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Tottenham - Wonderkids shall set you free

Can you win with wonderkids? Chapter 1: #intro
Started on 21 November 2019 by silentjay
Latest Reply on 27 December 2019 by silentjay
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3 yearsEdited
*The funniest thing about this whole thing is that I started writing this story long before Levy went crazy and fired the best manager Spurs have had probably in 40 years only to hire the Boba Fett of managers who is an atrocious fit in terms of the culture and DNA that Tottenham have been establishing for so long.

* * *

No one can deny that Poch did a wonderful job. He went transfer windows without making any single signing (unacceptable and pathetic), and the up and coming talent hasn’t quite made the expected impact (or aren’t ready to), yet he’s managed time and time again to overachieve, placing Spurs above teams like Man U, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Unfortunately, this coincided with Liverpool and Man City turning into true unbeatable mythical beasts, two obstacles that were impossible to overcome for Poch. Players' ego got in the way, the message grew tired, and the lack of ambition really killed Poch's future plans. The window had passed and it was only a matter of time.

But... What if the project stayed true but this time we give it a radical “wonderkid approach”?

The task & rule:

Sign wonderkids only wonderkids – no players over 22 (though we can go to 23 every in case of pure emergencies). You can keep older players, but only the ones that are right now a part of the team. But play wonderkids and try to survive a league where Liverpool and Man City destroy everyone.

The spending: whatever we want (or whatever they'll let us). We'll balance the finances when the time comes.

The time has come to take Tottenham into a new Golden era of winning. This time at the hand of youth.

CHAPTER 2: #shock

In a shocking turn of events, Daniel Levy and the Tottenham brain trust have decided to go in a radical new direction by appointing manager Javier Ramírez. Ramírez, that has absolutely no experience as a manager -and might be completely over his head in a job like this one- seems to be Spurs number 1 choice. Spurs got it right with Poch, who knows, they might just get it right with the young Chilean.

Daniel Levy took the time to talk about Poch:

We want to thank Mauricio for the wonderful work he’s done for us. Without a doubt he placed us on a different level and provided a platform to build upon, but we felt it was time to head in a different direction, and we believe Javier is the person that can finally take us to European powerhouse territory”.

After that warm welcome by Danny and of course, the speculation of supporters and media, it’s time to take an overall look at our organization and see what we can do.

I’m going to deconstruct from the start. I want my own staff and my own players to be with me as soon as possible. Obviously some of my favorite wonderkids are hard to get, but others can be brought in right away, and as you know, WE WILL SPEND. The idea is to have a laundry list of wonderkids for now and many years to come. Not all will work out, but they might come in handy when it comes to sales.

I’m also keen on letting go of the deadwood as soon as possible. It clears up wages and brings some needed funds to get the players we want in. I’m a big wheeler and dealer. Love to use “installments”, so expect a massive revamp. MASSIVE. There are several cancers and egomaniacs that go against the fabric of the project we're trying to put in place.


First off:

Is there a club, in the game, with so many parameters to follow? Danny doesn't want much now does he? We'll accept his vision and will try to revise a couple of elements here and there as soon as we start showing Danny boy what we're capable of.

So, what are we working with?

As you can see, there's not a lot of 5 star professionals in my staff. And when you're developing, you need the best possible candidates out there. Just like Poch, probably 90% of these poor folks will be gone. If you want something done right, do it yourself from scratch. I have my own list of great coaches and assistant I've used over the years.

Now let's look at the finances:

Spursy. Obviously not enough given that we're trying to massively rebuild this team for the short and long term, but it's ok, because I'm expecting to rake in some massive amount of money in sales.

Next up: Chapter 3 - #springcleaning
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Chapter 3 - #springcleaning

It's clear now that Tottenham was a firesale waiting to happen...except it never did. It's likely they won't be able to cash in on their most expensive and talented players. And since most of our team is made of cancers, here are our leading candidates to get rid of as soon as humanly possible:

How Tottenham tolerated having such miserable talent at those wages is beyond me. Perhaps he wasn't an egomaniac as some of his teammates, but I sure as **** won't start my project with him as my starting RB. I have plans for KWP and whoever is chosen to be a rotation wonderkid RB.

It would be outright silly to deny how talented these two are. However 1. Toby doesn't want to stay and has a 30 mil release clause and 2. Jan isn't keen on staying either. Cashing in and cleansign the locker room seems like the perfect combination.

If we could sum up the cycle of Poch's time in Tottenham with a player, Eriksen's it: a lot of promise that was later fulfilled but never quite able to make it all the way to superstardom while remaining a hot commodity and well known throughout Europe. Like most of his teammates, his ego got the better of him and we have to make the most out of his desire to leave. The money from his sale will do wonders.[/color]

Yes, Lucas, I love you too. But not that much. I never quite understood the rationale of signing you in the first place, but you provided some historic moments and will be remembered for many years. Thank you and farewell.

This couldn't come as a shock to anybody right? I've never seen it with this guy. Is he good at anything? Not in my opinion. And on top of it all, he likes to get snippy with the manager. If your Messi you can do that. If you're a waste of space, you're not.

Never really quite saw the fit of Victor and this team. Even less with Dier present. When we begin the save he's listed by default, so we're going to roll with it, get those wages off and try to get some nice cash back for him.

Not a fan. Period. I know he can be useful bla bla, but I just don't like the kid. Never saw the appeal. His wages are an insult to humanity and could never quite live up to what was once promised of him.

So there we have it. The list of the main players that will not survive our spring cleaning. I'm sure the remaining veterans are going to give me s***t for all their sales, but they'll shut up when they see what we do with all that money.

Stay tuned to see our first signings and how Tottenham handles the sale of some of their most important players...up next in #springcleaning (pt II)
I just love that your username is SilentJay haha, any comments in this thread from me will now be movie quotes moving forward
2019-11-21 21:23#263003 Griffo : I just love that your username is SilentJay haha, any comments in this thread from me will now be movie quotes moving forward
Yeah I get that in all forums!!!
Extremely blunt. At least we know the manager won't stand for any slack!
2019-11-21 22:35#263017 ScottT : Extremely blunt. At least we know the manager won't stand for any slack!
Well, from what reports are saying, some players just weren't tolerating Poch's work ethic (but were doing so when they were younger).
So this time around we'll embed the Spurs' culture in their system forever!
silentjay's avatar Group silentjay
3 yearsEdited
#springcleaning (pt II)

Ok boys and girls.
Time has come...

I always use the beta to try and find young talent in their youth contracts to get them so very cheap, normally under a million quid. This is how we start this chapter, showing off our new acquisitions. Most of these kids won't be playing any time soon, but are definite building blocks for the future.

My less overhyped, cheaper version of Xavi Simmons. Strong mental attributes and very solid technical skills. Has some work to do physically, but who hasn't at 16 for **** sake unless you're Rafa Nadal! He has the feel of a DLP with strong BBM potential. For 400k, it's a steal in my book. (full disclosure: the original pic was when the kid was 16 - this is a year later into his progression - this will be the case with most updated SS!)

Ahhh Yusuf. Might not look like much, but in one of the betas I saw this kid turned into a complete world beater. At 16 he already has good finishing, speed, and composure. Has all the makings of a Ballon D'Or. Will he make it? Only time will tell. Another bargain at 650k.

This one I'm super excited about. For only 850k I get a winger that can potentially play any role in the attacking midfield. He's got star written all over him. I have to say, I'm on fire right now.

Can't get anywhere without a keeper right? Another 750k type deal. I know I won't have the resources to go after a Donnaruma type keeper, and Lafont is on loan forever, but we can start grooming our next potential replacement for Lloris, a player I'm not to crazy about, but he's a proven winner. Next!

What's life without a little competition? He's already on loan and will log heavy minutes as a starter for an entire season. This should make him a bit more prepared to at least come in and fill in a backup's role should we choose to. Another great investment at 880k. I will be keeping track of his season's performances.

Now this kid's got "MONSTER" written all over him. Look at those physicals and some key mental attributes. The fact that I was able to secure this kid for 900k is a travesty and one that Lazio should look into in real life.

With less than 6 mil quid in investment we've managed to secure potential world class player at every line except for ST, a position of need we will be taking a closer look at. These kids will get a chance in preseason friendlies, but most likely all will head out on loan to get some much needed playing time.

(Disclosure: since I lost most of the SS, I'll be uploading any graphics I can to show what's been happening)

The cleansing begins!!!

Christian wasn't renewing. He hasn't played worth a damn for a long time, he was a weakling with no real toughness about him. The only shame is that I wasn't able to get the 80 mil I initially wanted. But hey, given that I'm getting 90% of the transfer income, I can live with that.

Another high earner that just couldn't stick around much longer. In and out of Poch's confused lineups, he was not part of the future. His wages are probably the reason I couldn't get more, but his country of destination says more about his value than anything else.

Buuuuh byee. His 30 mil release clause and his desire to NOT renew made it impossible to actually get a real return on him. Given his ego issues and his overall lack high level performance, I've no problem in seeing him go and ruin Liverpool's locker room. At all.

Liverpool manage to make it 2 for 2. I guess they weren't satisfied as Gomez and Lovren as their backup, so they went after our over the hill super overpaid CB. 25 mil for me is more than enough. So long and good luck, Jan. It was fun while it lasted.

Wanyama out
Too bad Victor's hot poop and only managers like Pele are willing to take him off our hands. I thought we could get 20 for him...but hey, I'll take what I can. His high wages off our books really makes me sleep better at night, you know.

You thought we were through, huh....NO, WE'RE NOT!!!

After my earlier comments about him, you knew he was a goner, right? Getting 30 mil for just speaks of the stupidity Ole and the Man U have about them this season.

I couldn't get the SS on time, but Aurier -worst RB in the world- left for 8.5 mil for Benfica while super high profile GK Michel Vorm left for Al-Sadd for 1.8 mil. I wasn't expecting much more on that front.

[color=#204A87]To sum up:

The amount of money we just made and the amount of wages opened up will allow me to get a ridiculous amount of talent, and I have so much to spend -remember, I'm big on installments- that I may even get players that won't play that much! But you know the rule, wonderkids only and under 22!

That closes our #springcleaning chapter but let me just give you a little insight of the players I have in mind: Chiesa, Maddison, Ruben Dias, Max Aarons, and FM favorite Erling Haaland.

Find out how we do in our next chapter, #fightTheFuture

What a window!! Great fees for players that are surplus to requirement/over the hill/have contracts running out! Those youth players look like great prospects too.
2019-11-22 09:53#263034 Imagine : What a window!! Great fees for players that are surplus to requirement/over the hill/have contracts running out! Those youth players look like great prospects too.

You're in for a treat for my next chapter then mate! It'll be a transfer bonanza!
Ladies and gents, welcome to our latest chapter - #fightThefuture

Knock Knock: "Hi gaffer, may I have a word".
Gaffer: "Sure Harry, tell me what's on your mind".

Really? Lack of depth? Geniuses these boys...

As we are now loaded and thanks to the wonderful option of paying installments, we are now in position to bring in a ridiculous amount of youngsters, both to play now and the future while appeasing our concerned leaders!

So let it begin, behold!

How can you NOT like this signing? Ruben is already a leading player for most Premier League sides. He will now lead my back 4 hopefully FOREVER. At 35.5 mil with 11.5 upfront, I'm very happy I was able to seal this move, specially since Man City were looking for his services a well. Him, Sanchez, and Dier will make for a nice CB rotation with a couple of cheap wonderkids I'm planning to bring in later on (no spoilers!)

On the flipside, while my 18.5 mil offer for Haaland was accepted, the cheeky ***** wasn't interested. Mark my words you little s***, you'll be begging for a spot a few weeks from now. I've got my eye on you...

Dom Szoboshammalammadingdong! - for future purposes, he'll be DOMMO. Great prospect, at 13.5 min with 4.5 upfront, we secure a player that can already provide quality minutes off the bench and for cup games.

You think we're done? FAR FROM IT.

How good is this sexy beast? Granted, it did cost me 42 mil with a 12.5 upfront fee, but this kid is an immediate starter and can be a Kante-Busquets hybrid that can change football forever. HAHAHAHHA (evil laughter).

If a N'dombele-Florentino isn't a dynamic duo enough for our midfield...

Ohhh my goodness. As you all well know by now, the term "Swiss Army Knife" has been pattented by SI. James can play MC, AMR, AMC. He'll likely start as an MC providing an inverse triangle next to Florentino and N'dombele. At 38 mil with a 11.5 upfront fee is fine by me. That alone makes for one of the most talented midfield 3 in the world. We've got speed, creativity, versatility, finsihing, composure, work rate

Now we need to strengthen our front line boys and girls. Not only do we need help in the wings, but Harry needs much needed backups. Zlatan's a free agent, but it goes against the very challenge I created, and meanwhile both Son and Dele can actually play that striker role, we still need to bring in help there and...

I've always been a huge fan, never managed him, but in the past 2 editions of FM he goes on to become a world class striker. My scouts seem to think that he's Championship talent, but I don't care, he'll be logging minutes backing up Kane and some outside roles as well. For 15.5 with a 5 mil upfront fee I'm very good.

Now we bring out the big guns...

Super. Excited.
First time managing him but I'm going to do just about everything to run my team through him. Expect many awars. Speed merchant with strong technical and mental attributes

Indeed. Quite expensive, but necessary. I don't think I could've gotten a better player. Vinicius Jr was an option I was juggling with but I don't think he can give us the same impact as Fede can right about now.

Suddenly, out of nowhere
....Oh my....

I made an attempt at these 2 (the latter is Diogo Jota) earlier on but was massively rejected. I even went up to offer 40 mil EACH to see if that was the tag! Once I knew they were getting psych with their prices and withdrew my offers, and look at what's happening now HAHAHAHAHA (evil laughter again)....
Will we go back? It is something I will talk to with my people (said no manager EVER!).

Meanwhile the transfer bonanza continues, we've made strong changes to our staff:

Our youth setup:

We've pretty much sacked our entire staff and replaced them with what I believe is the right people in order to really get the most out of our players today and develop our youth. Not even Mourinho would have the the man goodies big enough to go through with the revamp we're doing right now. I suspect Danny Boy isn't too happy at all my changes, but to be honest, I don't give two sh**s. Once we sees how we play and how these younger players shine, he'll change his mind. Hell, if we're lucky, we'll even have a nice take over and Baldy leaves forever.

Our transfer actions continue, but before we'll advance through our preseason, play some games, and take care of more specific aspects, training schedules, tactics, etc.

Stay tuned for our next chapter - #fightTheFuture pt II - coming soon to a FMScout board near you!
Back so soon you say? Well, like I said earlier, I'd started this story before Poch's sacking, so now it's about updating material, so sit back and enjoy #fightTheFuture pt II

As our preseason continues, we've been able to seal a few more transfers!

I've no idea how United was willing to let go of him for only 6.75 but this is a player that in previous FM versions I've paid 25 mil to acquire, so I jumped at the chance. Not only does he fill the English player quota, but a year from now he'll be a player formed by the club, which does wonders for registration purposes, and it also helps for the inevitable Brexit that we all know is coming. He'll probably go out on loan before the transfer window closes, but I still want to see what he can do in some preseason friendlies.

I know Lloris is our leader and captain (something that will be changed shortly), but I just don't trust the wee lad. He'll be around for the season, but I'll look to cash in on him a year from now, but it doesn't stop me from bringing in his likely replacement for the future (while my other 2 wonderkids GK's keep developing). Has all the attributes and potential to be a world class keeper. He'll rotate constantly throughout the season. At 24 mil with a 9 mil initial fee is perfect for me.

Another Swiss Army Knife! Very similar player to Maddison, just a bit younger with more potential. I will be training him to play in a IF or AP role upfront, so I'm hoping he becomes a natural in that AMR/AML role soon, because his minutes will come there, rotating with Son and Chiesa. Of course, being a natural at MC helps his time there as well. In any case, at 24 mil it was a bargain. Last year I bought him for a bit less and 3 years later sold him for 90 mil to Man City. Will it be the case again? Remains to be seen.

I really struggled with this one. I still have loads of money but I somehow feel that I need more pure specialists upfront, and he fits the bill. Another wonderkid that with the proper minutes can become a monster. Spoiler alert: SON isn't in my plans after this season, so I will spend a large portion of the season giving minutes to our youngsters, which leads me to....

I was actually very excited by this signing. Granted, his wages are a bit high and Danny gave me crap about it, but he'll play immediately and in the beta he actually won a Ballon D'Or at 25 for City. Spending 8 mil (4 up front) seemed just good business for me.

Remember how I told you I had plans for back up CB's? Well this kid has MONSTER written all over him. He'll stick around the senior team this season and will be given a chance in smaller games. Also, he's done quite well during preseason, so that plays in his favor. At 7 mil, it's a deal I'm more than happy to do

Speaking of preseason:

We're crushing everyone.Obviously the last 2 games were a stronger challenge but the team managed to play very well.

In case you're wondering, the tactic I have in mind for the season, at least for now is:

Never mind the names, what matters is the role and tactical approach. The heat map is just to give you an idea of the way we're going to try and plal throughout the season. Obviously we can be seriously exposed at the back, but given the talent we have I think we'll take a chance and made the necessary adjustments should it be necessary.

We're not quite done with our transfers and we're 2 weeks away from the start of the season, so stay tuned for #fightTheFuture pt III as we close a very wild summer!
An extremely busy window. Some of those signings will be very popular with certain members on the site, I can guarantee that. I'm intrigued to see if the high volume business-wise will have much of an impact, especially early on. A strong pre-season, but that can only give you a very limited view into how things are progressing.
2019-11-22 17:16#263049 ScottT : An extremely busy window. Some of those signings will be very popular with certain members on the site, I can guarantee that. I'm intrigued to see if the high volume business-wise will have much of an impact, especially early on. A strong pre-season, but that can only give you a very limited view into how things are progressing.
No doubt.
To be honest, I'm quite fond of turnover once I take over a team. In my experience, the best way to get them to really come together (aside from winning), is to spend a lot of training time working in aspects such as teamwork, tactics, shape, and always with a match preview and review. Coupled with team bonding and community outreach and good mentoring units and the group comes together quicker than you might thing.
Still, it takes patience and early results will be very important.
Business wise, we'll likely have some challenges next season, but I already know who in this roster will leve next season, on good money, that will allow us to balance the books!
Trash talking Haaland was hilarious hahaha
*Sorry for the delay guys and gals, I was having trouble uploading my content!

All right boys and girls! Our first transfer window has gone by and our transfer business is officially done!
Welcome to the last chapter of our magical #FightTheFuture Trilogy!

I told everyone that we had a lot of targets, and well, for the most part, I'm very happy to say we were quite successful. Admittedly, we had to overpay a bit here and there, but it's all worth it.

I knew I wanted to send Davies out on loan (not my type of WB) and in fear that KWP might not be up to par every other game, I sealed Benji for 6.5 mil. A bargain for a kid that can pretty much play everywhere on the pitch.

The other wonderkid I had ready to play strong backup minutes as CB. Mukiele not only can be a great CB, but is a natural at RB as well. If we ever run into injury issues, he'll be there to cover it up. I might've paid a bit more on this one - 29 mil. Those German capitalists pig probably were pissed off by the fact that I tried to empty their cupboards - more on that later).

One for the future:

In every possible storyline and multiverse this kid is class. There was no way I'd pass up on that chance at getting him so cheap. Also, given that I have now a massive abundance of player capable of playing in the wings, I have some interesting plans of developing as a CWB. Lofty expectations, I know, but the rewards could be huge.

Moving on... How can we pass this up??

Pretty obvious yes? Given that the little s**t Haaland ditched me like 5th period French, my second favorite wonderkid in the game would not deny me. And he didn't. I didn't even care at the 34 mil transfer fee -far more than in last year's game. We've now secured what I believe to be the most complete combination of midfield talent in the world: Tonali, Florentino, N'dombele, Maddison, Dommo, Olmo, and Winks. I dare you to provide a better combination of talent. I double dare you.

I was able to secure these moves right before deadline day, in order to have enough time to evaluate the landscape, play a couple of more friendlies, and figure out how to close out our business.

As it usually is at this time of the year, the media begin their predictions:

No shockers there. Let's hope Kane is up there as he should be.

Wow, I'm in desbelief....only Man City and Liverpool players in this category... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

As you can see, two of our players are on this list. I believe Chiesa's gonna take the Prem by storm, and I think Olmo and Maddy will as well. But as you can also see, I don't really like one of the players in this list AT ALL (probably telling by the nickname I've given him). I have absolutely no intention of playing Lo Celso-while fully knowing how good he is-. The great managers are stubborn bastards. Ask Fergie. I'll win or lose my way.

Also, tough decisions had to be made, and it went like this:

Me:"Harry my boy there comes a time where every boy must become a man"
Harry: Blank stare
Me: "I'm referring to you, you tosser! Lloris is unreliable and I need you to step up"
Harry: Blank stare...
Me: "Oh f**k it, get out!

Now, on a side note: remember earlier when I told you I'd explain as to why I those ZEE GERMANS were mad at me? Well, my laundry list of targets included a few players they had, including Upamecano, Nkunku, and Haidara. I made offers to all of them but backed out when I thought it was just too much.

I did this for a series of players on my list as well, and this is as good a time as any to fill you in:
- Pretty much Barca's entire youth setup. Todibo, Fati, Pedri, Reis, and Wague. It really is unfair how many good players they have. Oh, and the cules weren't shy about their prices - not one of those players was available for less than 50 mil. Wague had an 80 mil release clause - EAT ME!!

- Haaland, though we already went over his tantrum.

- Argentinians Almada and Almendra. I was very close with Almendra but his permit was rejected due to salary implications. I had my midfield set up, so I was not about to commit high salaries to him. I was willing to pay for Alamda, but he "was NOT interested". What, is the Prem too good for you you tosser?!?!? Just like Haaland, he will regret his actions and I will return in 6 short months. And you will say yes.
- Diogo Jota
- Milenkovic
- Greenwood
- Odoi
- Gravenberch

As you can see, we were all over the place. But when prices got too high, I just backed out.
But just before our time to buy was up, funny things started happening:

To this we add that Aarons already is "at odds" with the board over at Norwich.

We're just pissing lads off left and right, huh? All fair's in football and war I say. With this we can pivot to:

[color=#204A87]Luckily enough, this standoff between players and clubs allowed me to swoop in and quite literally save 50% on the transfer of each player I had in mind. So I attacked.

At some point Norwich wanted 55 mil for Aarons while Arsenal wanted 40 for Saka. Not only are they immediate starters and potential world class players, I got them far below their real value and they add to the English player quota the board requests. And those brits are also gonna be quite useful once Brexit comes around and everything goes down the sh!tter.

I thought that would be it, but I had a some money left and I wanted to add more depth, so....

Tremendous talent. Versatile, extremely complete on all attributes, can step in from day 1, and will become a home product in a couple of years. I have ZERO intentions of keeping Rose and Davies beyond year 1, so I need to start grooming the future WB of the future for Spurs.

If Declan Rice had a clone, this kid would be it. Has all the potential to become a world class CB and DM. I actually loaned him out to Swansea only with the promise that his fixed position would be CM, so he can develop attributes to allow him to play that role later in his career.

As far as incoming transfers: THAT. WAS. IT.

Quick note: Skipp went on loan to Swansea as well, Armini to QPR, Troy to Cardiff. Gomes is deciding between several teams as well as Maldini. Davies will be leaving on loan shortly to Italy or France. In upcoming chapters we will evaluate our youth players. Worry not.

I decided to keep around Trincao to develop him in that WB role, Ihattaren and Sigursson because I believe I can help them here more because they'll be playing a TON between the u23 team, the u18 team, plus the minutes I give them. Russo and Bella-Kotchop (as of today BK) also stayed because they'll do the same activities as his teammates. Much more playing time that should do wonders for their development.

That being said...

And just to have everyone informed:

What can we say?
I lost count of how many players we managed to bring in and we spent a ridiculous amount of money. The challenge now is to balance the books when the time comes and understand the proper minutes distribution so all the youngsters get the time they need. Even after all the moves we made we still don't own the biggest wage bill (yet), and our bank balance is extremely positive.

In fact, it's so good that I'll have absolutely no shame or face in asking for money in the December transfer window (FOR SHAME you say? I agree. But hey, what can you do).

After all that movement let's see what Danny and the boys have to say about my summer activites:

Not bad, eh? In one of the most active 80 days of any manager's career in the history OF THE UNIVERSE, I believe Tottenham today are set up for short and long term success in a way only few teams in the world are. From where I'm standing, I can only see Barcelona, Chelsea, and Ajax having more youth talent than I do at the moment. I'm giving Peters (HOYD) quite the job to do following and monitoring all the young talent we now have on this squad.

And of course:

If they'd just let me work they would've known from the beginning. But oh well, keeping promises is part of the job.

So finally, the #fighttheFuture epic saga comes to an end and now we begin the marathon. Our first fixture is a few days away and now the truly tough part begins.

Stay tuned as Chapter 6 - #thegrind will be coming soon to FM website near you![/color]

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