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Reagan Connelly: Il Burattinaio Irlandese

Started on 31 October 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 12 May 2020 by TheLFCFan
When it comes ;) Another couple of good results. Hopefully some of the others slip up and Milan can gather a bit of a buffer.
Very tight for the champions league places, going to take some good results to hold on.

Aprile 2020

1 May 2020, Milan, Italy

Gabriella Berardi: Our penultimate monthly review of this season, where I’m joined by Gemma Gentile, who has replaced Pietro, because Pietro is stuck at home with the flu after returning from his holiday, as well as Bob Jones, president of AC Milan’s largest American official fan club. We will be discussing the vital month of April today as Connelly’s side continues their hunt for the Champions League.

Gemma Gentile: Always a pleasure to be here.

Bob Jones: Thanks for having me on, Gabriella.

Gabriella Berardi: Let’s jump straight into the results then,

Gabriella Berardi: another unbeaten month. A big win over AS Roma kicked off the month of April in the same fashion as we finished March. A Musacchio double helped the side over a big 4-1 win away at SPAL. It was a goalless draw away at Lazio which saw us drop points for the first time since the 12th of January, when Cagliari took us to a 0-0 draw. The month was finished off by a routine 2-0 win over Parma. Gemma, a good month once again and the form has been incredible, could they keep this up for yet another month.

Gemma Gentile: It’s possible, but you can’t underestimate how tough that last month is, a total of seven games in something like 20 games. It’ll be a real test to see how ready this squad is for Europe.

Bob Jones: Most definitely, but there is a good bit of depth in the squad now, after the arrivals of Kehrer and Davies.

Gemma Gentile: They’re still loans, either way, if qualification for Europe does arise, signings have to be made.

Gabriella Berardi: I think that’s a topic for the future, back to the results. How did you think the side performed.

Gemma Gentile: It’s a shame that, somehow, the ball didn’t end up in the net against Lazio, otherwise it would have been four from four again, but the side played well. The confidence in the squad is clearly growing and the team is playing better and better and the results are flowing in. I don’t think there can be enough praise for Connelly.

Bob Jones: Completely agree. Games against SPAL and Parma should never give too many problems, and they didn’t and the game against AS Roma felt so easy as well, so natural. Like Gemma said, confidence is growing by the minute and it reflects on and off the pitch.

Gemma Gentile: I’m sorry to jump the gun a bit Gabriella, but what a month it has been for Piatek. As soon as Connelly arrived, he didn’t just start playing well, he started playing like an elite striker. I might be swayed by my liking of him, but with his form, he could be a serious contender for the Ballon d’Or.

Bob Jones: As good as he’s been, that’s pushing it, but once again, this month he has been so good. In the right position at all times, his hold-up play is world-class and his finishing is unmatched.

Gabriella Berardi: Well then, as hinted at by Gemma, Piatek won the vote for our player of the month, with three goals and two assists. Considering we won’t have to speak about Piatek any more, we could just as well jump into the results.

Gabriella Berardi: with seven games left, the Champions League spots are still very contested. With four clubs within three points for the final three places, considering Juventus has qualified for the Champions League and are only one point away from secure the title.

Bob Jones: It’s not like grabbing the title was our aim, I think most Rossoneri will be more than content with tuesday and wednesday night football to return to San Siro and that is looking more and more likely.

Gemma Gentile: Don’t get too optimistic, larger gaps have been given away in football, a bit of poor form, a little misjudgment or a quickly taken corner could all easily ruin it at this stage in the competition.

Gabriella Berardi: On that we’ll see you back in a month with our final monthly review and a little bit later we’ll also talk about the entire season here with the one and only Reagan Connelly.
Justice: It's quite mad how tight it is, especially considering we had dropped 2 points in 2020 at that point
Scott: At this point I'm convinced that we'll have to win every game that comes at us.
TheLFCFan: Luckily the form is good, unfortunately the others have had great form too, either way the objective is to win our games.
Damn the UCL Places are incredibly tight. Connelly`s Milan need to be at their absolute best or they may be left stranded.
Piatek seems to be that striker that can elevate the quality of his side just that extra level. He's been fantastic.
Well, seven games seem to need at least 6 victories at this rate to ensure you get that top 4 place. Hopefully some of the teams around you can drop off.
You could win every game and it'd still be incredibly tight behind you. FM has it in for you.

Maggio 2020

1 June 2020, Milan, Italy

Gabriella Berardi: Welcome all. We are gathered here for the final monthly review of the season. Of course, I won’t be alone here, I’m joined with our regular guest, Pietro Scola as well as club captain Alessio Romagnoli. Gentleman, welcome in the studio.

Pietro Scola: Thanks for having me back here.

Alessio Romagnoli: Great to be here.

Gabriella Berardi: As always, let’s start off by taking the look at the games we played this month,

Gabriella Berardi: a total of seven games were played and another month with some incredible performances. Three draws and four wins, including that massive 5-1 win over Juventus and a vital win away at Napoli. Alessio, the start of May wasn’t what you all hoped for, with three tough draws. However, you managed to completely flick the switch and turn the tide, how?

Alessio Romagnoli: The start wasn’t great. Personally, I think it was a bit of nerves of all players involved. We were so close and if it’s in your sight, you want to grab those Champions League spots and make the fans proud, so much so, that you start overthinking things, which isn’t a good thing.

Pietro Scola: How did you turn it around for the Juventus game? It seemed like the team shook off the rust, as if everything seemed to click again all of a sudden.

Alessio Romagnoli: Frankly, it felt like that to us too. The Sassuolo match we were nervous and the start of both the Atalanta match and the Bologna match we seemed to play more against ourselves than the actual opponents. The manager helped us, leading up to the Juventus game, to gather ourselves back to our previous selves and it worked.

Gabriella Berardi: Of course, the main talking point of this month was that Juventus game, Alessio, how did you feel during that game.

Alessio Romagnoli: The manager wanted to make a statement, to ourselves and the rest of Italy. What better way to come back to form for that final push than beat the champions was his message and, well, it certainly seems like we received that message.

Gabriella Berardi: How did that Juventus game affect morale leading up to the final three matches? I assume it was a very pleasant turn of events.

Alessio Romagnoli: Most certainly, two more wins would seal it for us at that point and after that kind of win, you feel like you could take on the world, and we played a fantastic match against Cagliari after that and at that point, morale was through the roof and at that point the nerves were gone for the most part.

Gabriella Berardi: Thanks for the talk, Alessio. For all Rossoneri who hadn’t paid any attention to the league table, I assume that there won’t be too many, here is the league table.

Gabriella Berardi: second place, an unbelievable result after an unbelieve season. The team has finished on 81 points, seven ahead of Inter and nine ahead of Napoli.

Pietro Scola: Incredible, our aim was European football and I think most fans would be more than content with a battle for the Champions League to, not only grab Champions League qualification, but to do it in such fashion, incredible. Simply incredible.

Gabriella Berardi: Some clear words from Pietro to finish off today’s episode. Make sure to tune in next week, where we’ll be joined by Reagan Connelly to talk about the ins and outs of the season. See you next week. Ciao.

Eoin, TheLFCFan, Justice: I'm sure the neutrals wouldve enjoyed that kind of race for CL. I definitely didn't
Scott: Piatek has shown to be exactly that the entire season, let's hope that quality doesnt get noticed by some European powerhouses in the summer
Not only to qualify for the Champions League next season, but do so convincingly and ahead of city-rivals Inter is a terrific achievement and ought to be celebrated.
A good points tally. Next season the target will definitely be to close the gap on Juve!
A good place to end of the season and a chance at Europe next year. Some good signings and you could be challenging that ageing Juve side next season.

Fine Stagione 2019-20

11 June 2020, Milan, Italy

Gabriella Berardi: The 2019-2020 season has officially ended. An eventful first few months left Reagan Connelly in charge for the remainder of the season and he managed to secure a second place. Today we will discuss the past season and who else than Reagan Connelly to join me and Pietro Scola. Gentleman, thanks for being here. Reagan, you were of course here earlier in the season. How has the world change for you since then?

Reagan Connelly: Tough question, I really don’t know. I just keep doing what I think is right and, well, it seems to have been going well.

Pietro Scola: I think you’re underselling yourself, you turned a struggling mid-table side in a side that could potentially challenge for a title net year.

Reagan Connelly: I feel like you’re overselling me. We’ve had a good year, but I’m not getting ahead of myself. Next year we will have at least six more games to play and hopefully a few more. We’ve had luck with a lack of injuries and one or two long-term injuries next year, and we could be struggling to recreate this season.

Gabriella Berardi: European football was the aim for the season, getting Champions League football in such a manner surely must mean something.

Reagan Connelly: It does, but it’s football at the end of the day. A few poor results could happen, morale goes down and then you’re fighting each game against yourselves. It happened when I was a player and it could genuinely ruin an entire season. The goal is to prevent that from happening next year, but that’s not always preventable.

Pietro Scola: Like you just said, at least six more games, can we expect strengthening in the summer.

Reagan Connelly: It’s quite early to say that, the first few scouting lists are being made, but that includes well over 100 players. It’s not always down to what we want, there are so many parties involved with transfers. Yes, we do want some good signings, whether that is possible we’ll see in a few months from now.

Gabriella Berardi: Do you think you could challenge for the title next year?

Reagan Connelly: The goal is to get Champions League consistently again, whether or not we’ll be able to compete for the title we’ll see throughout the season. Right now, a title win isn’t our objective, but if we would, hypothetically, be able to put up a good fight, we most definitely will.

Pietro Scola: What was the absolute highlight of the season for you?

Alessio Romagnoli: It might sound a bit cliché, but for me the first game was the absolute highlight. Back at San Siro, seeing that intense atmosphere once again. It genuinely felt like coming home. Obviously the win against Inter Milan was incredible as well.

Gabriella Berardi: Well then, I think that’s a great note to end on, Pietro thanks to you as well. We’ll see you before the start of the next season, discussing all the transfer news and talk about the pre-season. Have a great summer, Ciao.

All of you: Champions League is great and hopefully we can get to challenge Juventus, but it will be tough
The way I see it, you won't touch Juve until they get weaker (which they eventually will), then the league will begin to level out. UCL qualification is the bar that has been set for now though.
To be discussing league titles would be a bit premature. Milan are on the right path again, but let's not force it. I respect Reagan for his careful approach to answering that question.
Where's Gemma gone?

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