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Best 5 star Coaches

Started on 6 May 2010 by cudi
Latest Reply on 5 November 2010 by ex ponto
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hey i was just wondering if anyone could give me list of the best coaching staff please? like their role?
There have been many threads about this, you should search for them first before asking again. Just saying.

I cant remember the exact calculations behind how good a staff member is, but the basic principle behind any top staff is Discipline, Determination and Motivation. Apply basic search filters to keep these stats high and you'll get a good quality control check.

The technical side of coaching is more self explanitory, if you need a defensive coach look for someone with high Defense coaching etc. Some are more specific; I believe set pieces require Attack coaching and Technique coaching. Google it or check the instruction manuel that comes with the game for a basic idea.

The algorithms that create the star rating have changed through each patch to try and create a varied amount of staff, and so in each patch the weighting applied to each mental or technical stat changes slightly. However if you follow the basic principle of D.D.M + *Stat* then you should come up with some good results.

Patch 3 has reduced the number of 5star staff quite drastically, but off the top of my head, look for Paul Winsper as a 5 star fitness coach.

Hope this helps.
Indeed, the patch reduced them, however, there are few coaches left, such as:

Ricardo Moniz, (Ball Control) - HSV
Rene Meulensteen (Shooting) - Man Utd
Herarld Schumacher (GK) - Free
Biscioti (Fitness) - Free
Di Salvo (Fitness) - Free
Marco Rota (Fitness) - Free - (I am not sure if he has 5 stars, but he is good)

Be aware that the league you load to play affects the coaches available. i.e. above coaches are available in every league you load, however, if you play in the UK, there are more coaches available, (like winsper, malizia, etc) that are not available if you select the italian league for example, even if the UK league is in the background. (Malizia is Italian and he is loaded only in the UK league... weird!)

You can sort them out by using Genie Scout. You will always find some free agent 4/5 star coaches of the nation you selected to play.

Last but not least, as the attributes of your players alter over the years, same applies to coaches. Some of them may increase theiir ability to 5 starts and some of them may decrease their ability to 4.5 or even 4 from their starting 5 stars.
There aren't many 5 star coaches around but in my 2017/2018 Arsenal squad I have:

Ney Honorio dos Santos assistant manager 4.5 star tactics coach

Valter Di Salvo 4.5 star fitness coach

Tristan Celedor 4 star attacking coach

Kevin Hitchcock 4.5 star GK coach

Mehmet Scholl 5 star shooting coach + 4/4.5 star everything else!

Anselmo Sbraglia 4 star everything coach

Walmir Cruz 4 star fitness coach

Juanvi 4.5 star shooting coach

Ze Mario 4.5 star GK coach

Joao Marcelo Nogueira 4.5 star defending coach

Lillian Thuram 4.5 star defending coach

Tony Colbert 5 star fitness coach

David Sampedro 4.5 star shooting coach

Oleg Luzhnyi 4 star tactics ball control shooting set pieces coach

Xavi 4 star attacking and shooting coach

Rene Muelensteen 4.5 star set pieces coach

Esteban Cambiasso 4 star ball control shooting set pieces coach

Gennaro Gattuso 4 star fitness ball control shooting and set pieces coach

Raul 4.5 star ball control coach

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 4 star attacking coach

Paul McGuinness 4 star defending coach

Brian McClair 4 star Ball control coach

Warren Joyce 4 star defending coach

Francesco Toldo 4.5 star tactics coach

Fernando Resende 4.5 star GK coach

Rodolfo Mehl 4.5 star fitness coach

Steve Bould 4.5 star defending coach

Clarence Seedorf 4.5 star ball control coach
Another great list mate, very nice!!

I like seeing retired players that turned into decent coaches in-game, since I am not keen on using regens.
Thanks again bud

Good coaches are so hard to find! If I need a coach and I've been looking (sometimes for hours) I will sign whoever regen or otherwise if they're good enough!

Rene Muelensteen was the best attacking coach (4.5) in the game hands down in the first few seasons but of course would not leave Man Utd for Arsenal. I could only find regens around the 4 star mark...until Mehmet Scholl that is :D

Needed a list like this 8 seasons ago B)
the_doghead's avatar Group the_doghead
13 yearsEdited
Here are some who haven't been mentioned

Valdir de Moraies (Best Asst. Man in the game) 4 1/2 * defending coach amongst others. You need to have the Brazil leagues loaded to find him.

Carlinhos Neves 4 1/2 * fitness coach. Need Brazil leagues.

Paraiba 4 1/2 * GK coach, need Brazil leagues.

Quintiliano Lemos Filho 5 * Ball control, shooting and set piece coach, need Brazil leagues.

Anselmo Sbraglia can become 4 1/2 * coach in the same disciplines as Lemos Filho

Marco Rota can become 4 1/2 * in many disciplines

Francesco Chinnici 4 1/2 * Ball control and shooting coach

Pako Ayesteran 4 1/2 * fitness coach

Manuel Delgado Meco 4 1/2 * fitness coach

Claudio Gaudino 5 * fitness coach

Hope that's helpful

Added 40 minutes later:

Here is an image of de Moraies. Just to back up my assertion about him being the best :P
tnx mate :)

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