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Within North Korea

Career of a manager within the North Korean football system.
Started on 18 June 2019 by gatitoSpain
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info autor: My name is Brais Iglesias and I'm from Spain, I'm going to write this story because I've always been noticed. My language is Spanish, I control English mediumly, so I will help with the Google translator, so if you see some spelling mistake, I'm sorry. On the other hand, when I teach in-game images they will be in Spanish, since it is the language with which I play, I hope it does not bother, so let's start this story

History manager: Ha Sung Ji

Ha Sung Ji was born in Pyongyang on April 22, 1998, from a humble family, she used her football talent to reach North Korea's women's soccer team at only eighteen, but an injury to her twenty years forced her to leave soccer as a player achieving only play 7 games and score a single goal as international.

But she did not give up and achieved the title of coach of the North Korean federation, a second division team gave her her first job as manager, Ha Sung Ji could not achieve success as a player but wants to demonstrate her potential as a coach.

Chilbosan SC Team for DPRK Second Fotball League

Pre-Season 2018-19

The preseason has left good feelings, we expect a big start although the press gives us the bottom of the table.

We will be reporting the performance of Ha Sung Ji and his team every month.
Really interesting idea! Looking forward to seeing how this goes! The graphics are also highly impressive! Great start.
Best of luck here, my friend. This is an interesting idea!

Korean sports daily interview

Journalist: You have played the first matches, what conclusions do you draw from them?
Ha Sung Ji: We started losing, but we go back, we're fourth, and I see my team pretty well.
Journalist: You are a semi-professional team, there are professional teams in your league, do you really think you can overcome them in the table?
Ha Sung Ji: Of course there is a difference, our players do not charge, and in other teams they have a professional technical team, but I trust the board, that my amateurs know how to carry out my tactics, if I get it, there will be no professional club to get in the way!
Journalist: Thanks for the interview, it's time to finish, let's be lucky, miss.
A steady start so far.
Notes:I changed the skin of the game for one with a white background, so the screenshots will be sharper.

Regional newspaper interview

Journalist: It seems that the last matches have given you a reality hit. You started up exceeding everyone's expectations but now you are down.
Ha Sung Ji: Yes, it is impossible to deny that the last results have been disappointing, and to see ourselves so low affects the morale, but it remains tempting ahead and while we have options we will fight to be up.
Journalist: In your previous interview with a national newspaper, you talked about your tactics, making it clear that these were the best ones for the team to win, but these last results do not say the same thing. Do you consider changing your style of play?
Ha Sung Ji: I trust in me, and in my style of play, it is true that we have not reaped good results, but I think it is because even the players have not adapted to my system. I think that the next matches we will see improvements.
Journalist: Leaving the subject and taking us outside, what do you think about the performance of the national team in the Asian Cup, where they have been fourth?
Ha Sung Ji: North Korea has shown talent by going so far, it was a shame they remained in the semifinals, but they have shown that the level of North Korean football is not that far from what is supposed to be the best selections in Asia.
Journalist: Thank you very much for the interview has our small regional newspaper, is proud to have a coach with such ambition training the local team, I wish you luck and I hope to see you again.

Regional newspaper interview

Journalist: Hello, we see each other again, I have seen the results since the last interview and it has been incredible, the team seemed to sink but you have managed to put it through the fight to the ascent. It is a great merit.
Ha Sung Ji: Yes, we have improved a lot in the last matches, taking points in all of them, which is the important thing, even so, talk about possible promotion, I prefer to be cautious.
Journalist: When you arrived, you and the board of directors showed you to be very ambitious, making sure to take the team to first place this year, do you think you have made the mistake of being too ambitious? knowing that there were clubs with better status in your group?
Ha Sung Ji: I thought when I left the coaching academy that I had enough potential to take any club to the first division. But now I have come across reality, not only is knowing how to raise a game, many times the winner is not the best player but the one who is lucky, you can have possession for 90 minutes, and the opponent throws a goal once and mark you, and have you lost, unjustly? you could say yes, but that's football.
Journalist: Well, the season ends in October, it's still early, but how do you see yourself on that date? You will continue here even if you do not get the promotion, or take advantage of an offer to make a jump in your career.
Ha Sung Ji: If I do not achieve the goal of promotion, staying at the club will be something of the directive, for my part I am comfortable, and I would not mind trying to climb the next year, and I do not think any club will look at me for the next season.
Journalist: So maybe we'll see you around here one more year, I wish you luck for the next matches and I hope to see you again, thank you very much for coming here to meet you.
A much better month! I love the newspaper article about K-Pop. :P
2019-06-20 18:35#257808 ScottT : A much better month! I love the newspaper article about K-Pop. :P
Thanks for following the story. I will try to make each post better, improving and adding the content.
Damn, I really like Nike boots :(


Korean sports interview

Journalist: Hello trainer, these two months you have taken a big leap in the table reaching third place. Two victories and a draw, not bad, knowing that at the beginning of the season our editors said you would not pass the tenth place.
Ha Sung Ji: Yes, we have worked hard, and we have our prize, it is true that the press gave us as a team that would be below the classification, but I do not blame them, in the end they only write what they want to fill pages, surely none of they have stepped on a ball.
Journalist: Hoo, these words will not be funny to my teammates haha, going on topic, your team is one of the top scorers in the league, but also the ones that most fit goals, how do you explain this?
Ha Sung Ji: I ask my players to go on the attack for 90 minutes, of course this gives us goals but we also risk the counterattack of the opponent with the defense dislocated. But it's my game philosophy and I'm not going to change it.
Journalist: I understand, there are only a couple of games left to finish the season, how do you see the issue of promotion?
Ha Sung Ji: We are eight points behind the leader, there are few games left but we will try until the end.
Journalist: I see that he does not give up, I wish him luck, we'll see him again, miss.
If you continue to work hard, who knows what can be achieved!

Korean sports interview
Journalist: Today should not be a good day for you, they have escaped first place, there are still three games, how will they face them if they already know that there will be no promotion?
Ha Sung Ji: It was tough, but we were not favorites and even then we managed to face the big ones, the last games we will fight equally, we want to be in the best possible position.
Journalist: We are already at the end of the season, do you have any future plans? Will you stay here or will you look for another club?
Ha Sung Ji: For now I will focus on what remains, then I will sit down with my family and see what will be advisable for my future.
That wasn't an ideal month, but you will come back stronger.

Korean sports daily interview

Journalist: You have played the first matches, what conclusions do you draw from them?
Ha Sung Ji: We achieved a deserved third place, and this gives us the strength to continue climbing the next season.
Journalist: Will you continue to lead the club? It is rumored that there are teams interested in you.
Ha Sung Ji: For the moment I am and will continue to be the coach of this club.
Journalist: Do you have something to say about the performance of the players?.
Ha Sung Ji: They have been fantastic, they worked like true professionals.
Journalist: Thank you for answering the questions, I'll let you go to the club awards gala. Goodbye

Club Awards

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