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Assistant Pre Match Reports

Started on 21 May 2010 by Raligt
Latest Reply on 14 September 2010 by joannes3000
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Does anyone take on board the advice your assistant gives you before a match? I tried it for a while, changing my formation about what my assistant had recommended but it was losing me more games than i won. then i started playing my favourite tactic and ignoring his advice (4-5-1 att) and i started to win again, won the ligue 1 with marseille using this tactic everygame.

does any1 else change about their tactics game to game or do you stick with the same one all season?
you have to know how good your assistant or coaches are. some wont be that good and might not give you the best advice.

i don't listen to everything they say. especially not formation and so.

but at times they say that they have seen the other team struggle vs teams who play with slightly higher defence line. so if your used to playing deep you might want to change that slightly.

but i listen more on which players i should close down and so. i also like to read the match reports before the match. as you could know around a bout where most of their threat is and choose a team accordingly.

formation and most of the tactic work should be your own work. but in certain matches it could be good to change the formation, not drasticly though. but at times you might see that in this match you need more cover centrally so you might play with 1 DM and 2 CM etc. but most of the stuff is upto you to know.

some advice are good, some can be shit.
I usually change my tactic throughout the season. My favoured tactic is a 4-5-1 (Man United Style) but if my team is finding it hard to score I'll switch to a 4-4-2 or push the wingers up to join the attack and make a 4-3-3.

I always look at the backroom advice which can be useful. Also I like to look at my opponents past 5 or so matches and look at which tactics are effective against them.

Best thing is to balance your tactic with your own ideas but also look at the assistants advice.
i used to listen to my assistans, if i had a good one.
but i found it to be more effective if i don't switch systems around all the time and let them get used to it.

the only things i change around from time to time, depending on my opponent's strength are passing style and creative freedom.
at the start of the game, i will search asst manager with high tactical knowledge stats, maybe above 15 to make sure the asst man know what he said about. also the tactical above 15 to give good advice during the game and also high motivating stats to help me during match talks :yes
I never use the information my assistant provides me with. I make sure my tactics are consistent, and always try to mark opponents from the midfield onwards (as well as show onto weaker footer).
And during the match I usually go for exploit the flanks, pass into space and work ball into box.

The assistant is useful to me when selecting the squad for a match, just to see his recommendations for the first eleven. His tactical knowledge and motivation may also come in handy in case you wish to leave a few not so important matches for him to handle, without unsettling any players with his match team talks.
I feel that a vanilla 442 formation can be easily morphed with different player roles, so I almost always use the same formation from start to finish. The only times I would consider changing them is if I'm devastated by injuries or if I'm really trying to play offensive or defensive football at the end of a game.

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