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Swap players doesn't working? FMSE 20

Started on 1 November 2019 by yogui
Latest Reply on 3 December 2019 by schramkb
yogui's avatar Group yogui
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It appears, that editing certain players in your team, make them disappear within the game - they can still be in the squad, but are invisible. The eliminated player remains there without a contract.
I have the same issue. The swapped players were indeed moved to the respective clubs, but they are not appeared in the squad. The old player remains in the squad but not selectable anymore
same happened to me
same here
Ive got the same problem. The 1st player (from my team) still appear in my squad (but when you go on the profile appear in the other team) and the second player appear in my team in his profil but not in my squad and i cant make him play...
I recognized, that after the swap if I search for the player, and then move him in the reserve team, and then back to the first team, than it works. However- it still appears in the original team's list, and also plays there games...
Hm, I can't even move the swapped player to U23 to apply the fix mentioned above. Any idea, how to select the swapped player to be able to play for my team. I see he is registered to my team, but I'm not able to add them to my team selection. Thanks!
Player swap is a known issue of current beta version.

Thanos has been working on a fix since Friday night, but he's also trying to get MacAssistant RT'20 ready at the same time. That explains the delay.

We should have a fix soon; probably the day after the new MacAssistant debuts for FM20.

Apologies for the inconvenience. :/
Thanks for the update Stam! Do you expect the swap to work once the fix is released? Thanks a million!
i hopes with official realease, everything is fix and no bug anymore...

regards Nugra from Indonesia
FMSE has just been updated to add support for the latest 20.0.3 patch.
The new version also includes bug fixes.
Grab it on our download page or the in-app update checker.

Please let me know if this new version ( solves the problem with player swap for you!
I am still having this issue. I swap the player and the profiles show the correct team, but they are not showing in squad view or selection.
Hi Stam,

Even after the update the swapping of players function is still buggy.

You may swap players but there is in consistency to it.

E.g. After swapping 1 to 2 players, FM does reflect your action correctly. This appears to work. But just when you thought FMSE finally got the issue rectified, the same issue will happen just like before the update. Players will still be in the same team, only change was player belongs to other club. You will not be able to use them.

I understand that FMSE is still new and in the initial stage. But as a user who paid for the use, we are hoping that this type is issue can be rectified correctly ASAP.
Hope that this issue could at least be prioritise first and resolved the soonest.

Based on the thread, I realised that majority of the users are mainly using the swapping function.

Hopefully Thanos is able to resolve this issue by today. Cheers.
Based on the thread you can only assume that users who do use this function were having a problem. It doesn't mean the majority of FMSE users are mainly using the swap.

But regardless, it has been resolved with the last update.

For players still not showing in the new squad, go to their relationships tab and set one of those relationships as "registered for team" to be the new team.

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