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Tottenham - Wonderkids shall set you free

Can you win with wonderkids? Chapter 1: #intro
Started on 21 November 2019 by silentjay
Latest Reply on 27 December 2019 by silentjay
All right guys and gals…Everything comes down to a shocking end on a nerve wracking month of May, where our legacies will begin to be cemented in stone or perhaps delayer for a year or so.

Let’s keep #theGrind going!

It’s always nice to get the recognition of course, but it’s not a priority for me at this point. Our mind is squarely facing bigger issues.

Well whaddatanow? Danny showing signs of life as he is “happy for me”. You know what would’ve made me happy: a transfer budget of 150 you cheap f!ck!


Well that was a sh!t start to the month now wasn’t it?
We had a chance to clinch the Prem yet again and the kids, for the 2nd straight match, clearly felt the pressure and weren’t up to par. Wolves were by far the better team and we relied on luck and individual talent really to escape alive from the Mol. Shout out to Hugo Lloris for finally simulating what he’s like in real life, when he literally passed the ball to an opponent to score an easy goal. He’s already on my exit plans, and with these moves he really doesn’t make a case to stay with a lesser role or in a coach capacity. We pretty much played 10 against 12 with Hugo in there. His little present was the beginning of the end and Maddison was the only one that was able to save us wih an impeccable solo effort that will likely end up in the season highlight reel.

Disappointing overall. We wanted to lock in everything today to play relaxed for the rest of the season, but these kids just weren’t up to it.

And even though we couldn’t lock things up, we got a new accolade:

After this sh!t performance we must now face Barca…. Oh my. I can’t say I’m overly hopeful.

Talk about bouncing back. We were the better overall team. The N’Dombele, Lucho, Maddy midfield just keeps getting stronger. Bad things happen whenever I break them up. As you well know, I didn’t expect us to fight through Liverpool, let alone Barcelona. As it turns out, we had an easier time getting by the Spaniards than the reds. For the second year in a row, Spurs will make a finals appearance. Some teams haven’t done that in 100 years! We’re not getting our hopes up, there’s a long way to go and we have other priorities, but we couldn’t be happier! Last stop: PSG at the end of the month! (they beat Madrid 6-2 in the aggregate Sweet Baby Jesus)
As it stands, we need to find a way to close this out and get that Premier League title now up against a strong Norwich team. But at Spursville nothing ever comes easy for anyone, so let’s do this!

Can someone explain this to me? I haven’t won anything and I’m going to a tourney only played by Champions? I must be missing something… FM buf? What am I missing? Help me out fellas!!

I’m truly at a loss. Just kind find the words. It’s as if this group just doesn’t want to win. They’ve sabotaged themselves to such a point that we might not win the Prem at all, something that seemed like a given 2 fixtures ago. If Liverpool wins their match we have to go over at Bournemouth and win no matter what. This group really shot themselves in the foot and it’s disgusting to see. I’ve no idea how we got here but the hard work is going down the shitter so quickly. I’m pissed off. Depressed. Disappointed. This f!cking group will train hard tomorrow and now we have to start praying they actually play like men next week. I made a couple of rotation changes -plugged in Dele, Todibo, and Haaland- and all of them couldn’t live up to par. Perhaps that’s my mistake for giving too many opportunities to youngsters that aren’t quite ready yet. But unfortunately that’s the basis of the entire project.

What a f!clking mess. At this point, if we don’t win, it’ll be seen as a biggest f!cking choke job in the history of the Prem. And that’s not the type of history I want to make in my first year as manager. But, they play Manchester United AT OLD TRAFFORD, so my rant perhaps will be for naught…. Hopefully.

Champagne all around, Queen’s “We are the Champions” is played throughout Spursville, confetti and gold rain comes down from the sky, and every corner of the UK chants our songs. Who knew such happiness could come after such a bad game! But who cares!!! (for now).
The road to greatness isn’t far away, it’s here!

Liverpool couldn’t handle Man U as they lost 3-1 which means Spurs are the Premier League champions!!! (mind you my previous rant still stands, that result was unacceptable).
There’s not much to say. We blended youth and experience throughout the season, we rotated plenty, used as much as 35 players overall, and somehow managed to reach our goals way ahead of schedule! Yes, this hurts statistically some players, and our constant tactic tweaking doesn’t allow players like Kane to have real monster seasons, but our culture is based on team play and sacrifice, and they certainly did that. I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve begun doing here and what we can accomplish moving forward. I can’t promise silverware, but I can promise improvement from key players.

Most glory chasing managers would use it as a springboard to reach much higher grounds, such as Real, Barca, etc., but we’ve began something important here and we’re going nowhere!

We might be ahead, but we’re just beginning. The season’s been magical, but there’s a lot of work to do. Mind you, our last Prem League Trophy was lifted in 1961 for f!cks’ sake. And in one year we lift two and put ourselves in a position to win 3!! Everyone’s absolutely buzzing and ecstatic we managed something so special and tremendous. Huge shout to Man U for keeping Liverpool at bay while my boys came inches away from choking historically.
As our week moves on we get some good news

Despite all our spending, which might’ve seemed way too much, our finances are doing very well and our decision to sell key players at the beginning and mid season have proven to be favorable for our overall play and finances.
Now we focus on closing strong in the Prem.

I’m really happy about this one, not only because we won, but because we went with a completely alternative starting XI: Russo; Mukiele, ABK, Todibo, Bard; Camavinga, Tonalli, Bellingham (now known as Hey Jude); Mo, Saka, Greenwood.

After a questionable 1st half, we made specific adjustments (moved Greenwod to AMR pulling Saka, using Henrichs as a LWB for Bard, and inserted Sigurosson late in the game for a Mo that had an average game). Literally the future played today against a strong team away from home, and the future certainly lived up to all their promise. Bournemouth were extremely lucky from a set piece SIX minutes of extra time (and the officials had given only 5), so to say they were fortunate is a MASSIVE understatement. I’m not mad or disappointment, I had some championship level talent out there and they played well. Hey Jude got himself in the scoresheet twice (of many to come I’m guessing) and Haaland got back to his scoring ways. I’m taking the positives and I destroyed the referees in the press conference of course.
As the week advances we receive news:

It’s important to embed winning in the DNA of this club, and setting records like this one certainly help matters.

Jude Bellingham’s making news for all the right reasons. Some following this story were rightfully concerned when we spent so much money on this kid, but he’s showing already what he’s capable of, and he’s only 16!!!

These upcoming weeks are going to be filled with news like this one. Barcelona sacked Valverde the second La Liga finished (Atlético won it), and now, 10 seconds after the last Premier League game finished, Pep got the sack. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. Perhaps a Barca reunion?

Another sign the universe has provided us in terms of selling Lloris. Audero had a very solid season finishing second in Golden Glove awards. Lloris’ appearance in the Champions League final will probably the last one of his Tottenham career, something we can say of many others as well.

A 71% win ratio and a surprise Title were surely more than enough reasons to get this prestigious award. One we’re very proud of and hopefully one of many more!

Thanks for the public support, Danny. I guess this means I can approach you about a new contract before time right? God knows I deserve it. Perhaps this also means that you’ll start coughing up more resources for this team, like BETTER YOUTH RECRUITMENT!!

On a positive not as well, N’Dombele and Kane made the team of the year, so that’s always good. After our game against PSG I’ll be making an entire chapter dedicated to player evaluation as we wind up #theGrind in its first season.

It’s also nice to know that our finances are all safe and sound as it stands, so all in all, despite our spending, we’ve been fiscally responsible.
And all of a sudden….

So f!cking typical. I could’ve sent the team on a beach walk and Harry still would’ve gotten injured. I could’ve kept him locked at home and he would’ve fatally injured a nostril for too much breathing. Not the best of signs with 8 days to go….Kill me now.


They may not have gotten the Prem, but Klopp made sure they’d walk away with something this season.

Now comes the most important game of our young career…

Just completely heartberaking.
This game had anything BUT defending and too many mistakes. Lucho, Milenkovic, and N’Dombele chose the worst time of the year to have their worst performance as Spurs’ players. N’Domb had a series of mistakes that were later compounded with a stupid penalty the Cavani cashed in. Lucho literally gave the ball away two meters away from goal, allowing Cavani to score again. On the counter part, Haaland scored in similar fashion: a penalty and a mistake by Marquinhos. With set piece we were able to get the lead. I brought Olmo in to stabilize the midfield and he was just flat out awful, while Chiesa continued his disappointing 2nd half of the season without being able to do anything from either flank -just super disappointed in him. Dele continues his lackluster football right next to Son. I guess it only makes sense that Lloris and Son underachieved in the most important game of the season, which coincidentally makes for their last games as Spurs players as well. 2 set pieces allowed PSG to tie and later score the late go ahead goal, and it was curtains for us.

At one point, when we were up 3-2, and Halaand had that 4th and his hattrick on a very easy one on one, but as we all know, scoring in one on one situations is almost as rare as finding unicorns in this f”cking game (I’m very sad and pissed off, pardon my French).

Now it’s about fining certain players, having them train non stop for 5 hours, and then releasing them for vacations and paid trips to sports psychologist for the WEAK MINDED LITTLE BOYS THEY ARE! It happened to us throughout the season: we just could not pull out results in big matches It happened against Arsenal and Liverpool TWICE. Today, the biggest game of our career by far and the lads came up short.
I take solace on the fact that this group is so young that the chances of us being right back here next season are high, and if we’re consistent, many of these kids will be even better. Big decisions are on the horizon for us in terms of who stays, goes, etc., but for now we have to lick our wounds and do our best to pick ourselves up and get even stronger, something I’ve no doubt this group will be able to do. This is all part of growing pains. Nodoby expected us to do so much in one season, yet we did it. Who knows where this group can be this time next year.

And that ladies and gents is how May wraps up. Mixed results and emotions. Happiness and tears. Joy and hatred, laughter and sadness, glory and doom, etc. We see our heroes rise only to see them fall… But our time will come. Of this I’m sure.

Now it’s about evaluation. We’ll regroup, review, and have massive analysis on all our players this season.

That is how #TheGrind in its first season comes to an end!

Up next #playerEval and #SpursAwardsstick around!
Does anybody know why a load of screenshots from this thread seem to be missing? I cant see the majority of the screenshots on page 1?
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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay but I'm working on two different chapters at once - my own versions of the Oscars for our season and our summer transfer action where it's been tremendously wild!
Bear with me for a couple of more days and the stories will be up.

Oh and by the way, do you know of a way where I could post screenshots without taking up as much space? I've had to delete older SS (hence impeding newer readers to really learn the whole experience thus far) in order to upload newer ones. If you can think of a quick and easy way to do this please let me know!!!

Update! So because I really make this the best possible story, I'm going to store the files myself so I'm going to spend the next couple of days updating missings pics, making the story more fun to follow, etc!

What an incredible first season. A premier league win and a second Champions League final in a row for the club. It really lays the foundations for what could be a historic managerial career.
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4 yearsEdited
Hi everyone!

We’re back and better than ever!
After recovering from the soulcrushing end to the season 1 of #theGrind we now start getting ready for the 2020/21 season, but not before we go through several activities.

So before we go any further

Welcome to #SpursAwards where we point out and reward both the best and the worst of our entire season!

Of course, our season wrap up needs to have both recognition and evaluation.
But before it all, a quick shoutout!

And one of our youngsters definitely made his mark on the Skybet League One. Granted, the overall level isn’t great, but it means that Gomes is ready to now dominate, in all likelihood, the Championship, and once he does that, he’ll be ready to make the jump to the 1st team, bringing the cycle of development to an end, because he'll be ready to shine in the biggest stage of all.

We will take a look at him in the offseason of course, perhaps there's a surprise in place for us.

If there was an award here, it’d be “Best player on loan” or #BPOL

Meanwhile, the people have spoken:

There you have it folks. N’Dombele and Chiesa all get the love from the fans. From a strict manager’s point of view, I can’t state just how valuable these two have been, unfortunately Chiesa’s very average 2nd half of the season paired with N’Dombele’s crucial mistakes and miscues in key games will hurt their overall evaluation. That being said, it’s obvious these two are among the players who had the best overall season for us.

Would you look at these geezers?? One season with my signings and staff taking over and having good seasons and they want us to “MAINTAIN” best youth system in the world? Mother of God. These people really have no shame. I rearranged their entire youth system with no help from them and now they’re stealing my vision and making it a complete requirement? If I was a mercenary, I’d quit and go to City or Barcelona. Obviously Danny’s not negotiating and he’s insisting on English signings. All I can hope for is that some wealthy “mystery men” show up out of nowhere and take the club away from Danny.

Obviously you’re happy, baldy. No thanks to you I’m well on my way to turning this team into the new Barcelona. You better offer me a new contract soon pal.

I guess Danny was listening because he didn’t hesitate to offer me more cash thanks to my Godlike managing skills shown thus far.

But let’s get back to it: we’re here for some recognition:

His overall season was stellar, having early Hazardesque seasons of double digit goals and assists. His tremendous inconsistency in the 2nd half of the season and his disappearance in key games very much overshadowed what he’s done for us. Nonetheless, he was bough as a key player and remains very much one. He was world class at 21 years old. Imagine a full consistent year - that's a 20 & 20 season. Epic.

Maddison didn’t get nearly the amount of games Chiesa did, but it was more than enough to secure this here record. He’s making the case to give him more minutes not only as MC, but perhaps AML or AMR. Kudos to him for this.

I swear I’m a psychic. First the new contract, now a potential takeover? Wow. Hopefully Becks doesn’t by the team.

Now come on, back to the awards:

Player of the season

This one was very close. Too close really. I'm going for a 3 way tie.

Not a signing of my own, but a new arrival at Spursville. Buy far our most consistent player. Nothing too fancy statistically, but his role was mostly to cover a lot of ground, keep the ball moving, and attack from deep when the opportunity arose.

A rock at the back. As consistent a performer as we’re going to find throughout the team. Perhaps the most consistent of all three candidates. Our team had one of the best defenses in the league, and he was the leader of that back four. It’s clear that Dias will stick around pretty much forever.

Stat stuffer no doubt. If he had a more consistent second half of the season he would’ve gotten into the 20’s in the assist section. In any case, was the top assist man in the Prem and found the back of the net quite a few times as well. It was our record signing, but for the most part he certainly lived up to it.
It’s going to be very interesting to see how these 3 follow up their great debut seasons.

Honorable mentions:

Even though he was a midseason pickup, he was a better fit than Sanchez immediately and ended up being unmovable next to Dias -we paid a lot of money for Todibo to provide a hard battle for the spot but Nik made it look easy and there’s no reason to think this will change next season.

Given the abundance of players we have in our midfield, and the consistency of the play of N’Dombele, those 2 other spots had to be rotated between Lucho, Olmo, and Dele. And Maddy, of the last 3 mentioned, was the one that really showed the capacity to create and score himself, much like he does in real life, but with our tactic, starting further back in the pitch. It’ll be interesting to see what he does if we give him more minutes, but the battle for those will be brutal once again.

Wasn’t really expecting to give Sandro as much time as he got, but his consistency earned him those minutes. We made a significant investment in him and he responded well when called upon. It won’t be long before he’s unmovable in that starting XI.

Signing of the season

Like we said before, it was too close to call between Chiesa and Tanguy, but Dias was a signature signing, cheaper than N'Dombele and Chiesa, and he was a monster all season long. Only Virgil today is a better defender than, and he's not even 25.

Best under 20 player

Lucho played over 40 games at 19. Anchored our first playmaking outlet and averaged a 7.12 for the entire season. Yes, we paid a lot of money for him, but I think it's safe to say he delivered in spades. He's now 20 and already a top MC in the world.

Biggest disappointment of the season

Three way tie:

Can’t put enough emphasis on how Son disappointed us. He was tried in every possible attacking role known to man, and just couldn’t perform. Lacked precision and quality throughout the season aside from few glimpses here and there. His season was so poor that his overall value went down from 60 to 40 million. Tells you all you need to know about him. He won’t be around next season. We just want to get rid of his wages, hopefully at a semi decent price. As far as business goes, the ROI for Son will be very negative.

Like Son. Disappointing at every level. Cost us games, showed a bad attitude, and was given too many chances. I can’t sell him because he fills an important quota of a homegrown player, but I certainly won’t be insisting with him in terms of heavy minutes. Soon enough a series of players will be seen as homegrown, and that will mark the moment Dele’s time in Tottenham will come to an end. Unless of course his 2020-21 season ends up being a mythical one, which I highly doubt. If you remember correctly, his brand took such a hit that he was wanted by MLS teams. FOR SHAME.

We made a bet on the kid during deadline day and thought he could start immediately. This was not the case. The former Arsenal player disappointed and couldn’t live up to expectations. Looking back at his numbers, he did not have ONE SINGLE GAME where he averaged more than 7.0. This of course means he didn’t not have ONE decent game all season long. The staff and I are seriously considering retraining him at a new position to see if we can get more from him in a different area of the pitch. But he certainly comes in as one of the biggest disappointments of the season.

Worst signing

We all know how talented this kid is and what he can do. We invested in him because we’ve all seen what this kid goes on to do, as well. Unfortunately, the pressure of fighting for a 1st team role certainly got the best of him and ended up losing minutes to Maddy, Dele when played as a MC, Tonali, and even 2nd tier players like Camavinga and Hey Jude. He’s miles away from justifying what we paid for him, but we’re ready to give him more time so he can live up to the hefty price tag. Saka doesn't fit in this category because we only spent a fraction on him vs what we paid for the Spaniard. This award came down to, in essence, a judgement of price vs performance.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is how we put an end to our own version of the Oscars, Grammys, Brit pop awards, call it what you want. We'll have this version of awards every season, and if you can think of more categories, let me know and we'll have them.

And now our strength goes back to closing out the summer, finalizing our signings, and start of season 2 of #TheGrind - so stick around for #TransferMarket
Quick word: for those interested in back episodes, I'm slowly but surely updating them with the corresponding graphics!
A massive season and some very well deserving players winning awards there. Also congrats on the new contract, hopefully that takeover can happen soon.
All right folks, now that season 1 of #theGrind is officially wrapped up, it’s time we go through our summer, it’s ups and downs, news, etc., and we find out how the European continent, and our Spurs of course are gearing up for football in the next decade of this century! #TransferMarket begins!

Before I begin I have to really state the following: our plans did NOT go the way we had expected. As I posted a while back, we had specific targets in mind, and acquiring them was a lot tougher than I thought. Some we were able to sign, some were completely out of reach, and some interesting surprises occurred which allowed to “improvise” with some moves.

So let’s dive in between news and moves.

Given the great season we had, we saw Spurs climb up the charts, and it’s something I’m keen we keep doing. The goal is to have Spurs in the top 2 for at least a decade. That’s excellence. That’s a dynasty. That’s legendary manager status.

Well these clubs are going to be interesting to follow without a doubt. Pep failed to retain the Prem and couldn’t advance more than expected so he got the boot -he now manages the Spanish national team, a pretty surprising move if you ask me. Tuchel to Barca doesn’t quite jive with me either, but it did make a lot of sense to see Valverde leave. It’s miracle he has a job today.

He was on our list, and we were able to secure him. Too bad he turned 19 just 4 days before joining us… So close. In any case, Ben Davies is the odd man out as you all know, so we need to secure the talent that will eventually replace Rose. As it stands, it’s Bard and Nouri now, but as I told you before, I’m getting ready to re train Saka as a LWB because, well, I feel like with his stats he’d make for a tremendous attacking wingback, similar to Trincao on the right flank. Securing Nouri allows us to work calmly on the few targets we’re serious about.

He came in as a “savior” to our WB issues with Rose’s injury, but ultimately couldn’t be consistent overall. We received good money for him and we have very interesting plans in his immediate replacement.

As you know from our #SpursAwards special, Son not only was a disappointment, but we knew we were going to sell him. Unfortunately his value went down almost in a stock market depression type way. Truly astounding. Ultimately, he wasn’t going to play, was way too old for our plans, and other players are priorities in that position. Had to be done. Not the ideal price, but it had to be done.

And of course, what’s life without some group of Geezers with Danny next to them judging me!
So after careful evaluation some other moves were made:

His performances on loan were up and down, but his overall progression weren’t what we expected and we have way to many wonderkids at the DMC/MC position to even consider Skipp an option. We had his well being in mind with this move. He just wasn’t going to play for us.
And as our preseason kept advancing

At this point it’s beyond rumors and we all know how it works. At this point in time really the mystery is about who’s going to takeover and how much they’re going to pay for a team well worth 2 billion pounds!

As you know, a young wonderkid GK was a target, and this one’s always the one you want, but it seems far away due to pricing reasons -but for some reason Milan transfer listed him, in all likelihood due to bad results and low money, and I was able to get him well beyond his 120 mil initial value. We’re doubling our efforts to sell Lloris, but we just can’t!! It’s maddening! We had a 20 mil offer from Sporting, but Danny blocked it because he wanted 20.5. Can you believe it! The idiot blocked a transfer for 500k!! I mean just unreal. This takeover can’t come soon enough. But boy are we happy about Gigi. Of course, now we have 10 thousand GK’s lol.

As the season draws near, we begin seeing the odds the press and betting houses out there have, and even though we were likely the bets team in the UK last season we’re still not favorites. I like this though. Less pressure and expectations from the outside -even though in house we have our sights firmly set in going for that double.

Now we start loaning out players

Gomes was great, but there’s just too many players at that position. There was no way he’d see the minutes he needs in order to develop, so he’s better off on loan at a much better team than last season, with minutes at top flight football

Still is MILES and MILES away from being the heir to Kane as we had envisioned. His 2019-20 was regular at best. He needs to show a lot more and he knows it. It’s his chance

Well at least one less GK out there lololol. Our scouts have him as our “worst” keeper (even though he’s still considered a wonderkid), so it only makes sense we send him to a team that will have him playing as a regular starter.

The WP didn’t come through (as expected) and we sent him to the best offer out there (as agreed with the player. Nothing more to it than that. This kid’s got all the potential in the world, but until we have that WP, he’s going to show it somewhere else

Between his inconsistency, injury proneness, and the fact that this was his last season, it only made sense to cash in. He wasn’t even part of our main vision, so all the pieces fit for this move.

The odds keep coming, and I fully support these odds. Kane was firing on all cylinders at the beginning of the season, but massively fell of toward the last 6 months (I do blame the consistently awful ME for this, but hey). Kane is going to have to show a lot if he wants to be our main option, with Haaland, Gouiri, and Greenwood knocking the door.

Sancho’s just way out of our reach. 90 million isn’t the amount of money we’re willing to spend on a single player. Once I decided to move on, I had to find something “similar” if such a thing is possible, so I got this little speed merchant. Not quite the mythical beast Sancho is, but he’s an elite winger/wonderkid at 22 and fills the home grown quota (came through the Man City ranks), and at 15 mil or so he’s quite cheaper than Jadon -granted, a much lesser player. Whether or not Javairo will crack the starting XI is a mystery, but there’s a long queue of options: Mo, Fringe, Chiesa, Saka, Dele, Olmo, Greenwood. From this particular list one’s bound to really hold on to that major role. Spending 90 million just isn’t an option

Our first “failure” of the summer. Foden was one of our main targets and City would not settle for a price below 100 million quid. Of course we weren’t going to go for it. We pushed for weeks, it was ultimately useless. No Foden for us. On top of that, pseudo targets such as Odoi also went out on loan, forcing my hand here. Fati also became a non option after Barca upped their initial price -going from 80 to 90 – so that’s a pass on him. Another Barca target – Pedri, was in the 80 million range, and that was just impossible for us. So very early on we realized it was going to be extremely tough, yet we kept making offers just in case.

But in the meantime interesting things happened.

TRANSFER LISTED AT 12.5. That’s a joke, right? Once my scouts informed of this, I jumped on it. This allows me to slide Mukiele straight into a WB role because Aarons didn’t finish the season off the way I wanted, which in turn gives Trincao a chance to go out on loan and keep honing his skills. Now the CB rotation is set with Dias-Nik-Todibo-Upamecano and it opens up all sorts of tactical opportunities.

We already reported one and now we find more rumors about this. The more I read the more it makes sense: WE ARE READY TO GET BOUGHT BY A RICH OILMAN THAT’LL GIVE US MONEY FOREVER. I just know it.

Our preseason, int terms of results, has been positive, but I don’t get ahead of myself, specially knowing Liverpool awaits for the Carton Community Shield. We’ve made some interesting tweaks to our tactics and they have yielded nice results, but we really won’t know until we play games where there’s real things at stake.

Interesting that no Spurs’ players are even considered in the Top player odds. Like I’ve been saying for so long, INCONSISTENCY really is the name of this group, so it’s not surprising no one believes in my players. We’ll see how the season goes.

Now this makes more sense. Given that we’re the reigning champs and we’re one of the youngest squads out there, it makes sense that 50% of the candidates our from our ranks. I feel like Chiesa might just run away with this one -fingers crossed.

Obviously our hunt for wonderkids never ends, and seeing as how we’ve whiffed on key targets, we’ll keep looking for the future. This kid has monster written all over him and at 13.5 mil it makes too much sense.

And as the Community Carton Shield is ever close, we have our review of how we’re advancing from Danny and the board -interesting that amid takeover talks they still take time for this.

We were off to the races with a quick goal from Chiesa off a nice assist by Maddy, but it was all downhill from there. Aarons hasn’t played a good game in what seems like 9 months now and Sessegnon just hasn’t evolved like we thought he was. As an official match came along, Kane went back to being sh!t. Tonali’s got future, but we missed N’Dombele (him and Dele got injured a day before the match), and Liverpool unleashed their attack on us. We never really stood a chance after the got going and it’s shown us that we need a lot of work. As usual, fines and hard training is coming. As we’ve constantly stated, we want to add silverware whenever we can, so it’s unfortunate that we passed up yet another chance to do so. Early on in the season it’ll be a good time to experiment with certain players.

Deadline day was chaotic and it led me to make some very specific decisions:
I wanted to bring in the most talented playmaker I could find. Havertz was ridiculously priced and Foden was never really an option:

With Houssem I have an immediate starter and now I can have Maddy/Olmo fight out that AML role, since Cengiz hasn’t convinced lately and perhaps he’s better suited off the bench. I’ll be looking to turn that Aouar – Tanguy – Luch midfield into the best trio in the world. It won’t take long to happen I believe.

As you know, both Rose and Davies were sold, but Sessegnon and Nouri just didn’t convince -the match against Liverpool being the biggest indicator of all. So I sent Bard out on loan and brought Ben in. A fixed signing in pretty much all my saves, he’s immediately the best WB I have on my team. I decided to keep Saka though because he’s going to be our next candidate to be retrained as a WB. It can definitely be interesting.

I’ve said it endlessly, he will end up being a world class WB, but he needs to put in work. We gave him a lot of chances last season and in the preseason as well, but we’ve determined he needs to play at least 30 games per season -at a high level- to prove that he can live up to his wonderkid hype. I’ve no doubt he will.

Another wonderkid that will now show his talents in the top flight after an up and down loan season in the Championship. We’ll be monitoring him closely!

Other loan players:
  • Achraf – Kiling it at Southend early on.

  • Almada – couldn’t get that WP so he’s now in Leganés showing off his talents. We hope to secure that WP in December.

  • Maldini’s off to Shrewsbury Town as he still is very far away from team football but he’s progressing well.

  • Sigurosson – we should’ve loaned him out last season but no one wanted him, this time out Granada was more than happy and I expect him to be more than ready for 1st team football by next year.

  • Barasi – Finally old enough, Hull City took a chance on him.

  • This kid’s at the precipice. Extremely close to being 1st material but falls victim to all the talent we have. In order to take this wonderkid into a word class superstar, we need to be patient with him and in Italy I think he’ll thrive.

    Boy, did we struggle with this one. We went to such lengths as to agree to pay his full salaries!! He literally became our GK version of Alexis Sanchez!! Obviously 15 mil isn’t what we expected, but we needed to make SOME money off him, and he was on his last year as well. It’s quite strange that no one in the world was willing to offer even 25 mill for him. Quite strange. Do we consider this to be a problem with FM?

    We certainly have gone up as opposed to last season, haven’t we? Also to be expected, but we’re good.

    As you can see, once again we’re out there, but no “splash signings” like Liverpool though, who got close to spending 100 mil in Dybala. Quite the signing for them. We’ll see how Klopp plans to play Mane-Bobby-Salah-Dybala together. All signs point to a change in scheme to a 4-2-3-1 over at Anfield.

    Other interesting moves:

  • James Rodriguez went on a free to United. Quite the steal for them.

  • City payed 57 mil for Gnabry (oh the ironey) and 38 mil for Dembele (ironic as well I’d say). Smart signings and they get Sané back. Poch finally is in a place where they get him what he wants.

  • Arsenal still can’t get rid of Ozil and spent 50+ mil on Shaqiri lolololololol. WTF is happening over there. My next story will be about them. Did manage to get un Bruno Fernandes so that’s a nice acquisition.

  • That puts an end to a busy, busy, busy summer. Like I said before, we failed to get our main targets, but I feel we did an acceptable job with alternatives that perhaps weren’t even in our plans. If we look at our squad, we still have wonderkids at every position pretty much throughout our roster and the mission, as always, is to keep developing them and monitoring closely to see if more first team options appear.
    I’m not happy we couldn’t nail our targets, but very satisfied with our overall situation.

    That’s how #TransferMarket comes to an end and now we gear up for season 2 of #TheGrind – stick around

    All right people, we're back!
    #TheGrind now begins its full swing as we begin a quick, yet eventful month of August.

    Before the season begins, we have some business to finish...

    Project RWB will have to stay in pause for now because we need Trincao to keep developing, so we'll be definitely looking out at how he does in Germany's top flight.

    As the Olympics come to a close, we have some interesting results:

    Olmo just crushed it. As opposed to the mediocre season he had with us, he just flat out dominated. Let's see if he can carry that play on to the Prem, we're going to need him.

    And as you can see, some of our kids were quite active over the summer.

    Let's keep doing some more business...

    Dommo barely played last season, and when he did, he was average at best. He's not going to a top 5 league, but he'll play star minutes, and that's all that matters for him.

    I'm really hoping Armini has a big season. His physical attributes are just way too strong for him to NOT play. I envision him playing 1st team football as close as next season.

    We kick off strong. After the Community Shield, and playing at home against a newly promoted team, I wanted to give some specific players some chances. Mukiele came in for Aarons as RWB while Haaland replaced Kane. And boy did they deliver. Haaland was huge with 2 goals and an assist while Chiesa got into the score sheet one more time. Swansea just weren’t up to par. Auoar had a solid debut while nothing got past Ben Chilwell. Very strong play while dominating and attacking. Spurs football through and through. Just one tiny aspect: Dilrosun was given a chance and he was very mediocre, to such a point that he was fined for ½ a week. As you all know, we make big investment on our players, because we also expect a lot of them as well. Javairo won’t be around for the next game.

    Haaland was a monster once again. First 1 on 1 I’ve seen a striker finish in the game ever since it came out. The next came off a set piece where we have a saying: two headers in the box = goal. And that’s exactly what happened. Aarons started and once again disappointed, Todibo started and was tremendous, but Greenwood was an unfortunate victim of the Saints savagery on the pitch. Flat out criminals. Once again we were very dangerous in the last third and were able to retain possession when it mattered most. Worst performer: Chiesa with a 6.2. Unfortunately the kid couldn’t keep his scoring streak. Quite the opposite, he had 2 CCC that he missed.
    But we can’t rest on our laurels because up next we have our first derby of the season: Liverpool at Spursville.

    Once again we fall short. This time around we were superior but we just didn’t have the necessary class to beat the world champions. N’Dombele had his first truly awful game of the season while Chiesa followed up last week’s awful game with yet another piss poor game. Haaland continues his goalscoring, but right now he’s playing all alone. If his AMR and AML are playing like sh!t it’s tough for him really.

    Now, as you know, I’m always looking ahead, and some times that means looking at our own players, at those who maybe we should analyze, analyze whether they are truly a part of our wonderkid stash or not. I’ve found my first candidate: Dani Olmo. As you well know, he was very disappointing in his first season, and right now we’re going through the same process. We’re placing him in a position to succeed and he just can’t get it done. We could definitely get a nice return for him, but I will give him the first half of the season to see what’s what with him. If he’s still averaging a 6.7, we’ll consider either selling him or loaning out to up his value. But he’s the first one on our 2020-21 black list, and we know it’s not easy to pull out of that one.
    And of course, now we begin to see how our future shapes out…

    Our defense of the Carabao Cup is due to begin, and, like season, we’re drawn away from home against a top flight team. It’s like I can’t get an easy road to advance. I’ve yet to determine if we’re going to rotate completely or keep some players, but I’ll likely use those who have underachieved and lost minutes due to said subpar play. Players like Aarons, Chiesa, Kane, etc. (all world class players), if things keep going the way they are, they’re likely to play that game, because they won’t be starting any time soon.
    A couple of hours after the draw….

    And, just like last season, we get the death group. Not only do we have to get through Real, but we need to make sure we don’t drop points against Leverkusen, who we meet again after a hard fought battle in the knockout rounds. I mean, I look around and I get to look at this sh!t:

    Don’t tell me UEFA doesn’t want Barcelona to be in the 2nd round for ratings purposes. And there’s always another “death group”

    Arsenal certainly weren’t handed an easy hand. Dortmund and Inter are worth opponents, so it’ll be very interesting to see who makes it through there.

    Yet another UEFA favorite. What would the Champions League be if Neymar and Mbappé aren’t through to knockout stages? Once again, UEFA shows their true colors and the teams screwed are the ones doing things right…
    So that’s how the Champions League’s looking and soon we’ll have to decide the chosen ones.

    This one was gonna be a scrappy one from the jump, and that’s precisely what it was. The first half had a lot of friction (which we had to address at halftime). We needed to change things up and we increased our pressing game which yielded results. Haaland again scored seizing on a mistake by Johnny Evans (shocker), and Rube completed a nice set piece play. Once that happened, we were pretty much in control for the rest of the game. Aouar had his first mediocre game as a Spur (6.4 rating), but we gave Olmo a chance and he did an adequate job, which allowed us to retain possession when it mattered most. Mukiele once again played solid at the RWB -showing a lot more than Aarons thus far this season- so I will keep the starting job and Aarons will have to earn it (he will play with the U23 and he better kill it).

    So before we wrap up this first month of the season, let’s take a look at our results:

    We had a solid first month and honestly, we should’ve won that Liverpool game but we just couldn’t capitalize when it mattered most. So as things get going let’s take a look at overall results.

    The much criticized Gunners are off to a solid start with a perfect record, so good for them, while Chelsea are off to a slower start, just like last season. Everton once again stumbles out of the gate so next month will be interesting in terms of seeing how each team keeps evolving.

    September will be quite challenging seeing as how we begin our Champions League campaign and we have our second derby of the season against Chelsea, who for now aren’t playing their best football.

    Well, this isn’t exactly what I wanted up to this point. IF we really want to be a top team, we need to be higher up in this list. Chelsea have been poor for the past couple of years, yet they make far more money than we do. Hopefully if we keep winning this changes.

    Overall things are off to a nice start, and what’s encouraging for me is that the team is playing solid, attractive, attacking football, more than last season. We’ll stick to our current tactic and hopefully it keeps providing solid results.

    So that’s how we wrap up August and #TheGrind now goes into a two week international football break. Stick around as September brings about Champions League football!

    Hey guys!

    Sorry for the delay, but I think I won't be continuing to update this story. I know some of you have taken part with your comments and suggestions, and I appreciate it very much, but I wanted to generate more back and forth and that hasn’t been the case.

    I’ll keep playing and documenting for the story for me personally, but I won’t be going through the trouble of updating it here (as most of you know, it takes time and dedication).

    Perhaps with more material and more comments from you guys it would be worth it, but for now I’m going to take a break.

    Hope you had nice holidays and enjoy new years!!

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