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some beginners questions

Started on 27 July 2010 by Gustovich
Latest Reply on 6 August 2010 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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I've just started playing this game and I have some questions.

I've heard about the wonderkids that you have to train them correctly to make them good. How do you do this I mean, I have downloaded training scheduals from a guy named Tug and I have really good coaches. Is that enough? Most of my wonderkids is on the reserve team and they dont play so many matches do the training scheduals have to be harder for them to compensate?

And also, When the game starts let's say you look up all the players with -9 or -10 potential at for example age 18 - 20. And you get the players with the best stats at the game start. Will they with the correct training become better than the other players with that potential?
not all of the wonderkids might turn out to be great. and some players might do well in 1 team but shit at another. so you can't always except that the player with most potential is alwyas gonna be the best.

a lot comes down to your management as well. if you manage the team and the players well you can get the most out of any player even the ones with low potential.

also loaning your wonderkids out where they can get first team experience is essential.
To piggyback - when I send my higher potential players out on loan, I pay attention to the condition of the training facilities of interested teams.
Having good training schedules and coaches is definitely a plus but wonderkids can still develop into great talent even with average coaches. It really comes down to managing them.

From my experience depending on your tactics and how you play them their stats grow in the areas their position specializes in. For example if a player you coach can play as both a forward and attacking mid but you choose to play him as a playmaker in midfield, his stats in technique and passing are more likely to increase than his finishing. Also you should have more experienced players in the squad who perform the same role mentor the younger player. Again, for example you are training a midfield playmaker then you should assign an older midfield playmaker in the squad to tutor your wonderkid.

If you feel they are old enough or good enough to jump out of the youth squad then you have to look into loaning them out and giving them as much playtime as possible. From my experience this age would be around 16-18. Once they are good enough to be a backup to the first team, start integrating them into the squad. Maybe 10-20 appearances a season. Hope that helps.
Regarding good youngsters, I once in fm 10 had a season with blackburn, and after the first season or so injuries and a crap cm on forms require you to as I say do a 'macheda' where out of almost nowhere u put a on form U18 regardless of potential into the squad if that be subs, or first team, with me potts turned out to be a revelation and perform solidly and with high quality for a youngster and when I checked his potential it was something like 140 and he was always near the top of that for the couple of seasons I had with him at blacburn.

p.s I wouldn't introduce youngster on vital games though, its abit stupid doing that

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