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FMSE20 Known Issues

Started on 3 November 2019 by Stam
Latest Reply on 17 December 2019 by relyn
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
4 yearsEdited
Hey guys,

First off, I'd like to thank you for trying FMS Editor 20. And even more so, for supporting the FMSE project by purchasing a license for this year's edition.

It's still early days for both FM20 Beta and FMSE20 which is currently in a beta state as well. So at this point, I advise you to use it with caution. That means, keep a backup of your saved game. Or just try things on a test save first.

I'll use this topic to make a list of known issues which I'm able to replicate myself on FMSE20. This will help Thanos have a clear picture of what he needs to fix.

  • Staff Jobs - missing the new job roles, such as loan manager, technical director...

When a fix is applied, I'll remove the solved issues.
when editing the staff, the wrong attributes seem to be changing.
Hi everyone, I'm new to FMSE forum and FMSE use as well.

I'm trying FMSE editing on FM20 beta version, and while players' editing goes smooth, I am encountering trouble with staff editing, as you reported among notorious bugs: first, the current attributes do not correspond to in-game values; moreover, when I try to edit some of these stats, after a turn in the game the values (not only the modified one, almost all of them) drop down to 4 or 1. This happens even if I regulate the CA and PA accordingly to stat editing, but it also happens if I try to edit anything else, not only the stats themselves (e.g. contract, age, and so on), so that's pretty weird.

Another kind of bug I have regards club editing: I tried, many times, double-clicking on various clubs, but not all of them are working. For example, not problem editing Juventus, but when I tried editing Cosenca Calcio () the app froze, and then it crashed. Could you please help me?

Last major bug: edit nationality on players does not work, and it causes app crash every time.

By the way, it would be very cool to have stadiums to edit, and the "freeze attributest" flag for staff too.
Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!
@delanoalfieri: Welcome to FM Scout and thank you for trying FMSE. :)

1) The issue with staff editing is already on my list of problems I was able to replicate, so Thanos is working on a fix already.

2) Regarding club editing, are those "problematic" clubs playable? What team is this Cosenca Calcio?

3) I tested changing nationality to a player and it worked fine for me.

4) We intend to add stadiums eventually.

5) Will ask Thanos if it's *quick* to add feature for freezing attributes for staff.
Hi, I am new to the forum. Playing fm and used fmse for years but i never made an account. Untill now;)
Not sure if this is the right place but i found a bug in fmse20. The clauses of players (like minimum fee release) are not visible in the editor, but they have them ingame. For example koke from atletico madrid. It's sometimes possible to add a clause and safe it but it doesn't show ingame. Do you know if this is a known issue? I have a paid license btw
certain players -while can be found with FMSE- but as soon as I click on their names, the editor crashes. Does not matter how many times I try...
For example Reece James, Dayot Upamecano, Stefan Savic
delanoalfieri's avatar Group delanoalfieri
4 yearsEdited
2019-11-03 16:38#262325 Stam : 2) Regarding club editing, are those "problematic" clubs playable? What team is this Cosenca Calcio?

Yes, those are playable clubs. Cosenza Calcio is an Italian Serie B club, and this division is playable in my current game. I've tried to edit other playable teams from Serie B, and I had the exact same issue: double click on club, FMSE crashing and closing (with no pop-up message, just shut down).
Thanks a lot for the quick response :)
Do you know if you can edit a nations youth rating?
Quick update:
Thanos is making progress with MacAssistant RT'20. He has been working all weekend to prepare it, but it proved a tough nut. He wants to finish it today, so fingers crossed.
This has delayed the bugfix update of FMSE20.
This morning I installed the update, but all the old bugs are still here. Was this the official update, or it has yes to come?
any news about the update?
How can i delete the non-eu ban of serie A?
Hello, maybe its nothing, maybe its something, but everytime i edit some players, those who arent edited keep on getting worse and worse (im talking about the stars, att arent really being affected since i see no down arrow in any att of those whoose stars are being downgraded) no matter what. Is this a bug? or its just meant to be that way?
Quick update:
As explained in a comment on download page, last night's update was a patchfix for FM Touch 20.0.2 version.
Thanos resumed work on the bugfix update today. It's likely he'll have it ready tomorrow, but can't make a 100% promise on that.
J'ai acheté la license hier matin.
Aucun problème jusqu'à la mise à jour de football manager 2020 de ce matin. Depuis que j'ai installé la mise à jour du jeu, mon FMSE20 plante quand je clic sur load game ça m'ouvre une petite fenêtre qui me dit :
"Failed to load football manager data: could not find compatible football manager version."
Merci de m'expliquer comment refaire fonctionner FMSE20 correctement.

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