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Attacking Corner settings

Started on 22 June 2010 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 23 June 2010 by RedArmy20
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I just got done watching a game and noticed that my players don't seem to be following the settings I have laid out. Without going into a ton of detail, I have three players set to challenge the keeper yet all game long nobody was doing that. I'm going to watch a few more games but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing.

Typically, I will at least get someone to step into the 6 yard box for a challenge, but my guys aren't even getting in position. I wonder if they're just getting muscled out of position every time on corners or if something isn't working right.
well i know that you cant have 3 players assigned to the same position in attacking corners. because otherwise u could cheat like in fm 06 where everyone was set on far post and then 1 lurking outside who just shot in goals from nearly every corner hehe.
I had no idea that you could, or in this case can't, do that. I'm heavily estimating, but I know for sure that before the most recent patch I was getting positive results with just one player challenging the keeper (strong, good jumping, good heading). I started adding extra guys to challenge the keeper because I wasn't getting results any more. And I'm not talking about bagging goals on every corner - I'm happy when my guys can get a play on the ball. :)

I've since gone back to the default settings where you have a ton of players set to FWD roles and they tend to bunch up just outside of the 6 yard box. Rather than pointlessly fire corners into the 6 yard box just to have the keeper snag it or to have a defender clear it, I think I'm going to go a different route.
the best succes ive had with corners on FM10 is to aim them to back post and have a CB attack far post, i once had evans score 25 goals in one season for Sunderland with this tactic :)

hope this helps
well i think this is a good thing with FM that you can have different corner tactics. before it was 1 great the rest were shite.

but i still think they can improve this area of the game.

as we all know in modern football many goals come from crosses incl corners and set plays.

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