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Tottenham - Wonderkids shall set you free

Can you win with wonderkids? Chapter 1: #intro
Started on 21 November 2019 by silentjay
Latest Reply on 27 December 2019 by silentjay
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All right guys and gals, let’s finish off the month with a bang!

#TheGrind closes January

On every single save I’ve seen from multiple content creators this kid goes on to become one of the best, if not the best CB in the world. By far the most complete and technically gifted young CB -curiously enough, after Dias-. When your CB is also a natural as a DM and has good enough attributes to play as a DLP, you know he’ll be a class BDP. I see a young Piqué immediately and I will not hesitate to give him starting minutes immediately. As I’ve stated in the past, if it’s part of the project and helps the cause, I will spend however much I need to. Later we’ll find ways to balance our books. And he WAS in the list I provided a couple of days ago. I’ve been trying to lock this kid in for a while, but Barca kept holding on to a 89 mil tag, which is absolutely ridiculous. After learning that they’d be willing to settle for much less, I went right back to the charge.

And just when I was feeling good about life…

This FA Cup certainly hasn’t been to us. Not only have we NOT played at home, but we also haven’t played against teams from lower divisions. And of course, the trend had to continue, but as the complete opposite. Now we have to go to the Etihad and somehow manage to get a result. I’m a hopeful manager, but a realistic one as well. I’m not going to the Etihad expecting a W, and an early exit will mean that the old farts are not gonna be happy at all, which will hurt our evaluation, and, who knows, perhaps even hurt our longterm stay in London. And I like living here. For this year at least, the FA just wasn’t meant to be.

Moving on to the Watford game.

We went with a completely alternate lineup, and it showed. This was a very average game, but when your roster is evaluated as a “Championship side” except for Haaland, Mukiele, and Todibo, and you still manage to tie, it speaks very well about your team talks, your tactics, and your young players’ reaction.
Todibo made his debut and was NOT good at all, but I threw him into the fire immediately, so all in all it was an OK response. The team got it together when I made 3 changes, which was to insert 3 first team players. I was particularly disappointed by Mo and Sigurosson. Mo’s made the most out of his chances, but today he could’ve made a case to place him ahead of Saka in the depth chart, but he didn’t do himself any favors with his awful performance (6.2), which cost him a weeks’ fine (yeeiiiii). Still, a young, inexperienced team that, overall, was a lesser team than Watford avoided a loss -and we played Russo, a League 2 GK-, so you have to be satisfied with the response. Jude Belligham made history by becoming the youngest player ever in Spurs’ history to play a 1st team game. We’re proud of him and his accomplishment, because he had a solid performance.

And the important part here. Who are we playing? Of course, it had to be Manchester City, who went through after defeating Liverpool over two legs. So that’s 2 extra games we’ll have against City.

This day was very weird.
For some reason no one wanted Mo or Sigurosson for loan, even when I offered literally for free. Very strange. That’s why I decided to send Saka on loan. Those 3 hadn’t lived up to my expectations, so we had to find a way to get their money off the books.

To clear some wages and to improve players, “Project WB” left out on loan to get regular minutes. He won’t be logging them where we want him to, but he’ll improve overall as a player, and this is something we’re interested in.

Still no one’s interested in Saka, Mo, or Sigurosson… I still don’t get it.

And a little before closing…

This one also took about 3 months to process. My whole idea was to reduce his value as much as possible, and once he requested a trade this was made possible, bringing his value to about 45 million – still a lot, but a whole lot less than 90, the initial price. As part of the contract he stated he wants to be loaned out immediately, but I have him in my plans because I believe he’s more than Mo, Sigruosso, and Saka, so he will see minutes. I’m taking a big risk here but I’ll have to convince him I want him to play straight away. He was willing to place in transfer request over at Old Trafford, I don’t doubt he’ll get pissed off immediately if he’s not treated like a King.

In any case, if we look at all our overall talent, we can agree that, pretty much, we’re set for LIFE.
And even then, I have my eye on a couple of Brasilian regens -of course- that I’ll be trying to lock in for the future, because strangely enough, we HAVE STILL HAVE MONEY!! Another prospect we went after (yet again), with no success: Ansu Fati. Barcelona’s standing very strong with the 90 million request. Well my top signing stands at 57 – Chiesa – and I don’t think we’re going to go over that number any time soon – but you know me, never say never!

So all in all it was a rather “quiet” deadline day, but we managed to spend 80 mil on two players that will be foundational pieces for our future. Just like with Todibo, if the talent’s there, spending is not an option. We’re going against everything Danny stands for here, but I don’t care. Once he sees how this team’s set up for the long term, he’ll come around.

Just for data though:

After all our spending you’d think we’d be really bad from a wages standpoint, but as you can see, we’re doing just fine. Sort of. This will only be justified if we achieve our goals.

It’s no surprise we’re the biggest spenders, again. Like I said at the beginning of our story, we’re reshaping the entire foundation of this organization. We’ve practically stripped it bare and bought in talent at ever level, but main and U23 team. Not a cheap task of course, but one that will provide success beyond anyone’s imagination.

Hopefully we’re around at that point!

Let's check out overall how January was for us and what awaits in February!

The month was solid, but we failed yet again to pull out a win against a big team from a winning position. Dropping points against CP could hurt us, but overall, we can't complain.

February is short, but definitely presents a tough challenge, specifically our first Champions League leg against Leverkusen. That's obviously the key match but we have to take advantage of the fact that we play "lesser" teams to keep our current gap.

The title race is starting to become very clear. I just hope we're there two months from now.

Hope you enjoyed #TheGrind as we move forward!
Enjoying this especially as a Spurs fan but would you please be able to list signings so far? Some early ones don't show pictures (might just be my pc) and nicknames can be confusing. Thanks
Top and clear by four so you have to be happy! Some good deals concluded to add some more talent to the already strong squad, in particular Greenwood who becomes a monster on this years game. Good job.
2019-12-06 14:07#263577 jnrironside : Enjoying this especially as a Spurs fan but would you please be able to list signings so far? Some early ones don't show pictures (might just be my pc) and nicknames can be confusing. Thanks
Sorry about that - I don't have space for all the pics so I've had to erase some in order to keep going with the story (and sorry for the delay in the next chapter I've been super busy.
But overall in terms of signings these are the ones I've made since stepping in:

- Alessandro Russo - Daniel Maldini - Yusuf Barasi - Bella-Kotchap - Dominik Szobos - James Maddison
Achraf Boumenjal - Dani Olmo - Nikola Milenkovic - Haaland - Cengiz Under - Tiago Almada
- Mo Ihattaren- Arnor Sigurosson - Nicolo Armini - Angel Gomes - Amine Gouiri - Ruben Dias
- Max Aarons - Fede Chiesa - Tonali - Florentino Luis - Jude Bellinghman - Camavinga - Mukiele
- Henrichs - Trincao - Todibo - Greenwood - Emil Audero - Bukayo Saka - Melvin Bard - Marco Kana
- Vignato

This amounts to almost 770 million pounds! But we've setup our present and future!
Just a quick announcement: Work's got me just super busy and I haven't been able to really advance much, but as soon as I finish this month I'll be posting it up. I'm also having trouble as there's a weight limit in terms of material I post, so I'll have to delete graphics form previous chapters, which will take away interest of the story, so I ask you to bear with through this please!!

Thanks and stay tuned!
2019-12-10 15:23#263702 silentjay :
2019-12-06 14:07#263577 jnrironside : Enjoying this especially as a Spurs fan but would you please be able to list signings so far? Some early ones don't show pictures (might just be my pc) and nicknames can be confusing. Thanks
Sorry about that - I don't have space for all the pics so I've had to erase some in order to keep going with the story (and sorry for the delay in the next chapter I've been super busy.
But overall in terms of signings these are the ones I've made since stepping in:

- Alessandro Russo - Daniel Maldini - Yusuf Barasi - Bella-Kotchap - Dominik Szobos - James Maddison
Achraf Boumenjal - Dani Olmo - Nikola Milenkovic - Haaland - Cengiz Under - Tiago Almada
- Mo Ihattaren- Arnor Sigurosson - Nicolo Armini - Angel Gomes - Amine Gouiri - Ruben Dias
- Max Aarons - Fede Chiesa - Tonali - Florentino Luis - Jude Bellinghman - Camavinga - Mukiele
- Henrichs - Trincao - Todibo - Greenwood - Emil Audero - Bukayo Saka - Melvin Bard - Marco Kana
- Vignato

This amounts to almost 770 million pounds! But we've setup our present and future!

Thanks thats great!
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2 yearsEdited
All right guys!! Sorry for the delay but like I said work's got me super busy.
But we got a lot of material now!!! Two months straight out!!

#thegrind continues!

We being a key month in our season with solid news

Gomes has been absolutely killing it in his time out on loan, making a very strong case for his next season’s minutes. Seeing Skipp winning this past month says a lot, given that his overall play until December wasn’t as strong. Very happy with the progress they’ve made (even though I think Skipp also will go out on loan next season almost assuredly).

Super happy about this. Lucho had been struggling to find consistency but through December and January he was key for my midfield and was just everywhere. Deserved award. At the same time, happy to see Erling immediately leaving his stamp in the Prem. The sky’s the limit for him here!

As we said in our latest chapter, we’re spending big. Certainly something quite new for Tottenham and Danny must be sh!tting kittens, but we don’t care. But like we also mentioned, after all the activity we’ve conducted, it’s hard to see if there are still holes to fill. Our GK project perhaps is one that remains up in the air, even though Audero has been very solid, but our two 18 year olds seem ready to make their leap. Neither are ready for first team football yet, so the question we’re going to have to make 6 months from now is: is Lloris a part of our plan or should we make a move for a different keeper. An interesting doubt we’ll have to resolve sooner rather than later.

Hey! At least we’re up to a B. Obviously they’re not super satisfied with some signings, but that’s because they’re part of the longterm plans. Hopefully they acknowledge this when the time comes.

Classic FM. We should’ve won this one by 5. Well, it is what it is. I am happy because Greenwood had a debut goal, but it came at a price: Haaland left injured early, so we moved Mason from the AMR to the STC role, and he delivered. Bard keeps on delivering solid performances, really putting me, once again, against the wall: Should he start immediately next season -he’s not ready to start against top flight teams yet. If so, is Rose or Davies headed for an out. More interesting issues I’ll have to figure out. On the flip side, I game Dommo a chance a to start and he played like sh!t (and got fined for it), and the fringe player finally played like one, and got fined for it too. On a positive note, I gave Camavinga and Todibo the nod once again and they responded wonderfully. If we can, we’re going to try and accelerate project wonderkids.

Thankfully we have international football coming up, so Haaland will have a nice 2 weeks rest. Whether he’ll be available for Champions League football remains a mystery. Let’s hope his Wolverine-like regeneration abilities kick in.

Two weeks later and we’re back in action…

We’re very worried about Harry Kane. Not only was he sh!t today -missing a penalty in the process- but he’s also failed to score in quite some time now. He started out on fire with 13 goals in 15 matches. His stats as of today: 15 goals in 26 matches. Very disturbing indeed, given that now the team’s almost 100% familiar with the tactic and he’s very comfortable in the AF role. Obviously he received a fine because he almost cost us the game if it wasn’t for a great header by Nik after 65 minutes of football. Some 15 minutes later after an orgy of bounces in every direction across the goalmouth Camavinga tapped in his first ever goal for Spurs, and also effectively ending the game for us. I gave the boys some encouragement but deep down they know they can’t keep pulling this sh!t.

Due to registration issues I wasn’t able to place Davies in the latter stages of Champions League football, and Rose is still injured, so we had to improvise. Bard, our youngster who had been playing so well, was never registered in the first place, so we inserted KWP as a LWB, and boy did he deliver with two goals of very similar fashion: with him cutting diagonally finishing a great through pass from the corresponding IW. By tendencies alone, KWP pretty much played like an IWB, so without wanting to, we overloaded our left flank heading right. It wasn’t by design, it was sheer luck, and it created all sorts of problems for Bayern Leverkusen. We’ll take a look at this new wrinkle in a different tactic saving test I always run to understand the newer and everchanging ME. In any case, those 2 goals allowed us to get a decent enough win, and now we go to Germany with a slight lead to build upon.


We’ve had an eye on this kid for some time, looking at how his stats evolved through 3-5 months, and it was a nice evolution. That along with my entire scouting staff telling me he was going to be a beast certainly did the job for me. A good price, obviously the WP wasn’t there, but we’ll loan him until he’s ready. But we’re very happy to bring him. There’s high hopes among Spurs Nation. At that size being able to move at that speed, I get some serious Lukaky flashbacks.

Back to the Prem fellas!
This one was all over the place. A lot of shots, not many on target, “Fringe” managed to score of a great counter started by Harry. He can’t score for sh!t, but if he’s gonna provide assists, I’m all for it.
As we said before: this month was going to be short but tough, and we fought through it.

We had our first unbeaten month since September I believe. And thank God we got wins, because March is truly gonna be a ridiculously tough month.

Pretty much our entire season outlook will be determined in the following days. Our Champions league lifeline, if there’s silverware in our immediate future, and life in the FA Cup. PLUS 3 games against top flight teams – and if we can’t put up wins, it’s very likely we’ll lose that top spot.
Just a gruesome month up ahead.

Well ladies and gents, our first chance at silverware this season. And at the same time it marks the 1 of 2 games we’ll be playing against City within 3 days. One of those games being in FA Cup football. As I mentioned before, I doubt we’ll progress in the FA given our fixture, but I really want this sh!t cardboard Cup so these kids get a sense of what winning feels like, so I’m going with my best players, all in.
Absolutely buzzing. We were the better team and deserved this one. Kane had yet another awful game (6.4) and was pulled during my locker room talk -where I tore him a new one- and our 50 mil wonderkid, Eerling the game winning goal. Like we stated at the beginning of the year: silverware of any kind was important. When Pep arrived he knew he had to get City winning in order to really put his stamp on a team, and he’s never held back when playing important CC games or even early FA Cup round games. We were able to do a bit of both and this group has managed to get a trophy in their very first season. Could not be prouder!

Now I hope to see that B elevated to B+ or A-!!
Well I bet Danny isn’t regretting my spending now, eh? I said earlier that the only way to justifiy all the spending we’ve done is to win now (even though the big picture is what matters here). I believe, at least for now, that the praise is justified, even though this following month is going to be just gruesome.

It’s good to know we’re also now in the record breaking business! I think we’ll try to go for the repeat next season so I hope we can keep breaking records.
Right after the game:
At 8.25 mil I had to pull the trigger. Height isn’t in his favor, but at 17 he already has great stats. With a couple of years of development this kid will be able to play at a high level on multiple areas of the pitch. The reconstruction of our u23 and u18 continues!

I’m happy with the B I guess. This month will be key to know whether that B remains or suffers a change.

Like I said before… we saw this coming FAR, FAR away. My front line was specially awful, with Son getting a disgusting 5.8 rating and Kane a 6.4, missing between the both 4 CCC. FOUR FFS. You just can’t win that way. Man City generated 3, and in the 3rd Gabriel Jesus put in the finishing quality and that’s all it took for City to knock us out early from the FA Cup. Kane has done a fine job convincing me he belongs in the bench, and that’s where he’ll be heading. As far as Son is concerned, let’s just say he’s very lucky he’s registered for Champions League football, because I’m very much done with him. No matter what he will be sold as soon as the season’s over. Obviously everyone’s real disappointed, but given our overall level coming into the game, I expected this to be the most probable scenario. I’m just disappointed because we could’ve actually won this one and didn’t because WORLD CLASS PLAYERS couldn’t finish. To me that’s unacceptable. Fines were set all over the place and squad status changed as well.

F!cker might’ve made a vow, but I’m certainly not going to sit around waiting for him to actually break through. Eerling will be starting in the upcoming game.

This one was ugly. I rotated a bit and went with Haaland up top, and just, since I want what’s best for my players, seeing how my world class striker is playing like sh!t, perhaps my tactical setup isn’t helping him, so made a few tweaks here and there, and it didn’t help matters much. We’re not scoring much while having possession and it’s not something I’m completely comfortable with. I’ve always favored possession with purpose = scoring through creative build up. And in this current version I’m having trouble finding that combo (we haven’t scored more than 2 goals in 2 months), even though we’re getting very positive results.
But there’s reasons to be worried, Liverpool’s found their form and are now right up my @ss only 2 points back, but we have one less game as we’re 2 games away from the 30 match point.
Up next, another huge challenge, advance as far as possible in the Champions League. We have a decent 2-0 advantage, now we just have to put this one to bed.

Another grind (no word play intended). We struggled with possession and really our goals came mostly because they made some pretty awful mistakes trying to play back with their GK that N’Dombele and Kane used in their favor. Our pressing really helped in this aspect, but it also allowed them to have a lot of strong chances that they failed to execute. Better teams won’t fail in this aspect. Kane finally scored but the perfectionist in me is still concerned about our tactics. By the way, the “Fringe Player” is actually playing like a Fringe player now -I have set his nickname to this now. I fined him 3 days ago, unfortunately I can’t fine again, but I’d love to. He won’t be on the bench for the upcoming game against…. LIVEERPOOL. Must win at home.

Our grueling month continues...

Like I said at the beginning of my hiring: we have our own timetable. Tottenham may have the most extensive and complex club vision over 5 years I have seen in this game, but ours is more ambitious. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens if a couple of years from now our team fluctuates in performance. Will Danny be patient?

As long as we’re talking club issues:

Hmmm…. How can we describe our last intake? I guess SUBPAR, AVERAGE, MEDIOCRE is really the best way to put it. I’ve actually never received a wonderkid from my HOYD or our youth staff, and I didn’t expect one now.

This kid looks strong. Not “world class wonderkid”, but strong nonetheless. We’ll see how he keeps growing and evolving, but he’s pretty much it in terms of the talent coming in through the Spurs’ rank. Kinda sad and pathetic. Aren’t we so glad we’re overpopulated our ranks now? Make no mistake, it’s something I’ll keep doing. This is a wonderful time of the year for me because since I still have money I can raid other team’s ranks IF all we have to do is pay that pre contract compensation.

And our scouts were kind enough to tell us about these two gems that came through Arsenal’s youth intake which we signed for very cheap each:

And this little monster from Schalke’s youth ranks.

And this sexy beast from Hertha Berli’s ranks. These Germans really know how to generate talent.

But back to Prem League football!

As it has been the case throughout most of the season, we just can’t manage to win from positive positions. We were up 2-0 and couldn’t hold on to that result. Just unacceptable and I’m sick and tired of this group not being able to get their heads out of their assess and act like grown men. N’Dombele scored a great solo goal while Son scored off a cross after a great build up from the back. Unfortunately we lacked heart and balls and let Liverpool completely put us on our heels. Not only did they tie it up, they could’ve beaten us.
And just as we were getting over the Liverpool fiasco…

We get a dramatic showdown with the team that prevented us from European Glory not so long ago. We have not been able to beat Liverpool this season, and to be as sincere as possible, I doubt the trend breaks any time soon unfortunately. Quarters in Champions League is solid in my book… Damn it.
And if that wasn’t enough…

Sweet Jesus. It’s as if the football Gods just don’t want us to make any European noise this season. IF I’m somehow able to go through, we’re somehow expected to beat City or Barcelona? Come on now… Well, epic stories begin with such terms. Who knows what’s in store for us.

Still, we have to keep going!

I honestly have no clue how we won this one (actually a set piece, but you know what I mean). We were poor moving forward, barely any build up, and my usual midfield 3 are looking more and more average by the second. We’re getting results, yes, but this is also how we know that we won’t be able to get through in Champions League football or even perhaps hang on to our lead in the Prem: the football just isn’t there. I’ll take the 3 points no doubt, but I just can’t be happy when I try to project results against top flight teams.
Oh and by the way…You know Man City, the forkers that beat me out of the FA Cup…? Yeah those idiots actually got knocked out by f!cking Brentford…Holy Christ. What a waste.

As we go in the international break, we finish a grueling month of March

We at least accomplished our initial objective: get silverware. Getting knocked out of the FA Cup was something we expected, we move forward in the Champions League and keep our lead in the Prem, even though Liverpool are knocking on the door.

And if we thought March was tough

My God. We all know closing out a season's tough, but my fixtures seem to be ridiculously difficult, like MORE THAN USUAL. So I'll state the same thing I said before March: THIS MONTH JUST MIGHT MAKE OR BREAK OR ENTIRE SEASON lololol.

Thankfully I was able to provide two months worth of Spurs story for you guys!! Now I'll try and play out two more months as soon as possible! I think for time restrictions, I'm better off posting two months at a time!

Stay tuned as a nightmare month of April comes in our direction! Thanks for following #TheGrind
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Ok folks, we're on rocky ground now. As far as Spurs usually go, it's rare to see them in this position: close to Prem League victory and fighting for Champions League history all at the same time (with already a trophy in their pockets). #Thegrind continues as we try and make history!

As we approach the final stretch of the season, it’s critical that we win the games we’re SUPPOSED to wins. Champions always do this. As we face West Ham, I went with an alternative team considering we have Liverpool 72 hours later.

We weren’t at our best, but a set piece goal will have to do. As I have been for a long time, our tactics and our overall play is very concerning. Eventually, if we want to become the biggest team in Europe, we’re going to have to play like one.
Now we begin the epic road that will be the journey to the finals (if it even has time to become an epic journey). We play at Spusrville and we need to get a good win against a Liverpool team we haven’t been able to damage throughout the year. We’re all in now.

Like I said, I love building for the future and this time of the year is like Christman. This kid will be a monster in a year or 2 And in a position where there's less and less talent with each year that passes. Now it's all about development. We still have cash to use, and we will spend on the future. Our latest youth intake was quite disturbing, so our job now is to really nurture it with new transfers that can come stars. This kid fits the bill.

This one was an instant classic. Chances on both ends , great football , attacking, possession and creativity. By far the best game of the year for us. We really put it all together and the final 3rd with great build up play and finishing. Kudos to Dele for the great game he had. We secure great result and now we just have to be careful when we head back to her field a couple days from now. Just great result overall, even though it had in dumbbell it playing the worst game of his 1st career so far with a 6.4 average rating , it's a casualty of football sometimes.

Of course, for our toughest moments we lose one of our key players. Even though he’s been absolute sh!t, he still counts as one of the most dangerous players in the planet. And he goes down for at least 3 weeks. Typical. Haaland will play the Liverpool game, but Mason will start against Leicester in the upcoming game in order to prevent any further classic FM injuries.

And additions keep on coming. At 14, he already has some very interesting attributes. Disclaimer: I only go for these players when two scouts give me a 5 star report. None of these kids are picked out of thin air without research. Always 2 scouts and always a 5 star PA evaluation.
Erman has the potential to be a Todibo type player, but with better mental attributes. Great find -another German shocking-. The additions keep on coming and we’re not going to stop unless we run out of money.
*BTW – Regens with full beards at 14, 15, and 16…? Seems strange to me. SI has to look into this.

Very much eff emmed. Controlled possession, had a ridiculous amount of shots and should’ve ended at least 3 nil. I’m starting to believe that I need to develop a “cheat tactic” if I want to get more goals in. We were saved by a massive piledriver from 79438579834789 yards out by Lucho, which allowed us to take 3 pts in the same day Liverpool tied. We’re now 4 pts ahead of Reds with one less game. The month continues to be brutal, but if we manage to make it a 7 point gap, I seriously can’t see how we lose the Prem! Super excited but very anxious and nervous at the same time.
Now comes the moment we dread….closing out a Champions League fixture.

Let’s face it: Liverpool got EFF EMMED. I’ve no clue how many times they knocked on our door. Audero was truly outstanding. Salah and Bob just kept going and going and going and couldn’t finish. Of course, it didn’t help matters at all to see Rose get a red for the dumbest foul known to man (which he was fined for), but we managed to hang on. Dele, Haaland, and Maddison were hot sh!t but our back line was truly outstanding and even though Liverpool just couldn’t stop attacking, we somehow managed to hang on and we even could’ve finished this one off in the counter but Chiesa just can’t seem to find his scoring ways. Very happy to go through, but we must now focus on the Prem because we have a strong chance to really secure our title winning chances!

Oh yeah, I forgot -because I didn’t think we’d be able to move on- but we’re facing Barca in the Semis. Like I said, at this point gloves come off but I’m very satisfied with our overall results throughout the Champions League.

Even though there was no chance of securing a WP, we needed to get this kid. Great height and physicals for a 16 year old kid. With the proper work he can easily become this teams’ main star until 2040. He’ll only arrive a couple of years from now, but the work on him begins now.
As Man City’s coming up, Pep -who I thought was our friend- decided to MOCK us and our playing style. Who does he think he is? Specially when we have such similar taste in football. I thought we had something. After those insults I really need our guys to take it to them and kill them.

Ecstatic over this one. We absolutely dominated the 1st half, with 55% possession and it’s where we scored our first two goals. By inertia the kids took their foot off the pedal in 2nd half but City never really threatened us, to such a point that we were able to extend our lead through a set piece. Great win against a team that’s normally been superior to us. We’re definitely going through a sweet spell. Haaland got back in his scoring ways, while Fringe played like the player I signed in the winter transfer window. 33 games into the Prem and we’re clear 7 points. I don’t want to get cocky, but that elusive Premier League trophy is literally right around the corner. I could become a Spurs legend in less than 365 days. Bt we’re not getting ahead of ourselves for now, that’s for sure. Pep got a dose of his own medicine today. Perhaps he’ll be a bit more humble when talking about me and my team.

As the Arsenal game approaches, we have a series of accolades we can reach: we can beat our historical points haul as we’re just 4 points off it and we have 2 home games coming up; and, if we win one, we’re right back in Champions League football. We all know what that means right: MORE MONEY BABY! So we’re very excited and we want to keep going with this!

The road to perennial glory isn’t easy, and youth won’t always be able to deliver. Today was one of those days. Arsenal scored off the break after a set piece… Just caught us off guard and I’m disappointed my players didn’t follow my set piece instructions. Both teams were leaking in the back and thankfully it didn’t turn into a goalfest. N’dombele was awful, and Chiesa and Under are having a major case of the inconsistencies. They’re not gonna be playing in the upcoming game and hopefully this sends a message. Next up is Sheffield United and I’m going with a complete lineup change because this group just couldn’t get it done. Lessons need to be taught.

Sometimes you need the details to work out when everything else doesn’t. One half of my team was sh!t, the other was tremendous and they were able to pull it off for us. Two set pieces, two goals from Mukiele. Awful games from Camavinga, Olmo, Greenwood, Saka, Haaland, were all disappointing. Many fines were handed out -I can’t let these types of individual performances stand-. But we got the 3 points we needed to secure a spot in Champions League football and we’re ever closer to the Prem title! If my math serves me right if Liverpool loses this week or we win next week, we’re done! We’ll be waiting.


Nothing too fancy, but more than enough to reach our goals. We’ll have a special chapter on some of our offseason targets, but spoiler: we’re not going to be looking for much. We’ve secured a ton of great players and by next season many will be ready to step up, so don’t expect massive movement like we had in summer. The same rules apply though: no players over 22.

Up next…Barcelona. Great Mother of God.

On the opposite side of key, PSG beat Real Madrid 5-0 on the first leg. 5-0!! I guess we have our first finalist, though I have seen weirder things happen in FM!

This one was an instant and absolute classic. Both teams attacking, both teams missing on chances. I had 5 CCC’s. FIVE. And two massive goal line orgies that somehow didn’t end up in goals for us. The ME’s weird this year in that sense, and once again my lone striker failed to deliver, as both Kane and Dele were sh!t, but our MC’s were monsters. N’Dombele capitalized on a great pass by Maddison while Maddison himself capped a great solo effort from long range to cap a much deserved 2-1. Very proud of the guys for the effort.

As the curtains comes down on the month, we’re just a win away from the Premier League!! Wouldn’t that be something. But Wolves will have something to say in the matter no doubt!

Stick around as #TheGrind continues on a heart stopping end of season!!
What a season so far. One win and the league is yours with a Champions League semi-final and a Cup already in your pockets. The future is looking bright with your huge amount of youth signings (How many are we up to now?). Like the idea of two scouts giving a report of a certain level before anyone is signed as well! Great stuff!
2019-12-14 21:54#263909 TheLFCFan : What a season so far. One win and the league is yours with a Champions League semi-final and a Cup already in your pockets. The future is looking bright with your huge amount of youth signings (How many are we up to now?). Like the idea of two scouts giving a report of a certain level before anyone is signed as well! Great stuff!
Thanks! We're trying to build a legacy and it's been a great start no matter what!
Superb wins over both City and Barca! Unfortunate not to get the extra points in the North London Derby but some good-sounding new signings of youth players, even if they might not get the work permit ;)
2019-12-15 16:25#263940 Jack : Superb wins over both City and Barca! Unfortunate not to get the extra points in the North London Derby but some good-sounding new signings of youth players, even if they might not get the work permit ;)
Yeah the WP are tough, but we have 3 years to get them one!! With that quality it's a matter of time! (hopefully)
Emergency chapter! #TheGrind now shifts to its alternate timeline with #transfernews coming straight at us!

As we know by now, Danny gave us about 55 mil to spend in transfers. If we consider likely departures (spoilers: Son, Lloris, Winks, Foyth, Davies, for starters), we need to be very clear on the players we’re targeting. Since we’ve done a good job at really putting together a strong core full of young players at every level, I don’t see the need to go out there and get a massive overhaul of 25 players -unless of course certain players become available and are “must have” players” according to our paramteres. I always try to make some deals before the transfer window arrives. I’ve often found that a players’ value most of the time increases once transfer windows open. So if we can get some deals done a month before, we’re good.

Among our list of top targets:

  • Unai Simon: always a world beater. Lloris has had a great season without a doubt, and Audero certainly made a case for the starting job, after all he kept many clean sheets over the 20+ games he played, but I still feel that world class GK is still out there. Donnarumma would be my choice, but he’s very expensive and his wages are way too elevated. Unai is our #1 GK priority.

  • Jadon Sancho: an obvious choice in my opinion. Fills the “English player” quota the board keeps shoving down my throat, gives us a world class winger capable of playing multiple roles, and would pair up perfectly with Chiesa. Alternatives:
  • - Ansu Fati: we still might go back and try and get him regardless. We’ve been on the trail for almost a year now with no success.

    - Vinicius Junior: also, if the price is right. This is one of the players I always try to secure early as his lack of play in Madrid lowers his value and in many saves he becomes unhappy.

  • Kai Havertz: We stick to the motto – if the price is right. No chance I pay 150 million for him. But who wouldn’t want to bring in such a talent? Besides, it’s not like I’m City and I can spend that type of money. Alternatives:

  • - Phil Foden: another wonderkid that fills all the boxes. English? Check. Super talented? Check. World Class material? Check. We’ll test the waters with him as well.

    - Pedri: another obsession like Fati. We've been on the trail for a year now and we still can't get it done. Barcelona still have ridiculous prices, but if there's an option of staying within our spending parameters, we're going to try without a doubt.

  • Rayan Ait-Nouiri: our all time favorite WB. Still perhaps not 1st team material, but he has tremendous potential and if we get him here soon enough he might just be able to become a player we trained in nation, which is always valuable. Alternative:

  • - Kieran Tierney: an FM legend by now. His time at Arsenal has been rocky, but I doubt it’s somehow hurt his value. He’s an immediate upgrade over Davies and Rose, but the price to get him might be overall too steep.

    These are our early targets, and the ones we will focus heavily on. If you noticed, we don't have a plan B if Simon doesn't work out, but we're willing to take that chance because if it doesn't work out, Audero will take over as primary GK and Russo will begin his rise to the top backing him up, perhaps in a similar rotation we did this season between Audero and Lloris.

    So that's how we bring to an end this flash chapter of #transfernews - if you have suggestions or ideas, please feel free to sugest players that fit our timeline and project. Meantime, we must now go back to #theGrind and finish out our season.

    Stay tuned!
    A good list of youngsters, in particular Sancho and Foden who help build up that English core! Good Luck for the rest of the season.
    Some great targets which Spurs fans can get very excited about the prospect of!

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