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Welcome to Fodder

First things first apologies to Bolton Fans
Started on 21 August 2019 by FMConsole
Latest Reply on 18 September 2019 by FMConsole
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I recently got bored and have asset stripped Bolton I removed all staff and players

after eleven games we are 5th and i have no idea why is there a challenge set up or should we have one created wish i started this for the story

Just asking has anyone else done similar and done a blank canvas team with a month to build a squad with little spend?
Where did you found all the money needed to do such a complete overhaull? Pretty sure Bolton actually are not in the best financial position to do ot.
I did it via create a club so chose to replace Bolton

you our can choose to remove all staff and players and start with nothing except you

my profile is always 1s or 2s

you get given a budget think mine was 20m and 120k wage budget.

I have spent only 4m and my wage budget is the second lowest in the championship.

will put screenshots up to show finances but what with the work permits restricting buying non eu gems I liked the look of in South Africa I had to be smart

I still don’t know why we started so we’ll we have awful team cohesion no leaders but we have a strong tactical cohesion and that seems to get us through games.
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Heres my second attempt for the intrigued
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okay so where to begin

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So i have started to play games so wanted to give a quick update on players signed

I'm updating the previous posts with youtube clips from the players because i've never heard of a lot of them in real life

take a look
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okay so lets talk wingers and forwards

So tactic wise I wanted quickish player who had a bit of quality on the ball but cheapish

Thats my squad will introduce youth prospects as they make debut etc.


We only have 2 tactics since day 1

the Counterattack for away and tough home games

or a Gegenpress for games where we might be able to dominate possession

A decent start for you!
Yes it was I’m not quite sure why when you consider how difficult those two opening games were. We have managed to beat two very decent promotion contenders.

We are 1000-1 to one shots and only Rotherham have a lower wage budget. I’m quite happy with the start. No goals from upfront yet though but it’s a team effort and that’s what matters in this league.

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