América the lead.
TT: An undeserved lead at that. But Cincinnati have nobody but themselves to blame, they haven’t taken their chances and now they are paying for it. It really is a disappointment but América have taken the chances throughout the tie and now lead 4-0 on aggregate.

(78’) JC: Cincinnati are really beginning to look tired out there, as Leonardo Bertone tries a searching ball for Julian Gressel. It’s intercepted by Angulo and the ball is smashed forwards finding Marin. Marin strides forward with very little defensive effort in aid to stop him. Marin finds Castillo and its 2-0. Game Over!
TT: Game, set and match. A disappointing end for Cincinnati but take nothing away from Club América they defended superbly for the first hour of the game and have now taken advantage of an exhausted Cincinnati side.

(90’) JC: The final whistle blows, and your 2020 CONCACAF Champions League champions are Club América.

JC: Well a run that has ended in a disappointing defeat for Cincinnati, let's hear from Paul King.

Paul King: “Well, what can I say we are bitterly disappointed. Five minuets decided that game. We don’t lose today if we don’t go so attacking and we only did that because of the 3-0 lead they had. Five minuets. But it takes less than that to decide a tie and that's what the boys need to learn from this. We lost concentration for all of five minuets and it has cost us being champions potentially.

We can take a lot of positives from this game and the run as a whole, and like I said after last year's playoffs, we now have experience at this level, and that is only going to help us progress.”

JC: King taking the positives for sure. With that, from me and Taylor Twellman, it is Goodnight!


Justice:Really wish I had got Big Cock Divock on loan, would of won the game with ease!
Scott:It just wasn't to be this year, but there are a lot of positives we can take from the run!
</3 You'll win it next time. The experience will be beneficial to your squad.
Bottled it. Unbelievable. It will be a tough road back to where you got to this season but you've proven that Cincy have the credentials and as Justice said, they know the road to the final already.
Better luck next time! Some run regardless.

Cincy End Winless Streak

FC Cincinnati have ended their run of eight Major League Soccer games without a win by beating Seattle Sounders 3-1 away from home.

Having made it all the way to the CONCACAF Champions League Final, FC Cincinnati have struggled in the league this season. With just two wins in 15, the season has been a struggle for Cincy falling to eight draws and five losses this season. But a performance that delighted manager Paul King, Cincinnati have ended a run that lasted eight games, last winning against Houston Dynamo a month ago exactly.

Despite a lack of wins, Cincy only lost one league game in their winless run, a run of six draws, five of which ended 0-0,seeing Cincy struggle to score goals. Eight draws is just one shy of Cincinnati’s total amount of draws last season truly signifying the extraordinary run.

Going into the game, Cincy were huge underdogs as they travelled to Seattle, but Julian Gressel opened the scoring inside 5 minutes. A Greg Garza cross whipped across the face of the Seattle Sounders goal, falling to the feet of Gressel. The German winger made no mistake in tapping home from inside the six yard box, giving the Orange and Blue a 1 goal lead.

Cincinnati doubled their lead in the 29th minute through Abu Samura, the 16th overall pick in the 2020 MLS Superdraft. A corner from Greg Garza was headed clear but only found Riechedly Bazoer, the Dutch midfielder played a pass back to Garza who this time found Abu Samura in the middle of the box. The Sierra-Leone international slammed the ball into the goal doubling the away sides lead.

The Orange and Blue thought they had got a third just four minutes later. A beautiful pass over the top of the Seattle defense saw David Cooper in space. Cooper took a touch and fired the ball into the top right corner. However, the assistant referee had his flag up and the goal was ruled out for offside.

However, the third goal did come moments after the second half had begun. A Julian Gressel cross to the front post, saw Aron Jóhannsson have the simplest of tasks, nodding the ball into the net from a few yards out. 3-0, and Cincinnati were seemingly flying.

Panic did momentarily creep in to the Cincinnati fans as on the 47th minute Michy Batshuayi, an MLS record buy at $17,000,000 this summer, pegged a goal back. The former Chelsea striker was threaded through by Víctor Rodríguez, and the Chelsea striker took a single touch before striking the ball into the far right corner. A beautiful finish for the strikers second goal of the season.

Having thrown away the lead twice against DC United, just a week before, the Cincinnati fans began to look nervous, However, the Orange and Blue held out, with the game ending 3-1 to Cincinnati.

Following the game manager Paul King had this to say

“It feels good to get a win under our belts. It has obviously been a tough start to the year this season but people seem to forget that we have played almost ten games more than everyone else. We have had to rotate the squad as best as possible and that has seen a lack of familiarity and cohesion. That will begin to get better now as we fall into a more forgiving schedule.

We will play again in a few days and then we go on a run of not playing midweek for the first time since March. I am excited to be able to get the players onto the training pitch and really working on some of the areas we have struggled with over the first few months of the season. We are still confident of making the playoffs and that should become evident in the coming weeks.”

Cincinnati will now prepare to face New England Revolution, the team sat a place above them based on wins. New England have struggled of late winning just one game in eight which has also seen them lose four of those games. A win would propel Cincinnati into the playoffs once again and it’s their belief they will end the season in those places.


Justice:It was gutting to lose but we were never expected to get to the final in the first place so we can be pleased with that.
Jack:Pulled a Leeds :( But yes, we now have the experience of a CONCACAF final and that should help us in the future.
Chris:A shame for it to not end in success but we will go again.
Well, not the best run of form but good to see you bounce back. The lack of goals will have been a concern, but the defensive record has been remarkable. Plenty of time to turn things around, you're not far off a play-off spot at all.
:( Unlucky... the Mexican monopoly continues!

However it is pleasing to see Cincy pick up an important victory in the league. It appears the extra fixtures have really impacted on an already busy schedule, which Paul has complained about on more than one occasion!

Finding Some Form

We are a little over halfway through our second Major League Soccer season, having currently played 20 games in the league. But it has been a long season already. Having already played 29 games in all competitions (20 MLS, 8 CONCACAF Champions League games and 1 U.S. Open Cup game) we had already played five more than anyone else in the league. This has seen us use the most amount of players in the MLS, with 27 players playing for us already, as well as using four different formations.

The unsteady start and our aim of a CONCACAF Champions League run saw us have to rotate heavily in the opening games of the season and only recently have we been able to start a settled side. Having beaten Seattle Sounders 3-1, we picked up points against Atlanta United, with a 1-1 draw as they equalised in the last minute of the game following an Alvas Powell red card. We then had a 0-0 draw against New England Revolution, before another draw with Columbus Crew in the Hell is Real Derby.

We then started our defense of our Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup title, with a fourth round match against Indy Eleven. We played a very rotated side, allowing us to see a few different options. Matt Rivera got his first competitive minutes, starting in goal, whilst fellow Academy Graduates, Brent Turner and Peter Pham also started the game.

With an own goal in the 11th minute, Brent managed to grab his first senior goal for the team with a 15th minute strike to extend our lead. A moment he will cherish and a moment I was very proud to witness. Abu Samura scored the final goal of the game to seal us a comprehensive 3-0 victory. Abu has been incredible this year, featuring in both the starting line up and off the bench numerous times. His impact has been clear with four goals coming in 22 games (12 of which were starts). A player selected late in the first round, his quality has been proven throughout his debut season.

Following our impressive win, we hosted Los Angeles FC, last seasons MLS Cup winners and the team currently topping the Western Conference once again. Having not lost in eight, despite six of those games being draws, we felt confident going into the game. But what I wasn’t expecting was the sheer dominance we showed throughout the match.

Just like our win over Seattle Sounders just under a month ago, Julian Gressel gave us the very early lead with just six minutes on the clock. David Cooper, who is really starting to make that left wing spot his own, thread through our German winger and Julan had no problem in making it 1-0. We continued to dominate from that goal onwards, limiting them to three shots with one on target all game.

But it took until the 76th minute for us to double the lead. A Greg Garza shot struck their Brazilian centre back, Klaus, which saw the ball roll into the net. 2-0, a much deserved lead. That lead was then added to almost immediately. From kick off, Jimmy Medranda, a second half substitute, intercepted the ball in the middle of the pitch. He played it forward to Aron Jóhannsson, who then gave it back to the Columbian. Jimmy pushed forward before seeing a run from Julian Gressel. With the ball played into his feet, Julian had the keeper one on one and neatly passed it into the bottom corner.

It was a truly incredible performance, something that we have been missing throughout the majority of this season. With back to back victories, I think it shows just how important having time to prepare is. We have another week off now to prepare for Sporting Kansas City in our next game of the MLS season.

It is a game I want to see us improve even further in, building off the performances of the last week. They are currently 10th in the Western Conference, with six wins in their 19 games. A win could see us leapfrog, Atlanta United, New England Revolution and Toronto FC, leaving us in 6th in the conference.

Talking about Toronto, they recently sacked Marcelo Bielsa, and invited myself for an interview. I decided to attend. It gave me an idea of where I stood in the game and what people think of my achievements at Cincy. Toronto are undoubtedly a bigger franchise than us at the moment. They are former MLS Cup winners and finished as last year's runners up, losing to Los Angeles FC in last years final.

They are also a franchise with an abundance of resources, with an annual salary cost of $20,640,000. In comparison, we have a current salary cost of $9,000,000 with $2,640,000 of that going single handedly to Riechedly Bazoer.

Despite this much larger funds, with improved facilities available, having been offered the job, I still decided to reject the offer. It would of been a step up there's no doubting that, but I don’t want to manage a different MLS side. This is my team, my baby almost. I have been here from the start and leaving the franchise for a different MLS team just isn’t something I would be willing to do. Toronto aren't the only MLS side who has been interested in my services either, LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders also offered me an Interview but again, neither are real options for the future.

In terms of the clubs finances, we have seen the strain of trying to push into the upper tiers, with an increase in player wages. This has seen us waive Bradley Wright-Phiillips. Bradley was on a salary of $1,600,000 a year, and for the amount of game time he was receiving it wasn’t feasible. Bazoers contract has seen us take a dip in the balance, however, we are looking at ways to ensure we start making profit again.

This season is only just getting started for us now, the CONCACAF Champions League came to a disappointing conclusion but now we can focus solely on the domestic side. The playoffs are the aim and we are confident of achieving that.


Justice:The defense has been very impressive, conceding half of what some teams have in more games played. The lack of goals has been a concern but recently we have been improving it that area, long may it continue.
Scott:Indeed it does. Hopefully it will come to an end in the near future!

The schedule is a real problem for King and something he wants fixing it seems. But with the more rest time coming it seems Cincy are turning it around!
A less gruelling schedule has enabled improvement. A couple of wins and Cincy will be in a much better position and their initial struggles in the league will be forgotten. King is rightfully attracting interest given his achievements at the club and I'm sure his resume will continue to read impressively as the years go by.

Sevilla Welcome Paul King

Sevilla FC are delighted to announce that Paul King will become the teams new First Team Manager as he agrees a contract leaving former club FC Cincinnati.

Sevilla F.C chairman Jose Castro has today announced that Paul King will become the sides latest manager, after Javi Gracia’s resignation came at the end of last season. King will join the club immediately, leaving FC Cincinnati for the first time since they were founded in 2015.

King, who played and managed at the University of Cincinnati, was the first ever Head Coach of FC Cincinnati, taking the role December 1st 2015. The club performed steadily in its first few years, before being announced as the newest MLS Franchise, starting in 2019.

King led his side to a tremendous debut season, finishing 5th in the MLS Eastern Conference, securing the club a playoff spot, considered almost impossible at the start of the year. Cincinnati also won the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup last season securing them the opportunity to compete in the CONCACAF Champions League this season.

That Champions League run was seen as another undeniable success story in Kings career so far, as the 32 year old American led his team to the final. Finishing as runners up, Cincy took their form into the domestic competitions with recent wins over Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles FC. Having struggled early on, Cincinnati currently sit in 9th in the Eastern Conference, with a win in their game in hand seeing them into the playoff spots.

Chairman, Jose Castro, released the following statement announcing King as the latest manager of the club.

“I am delighted to announce that Sevilla F.C. have today welcomed Paul King as the latest manager of our great club. Paul (King) will take charge effect of immediately and will be in training come Pre-Season.

Paul (King) is a very young manager who has helped build a club in America, with his involvement at FC Cincinnati, his home town club. Paul (King) has built a reputation in America as being a very talented young manager who will get the best out of any team, we are very excited to see him in the dugout at Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium.”

Paul King becomes the first American manager in both the clubs and LaLiga history as well as becoming the youngest manager in the Spanish top flight.

They say ‘all good things must come to an end’ and I guess that’s what has happened with my time at Cincinnati. Cincy is a club I have spent almost five straight years at, it’s a city where all of my sporting achievements have occurred. Winning two Highschool state championships, playing in the NCAA tournament for University of Cincinnati, coaching the University and up until yesterday, being the only manager in FC Cincinnati’s history.

It was a job I loved, a job that meant the world to me, but ultimately one I had to walk away from. What we achieved there is extraordinary. If what we did happened in England, the whole world would be talking about it. Gaining promotion to the top tier, qualifying for the playoffs and winning the cup, allowing us to play in the Champions League. Then the following season, making it all the way to the Champions League final, it is nothing short of exceptional.

But I had to leave. The world of football is fickle, a good year means nothing if the following year you can’t back it up. A few poor results and you are out of a job. Things were continuing to go well at Cincy, and that’s why some of the biggest clubs in the world were interested in my services. Before accepting the Sevilla job, I had job interviews at AC Milan, Newcastle United and Crystal Palace, where I could have linked up with my old friend Wayne Hennesey had I been offered the job. But Sevilla were the team willing to take a gamble on a young American manager.

Sevilla is a massive club, a side that won three Europa Leagues in a row, a run that made everyone take notice. It is a club with ambition and a club with facilities I could of only dreamed of at Cincinnati.

I can’t wait to get properly stuck into this job, and I can’t wait to bring success to Sevilla.


Scott:That interest finally paid off. Managing in Europe is the biggest test of any manager and King wants to prove himself as one of the best. The time was right to move on, lets see what impact he will make in Spain.
Ohh nice little change there, hopefully they have a decent squad to work with!

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