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Facepack install does not work

Started on 22 November 2019 by TPLeo
Latest Reply on 21 June 2022 by Ahmedzeina2050
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I have followed every single instruction of every tutorial on youtube but it still does not work. Did anyone had the same issue as well and if so did you found the problem and could tell me how to fix it? Thank you
Please specify. Do you have problems installing, unzipping, or moving the pack, or what?
When I clear the chache and reload skin (as I´m always told to do) nothing happens even when I restart the game.
I have moved this topic to a more relevant forum.
Did you have "use caching to lower screen loading time" ticked? If so, untick + try again. If this fails, make sure you moved the graphics to the correct folder. Also, check that you moved the config.xml file.
As 6 Times mentioned, if you are following every piece of instruction step-by-step precisely, it may be a case of you not having the config within the folder of the facepack. Unusually, there have been cases where people have downloaded and extracted facepacks only to find that the config file vanished (even though it is in the pack).
There is only one config file but that´s in the iconfaces and not in the normal faces order.
Copy and paste that config file into the normal faces folder, clear cache, reload skin, etc, and see if that works.
Do I have to copy it right into the faces file (graphics, faces and then the faces file where the pictures are) or is it also okay if it´s already in the first faces file?
copy config file only in facep folder, and work. sure
I assume it is because I downloaded a sortitoutsi pack and something might be different then. Thanks for help and I hope somebody else could have helped.

i seem to have similar problems with my face packs fm22. Please please help
After installing and extracting and downloading torrent to download face mega pack df11 still won’t work.
I have cleared cache and also reloaded skin and still faces won’t appear.

my only suspect is the torrent file should not be in the graphics folder and I don’t know where to move it to.
and I cannot find my config file don’t where I can find it.
This is frustrating can you please help.

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