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Genie Scout 20 Error "People out of range"

Why I've got all the time same error no matter what database of players I will chose?
Started on 29 December 2019 by Loverboymk / First Post
Latest Reply on 29 December 2019 by Loverboymk / Last Post
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I have decide to put a post in here because couldn't find any answers to my problem.

I have even sent one email but didn't get any response.
So, I decided to send another one with same issue today, and now awaiting their response.

Basicly, I have made my save game with custom database of players (there was around 385k of players) and when tried to run Genie it had error about people's range.

So, I have created new save, with database of 280k players, and i had same problem.

And now, i have created ANOTHER save with database of around 220k players, and AGAIN! same problem with my Genie.

So, my question is: what small database I must have to let Genie Scout works properly without any errors?

I didn't have such problems with previous editions and now this one is making me crazy because next save file will be my forth now, and if that still will be problem, I don't know where I should go to seek any help.

Anyone have got any clues how to fix that?
OK, problem solved.
It had to be paid version to let me use my custom database.

So, my advice is - if anyone wants to use custom database and be able to get Genie work, the best is to go for paid version. It doesn't costs much but it's worth it :)

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