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Micky being taken
Started on 31 October 2019 by chippyboy
Latest Reply on 4 November 2019 by safc73
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I paid for this game over a month ago. I am disappointed in your treatment of customers who make the game possible. I am disabled and feel I have been taken advantage of. You have taken my money, had it for a month or more, and produced nothing. All because the almighty Google want FM20 for their Stadi release. And please no BS about that not being the case. I have with a heavy heart instructed my solicitors to proceed with a case of misreprenstation against you. Funny the game was ready for so called creators but not for us who have played the game sine 1991 #shameonyou

Follow up SI games and Miles Jacobson deleted and blocked my tweets
Hi chippyboy,

I'm not sure why you're having a dig at FM Scout about this. We are not involved in the development of the game, nor we have a say in any decisions (such as release dates). This is a community by fans for fans.

With that out of the way, I can partly understand your frustration for a late release. However, it's not like the game will never be released; there's simply a 2-week delay for it. Regarding the reasons behind this delay is not our place to comment really.

Now about certain content creators getting access to an alpha version of the game, I believe it's all part of the advertising / promotion plan to generate hype and boost sales.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Beta whenever that drops; perhaps tonight.
What on earth is your problem, you've paid money for a game that has constantly been advertised as released on the 19th of November, not only that they have constantly said the beta will be out around 2 weeks before that, for context it was released yesterday, 19 days before release. You weren't forced to pre order it, you can easily wait until the game is out and the buy it

Oh and that game the creators had was an alpha build, so nowhere near the finished product, hell even the beta isn't a finished product, SI or FM Scout whoever it is you're having a dig at have never once said the game is a finished product and will not be until 19th November. The release date has nothing to do with Stadia, Miles put on twitter that even if Stadia was released tomorrow the game wouldn't be ready.

Oh you say because you're disabled someone has taken advantage of you, firstly I'm sorry about your condition however you can;t expect SI or FM Scout to know you're disabled without you telling them prior to paying, or that they know they've taken advantage of (which they haven't) of anyone in any condition, because they haven't!

Get a grip.
Imagine going to a solicitor over a £40 game lol which i very much doubt you have because they'd probably laugh at you anyways.

You are reading "Enough".

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