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Does anybody have tips for improving Player Partnerships

Started on 26 November 2019 by leeds92
Latest Reply on 19 June 2020 by H e n d y
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I recently got my Leeds team into the Premier League and has perfect player relationships in my Midfield between my 2 CM's and my DM & the 2 CM's.

In the Championship I played with a Ball Winning Midfielder (defend), Defensive Playmaker (support) and an Attacking Playmaker (attack) who were all natural to their positions and roles.

Since getting promoted I signed Tonali to play in the DPM role (also natural), the relationship between him and Phillips is a poor one and they don't work together.

Does anybody have any experience of 'turning around' the relationship into something successful? Is it a matter of being patient, playing one of them in a slightly different role that they might not be natural to? Do I need to sell one of the players?
It's about patience. However, since implementing Match reviews in to my training schedules I am seeing a lot more partnerships being created. This could be pure coincidence but it certainly worth a try as it also builds Team Cohesion in the dynamics!
Thanks @TheLFCFan
Not sure where I found this but someone said something about the mentoring groups and i've found it really helps.

In mentoring create a CB, GK, CM/CDM, Left Side (FB/W), Right side, and Forward (ST/CAM) groups. Depending on what your formation is of course. Those players seem more likely to form strong links.
I firmly believe this is organic.

You can try to make it happen but from my experience, playing time together, length of time at club, languages spoken, age of players, professionalism of players can all have an effect on partnerships.

I have some very strong and good partnerships with my first starting 11 (A-team). However, I never planned for it to happen. Just makes sure each player is playing in their preferred position and see what happens.

I am sure that winning will help as well

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