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Reagan Connelly: Il Burattinaio Irlandese

Started on 31 October 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 12 May 2020 by TheLFCFan
A good start under Reagan, despite that Roma match. Next month is going to be very tough having to play three of the top six, and two of those being top four. Despite playing Juve, Lazio at home will be the big game this month in my opinion. Three points behind them and could give you a big boost to getting into Europe.
Not a bad start. Roma was always going to be a tricky game so early into Connelly's reign.
Not much holding Milan back from a mid-season rise up the table, but it requires consistency.
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Novembre 2019

31 November 2019, Milan, Italy

Gabriella Berardi: “Welcome back everyone to the show. We have a fantastic show coming up. Alongside me is of course Pietro Scola, and we are accompanied by his colleague Gemma Gentile and no one other than Reagan Connelly. Thank you all for being here. Reagan, of course I’d have to start with you. How have you experienced these last two months.”

Reagan Connelly: “It might be a bit of a cliché, but it has been a rollercoaster, genuinely. In two weeks my entire life got turned upside down.”

Pietro Scola: “Did you have any reservations about taking the job. Because it’s a difference from being two days a week at the club as a trainer and being there full-time as manager.”

Reagan Connelly: “Most definitely, I loved being able to spend time with my family and it’s really the big downside of taking on this challenge, but it’s a chance I couldn’t go untouched. I love this club and being able to help in such a way is fantastic.”

Gemma Gentile: “I’m sure everyone on the outside could see the changes within the squad. The team have seemed to gel so well after you took over, do you feel that way too.”

Pietro Scola: “I’m sorry to come between this, but isn’t it natural for a team to experience some sort of bounce as soon as a new manager takes over. We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again. I’m sorry Reagan, but I don’t feel like that’s because of you per se.”

Reagan Connelly: “No need to apologize, it’s been two months. Results may be positive now, but as soon as they start to go down again, people will be asking for my head. The footballing world is a fantastic one, but it’s also very reactionary, if you get what I mean. I’m not going to go to overestimate myself, it’s important to keep my feet at the ground and keep working hard.”

Gabriella Berardi: “As you’ve already mentioned it, let’s go look at the results of this month.”

Pietro Scola: “As we can see, this month was incredibly tough for us. But once again, 6 points from 3 games, still unbeaten at home under Reagan and a very important month for continental qualification. We started the game with that 1-0 victory at home to Lazio, which saw Çalhanoglu score an absolute banging goal as well as that incredible penalty save from Gianluigi.”

Gabriella Berardi: “After Lazio there was an away game at Juventus and despite that go-ahead goal from Kessié, the champions were able to come away with a victory. The final game saw us host Napoli and once again we left it late, with Piatek scoring the decisive 1-0. Gemma, what did you think of this month.”

Gemma Gentile: “Incredible really, 6 points from these 3 games is fantastic. The team played very well and the play on the pitch was incredibly satisfying to watch. A game plan was made and executed.”

Gabriella Berardi: “Naturally the people want to know, Reagan, how did you experience these last three games.”

Reagan Connelly: “We knew from the start these were going to be tough games, but if you want to push for Europe, which we do, you need to pick up points in those games. They weren’t the prettiest of victories, but they were victories nonetheless and that’s what matters.”

Pietro Scola: “At your reveal, you did say however you wanted to win with some beautiful football and there has been some criticism about those last few games.”

Reagan Connelly: “Obviously I would love to win each game with the best possible football, but that’s not always possible. I’m much happier to get 3 points on the board than none and if we get European football at the end of the run, I don’t think fans will be too disheartened by the fact we had a few ugly wins.”

Gabriella Berardi: “Moving on to the player of the month and the fans almost all agreed. Gianluigi Donnarumma has been named player of the month. Gemma and Pietro do you agree.”

Gemma Gentile: “For sure, without Donnarumma, there would’ve been fewer points, maybe 4, maybe 2, maybe none. So it’s a given that he gets it.”

Pietro Scola: “Completely agree with you Gemma, 21 saves including that penalty stop. Insane month from him and I hope that scouts weren’t paying too much attention this month.”

Gabriella Berardi: “Before we finish up here, one look at the league table which tells us that…”

Gabriella Berardi: “....we see a bit of improvement. 9th place now, tied on points with Fiorentina in 7th. 7th place would mean a potential Europa League place. AC Milan seem to be certainly looking upwards not downwards. We’ll catch you all next month to discuss the games against Parma, Bologna, Sassuolo and most-importantly the derby against Atalanta. Ciao.”

TheLFCFan:Beating Lazio (and Napoli) does give us a great boost in momentum for Europe, let's hope we can keep that going.
Scott:Definitely, away from home as well. 6 points from those 3 games is a great start.
Jack:Consistency is key, but the quality of clubs around us may it make it very tough to keep that consistency
A very tricky set of fixtures on paper, but Reagan and his team have certainly produced the goods to gain a respectable six points from a possible nine. The signs of improvement are certainly there, but as noted by Reagan, it needs to be maintained. Supporters can be incredibly rash and reactionary should there be a downfall in results and a passionate fan-base like Milan are likely to get on top of the team should this occur.
An great month really. Juventus are miles ahead at the moment and it isn't expected that you'd be getting anything from them away from home. Wins against Lazio and Napoli is massive and now those European places look a lot more likely.
Probably one of the hardest months you're going to have opposition-wise but you did magnificently well. It seems Juve are running away with it this time but your focus should be on getting into Europe.
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Dicembre 2019

31 December 2019, Milan, Italy

Gabriella Berardi: “Welcome back everyone, the year is coming to an end and so is a very eventful decade. AC Milan played four games to finish off the year and I’m here joined by our regular guest Pietro Scola and former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand. Welcome gentlemen, nice to have you both here. Let’s start off with a quick look at the games that have been played. Four games were played, two wins, one draw and a single loss to end the month. Pietro, what did you think.”

Pietro Scola: “An unfortunate loss to Atalanta really, they’re a good side, and we knew that coming into the match, but a loss is very harsh as I felt like we deserved a point.”

Rio Ferdinand: “I agree, Connelly had it set up quite well, but that early Hateboer goal gave Atalanta so much confidence and despite the chances, AC Milan never looked like scoring.”

Gabriella Berardi: “A very unfortunate game to round up what was quite a good month.”

Pietro Scola: “Yes and no, 7 points from 4 games is an okay record and the football that was played, was arguably the best we’ve seen from AC Milan since Connelly has taken over. Chances were created very easily, but despite that goals weren’t being scored as much as possible.”

Rio Ferdinand: “I agree, the football was good, the results could have been better. That Bologna draw in particular, the game was in control, yet a little slip-up allowed Palacios to score, which allowed for Bologna to get a point and I’m slowly starting to believe this side isn’t great away from home. Only one win from six games away from, which was away to Parma, it needs to be sorted out. Connelly has set up his team well, but the results need to come to go alongside the performance.”

Gabriella Berardi: “A look at the league table tells that we sit in 7th, which would get us into an Europa League spot. Connelly has made it publicly known that’s his aim and three months in, and he’s doing it.”

Pietro Scola: “You can’t disagree with what Connelly has done. We have improved and I’m sure a possible attempt to get Champions League is possible, I don’t see why not. Teams around the top 4 are dropping points, and we could see Connelly make use of that.”

Gabriella Berardi: “One last bit of news that has come out recently, which is that Connelly might get a contract extension, which could see him stay here for at least one more year, Rio what are your opinions on that?”

Rio Ferdinand: “Listen, AC Milan might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Reagan’s at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. AC Milan is back.”

Gabriella Berardi: “And on that note we’ll finish off for today, we will catch you back in a week to talk to you all about the latest transfer news. Ciao.”
AC Milan is back! Nice to see you doing better in the league, not far off Roma as well. Catching them would certainly be a success. I think this AC side has what it takes too.
Those words from Ferdinand sound strangely familiar... ;)
Piatek has been massive for you so far this season, scoring seven of your eighteen goals so far (if my maths is right). Hopefully he can continue to impress as your rise in the league continues.

I agree with Scott, they do sound somewhat familiar. Only difference being he's saying it about a somewhat capable manager this time ;)

Gennaio 2020 (pt.1)

7 January 2020, Milan, Italy

Gabriella Berardi: “Welcome back Rossoneri for a transfer special this week, where we talk about the latest transfer rumours. I’m joined here with of course Pietro Scola as well as transfer specialist James Green. To start off today, we’re going to talk about a rumour which has been around for quite a while, Donnarumma has been once again linked with a move to PSG.”

Pietro Scola: “Not a surprise really, PSG want a goalkeeper and in terms of young goalkeepers, there is no better choice in the world than Donnarumma. Connelly has been determined to keep him, but if PSG come in with an offer, I truly believe he is gone.”

James Green: “I believe this transfer will be finalized, whether it be this window or the next. I can’t see Donnarumma signing a new contract and AC Milan must want to cash in on him.”

Gabriella Berardi: “Another player that might be leaving is Lucas Biglia, the club has received offers from unknown Saudi clubs. Biglia’s contract is up in the summer and the Argentinian has been losing his spot in the team since Connelly came in.”

James Green: “I expect this to go through as well, Biglia wants it to happen, the clubs want it to happen and AC Milan have reportedly made an offer for Eduardo Camavinga, which will be a great replacement for Biglia.”

Pietro Scola: “I think it’s not a bad trade-off player wise, but Biglia’s experience could prove useful in the remainder of the season. Camavinga is a wonderful young player, but I question whether he’s ready to make the step-up from Ligue 1 to Serie A and on top of that, whether he wants to be second choice.”

Gabriella Berardi: “One last player that might leave is club captain Romagnoli, English outfits Manchester United and Arsenal seem very interested in him. Thoughts on this possible transfer.”

James Green: “I can’t see it happening, not in January. Maybe if they offer a record-breaking fee, but Arsenal don’t have that money to spend and Manchester United won’t break the record again. I could Manchester City maybe try and get him in, but they’ve given up interest in him apparently.”

Gabriella Berardi: “So those were the transfers out, we’ve mentioned Camavinga, but it seems to be that he won’t be the only signing this window.”

James Green: “Most definitely not, AC Milan want to sign a winger and defender for depth, so I could see similar signings as Camavinga. Young players with good potential that can get into the side in one or two years.”

Pietro Scola: “My thoughts immediately go to Alphonso Davies from Bayern München or David Neres from Ajax. Davies is reportedly allowed to leave Bayern on a loan and Neres has been having problems with manager Erik ten Hag. If we could get either of those two in, whether it would be a loan with a future fee or a transfer, it’d be a great piece of business.”

James Green: “I can’t see Bayern include a future fee for Alphonso Davies, the club seem to rate him very highly and I doubt they’ll let him leave on a permanent basis. As for Neres, I can see that transfer going, as you pointed out, he has had problems with Ten Hag and is open for a move away, the big problem is, that Neres has a lot of clubs looking at him and with no Champions League football at AC Milan, most likely not next season either, I think AC Milan is an underdog in securing his signing.”

Pietro Scola: “Great point, as for a defender, I’d love to get a bit more experience in the backline. We’ve conceded sloppy goals, it has been better since Connelly came in, but a bit more experience wouldn’t hurt.”

James Green: “It’s well-known AC Milan is looking for that kind of player, but as of this moment no links have really been much more than rumours. Marcos Rojo and Dejan Lovren have both been linked and seem interested, but neither of those rumours have taken off. I expect AC Milan to sign a new defender, but who it will be is a question at this stage.”

Gabriella Berardi: “Anything either of you want to say, before we’re finished.”

James Green: “Not really.”

Pietro Scola: “I have nothing to say either.”

Gabriella Berardi: “Very well then, we will catch you all at the end of the month to see the results for all the coming games as well as whether James and Pietro were right with some of their transfer rumours. Ciao.”

Aaron: The potential is there for sure, but Europa League football is the aim and I'm more than content if I were to finish in this position
Scott: Do they?
TheLFCFan: Your math is correct, 7 goals and a couple of assists from Piatek is massive and has definitely been key in our rise up the table and I hope he can continue to impress
David Neres would be an unbelievable signing for Milan!
Keeping hold of players like Romagnoli and Donnarumma will be integral for Milan, as well as strengthening with signings like Camavinga who is an excellent young prospect and Neres or Davies. Connelly does seem to have a clear strategy in place.
PREM REJECTS UNITE! Can't beat a good prem reject in Italian football. Apart from those, getting Neres in on a decent deal after his problems at Ajax would be a great bit of business. Whilst Camavinga is a talented young player who could develop under Connelly's management.

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